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The other day, we ordered and sold a long T-shirt with CATHEDRAL. Thank you to everyone who came and ordered. Also, it will be a little later (around the middle of May), but I will do my best to give it to you on a good climb. I mean, I'm going to have the factory work hard, so please look forward to being able to experience that feeling. And I was gradually making announcements on Instagram, and I was also informed by the brand side, Ets.MATERIAUX. Materio opened in 2003 on Fire Street (Where?) in Shibuya, and is said to have fascinated fashion enthusiasts for about five years. That is Materio, who was revived as a "modern version" in March 2021. Despite being in the position to handle it in this way, at the time I was in the first year of junior high school playing baseball at the foot of the mountains in Tottori Prefecture, and I had no way of knowing its power. Ets.MATERIAUX" is now available. So, it seems that this newly created Materio store will open in Shinjuku sometime this week. Centered on that store, it is handled at several stores nationwide. At our store, it will start tomorrow, the 20th (Sat), but it has already started at stores nationwide from the 13th (Sat), a week ago. A little late, but starting tomorrow. However, instead, director Kaneko-san and somethings' Shigematsu-san will be in the store all day on the 20th (Sat) in the form of a tour. Kaneko-san, I think there are many people who watch it often, but you also direct Reshop in Aoyama, Tokyo. Mr. Shigematsu has never been seen in the public eye until now, but he is in charge of WEEKEND, currently handling Daiwa Pier, and directing A.PRESSE, a brand that will start in the 2021AW season. . A.Regarding PRESSE, the brand's official Instagram already has a list of what items are available at which store, so it's a brand that's managed in a slightly different way. Mr. Kaneko and Mr. Shigematsu are scheduled to be in the store, so I think it will be fun for those who like it. And Ets.MATERIAUX. Tomorrow, the 20th (Saturday) is the timing of the brand debut, so we have prepared a "lineup that is as close as possible" to the directly managed store that will open in Shinjuku, that is, almost the entire lineup. However, the number is almost only one point, and we would like to deliver it to everyone with almost no stock. Chambray long shirt color_BLUE.NAVY It was also posted on Ets.MATERIAUX's Instagram, and the shirt that left the biggest impression on me when I saw Materio at the exhibition for the first time. It's a shirt that's made with a very strange sense of balance, and I don't think it can be shaped without a complete source material. According to Materio, the theme of this shirt is, "I seriously made a shirt that you wouldn't find on the market in a French flea market." The number of front buttons is unusually small for the length. There are only 5. I think everyone understands that it was set to be unusually long because it was the premise of IN. However, even if you can understand the balance of the length, if you look closely, it has changed a lot. The collar and placket are designed so that the stitches are not exposed to the outside. This makes the collar look like it's floating, but I don't think this kind of shirt is supposed to be worn in formal occasions, but it's a non-stitched structure. However, the front has two patch pockets with flaps, and moreover, it has edge stitching, candome, and the sword rag is a continuous specification, so various elements are mixed. However, the padding for the collar and cuffs is plush. It's a plush, so it's soft to wear, and it's familiar to the skin, and it's incomparable to the fusible interlining. And the hands are fine. The fabric is plain weave and soft, so I think it's a perfect shirt to wear and wash. Band Collar Shirt Selvedge color_OFF WHITE On the other hand, this one is inspired by a dress shirt. The front has a placket. 100% cotton white, but undyed and unbleached plain weave. White cotton is mostly dyed white, or bleached and then dyed white, but this is the same as the coloring of the fiber. In order to make the most of the atmosphere of the fabric, it is mixed with impurities that are normally removed. So, as you wash it, the color will fade little by little, and it will turn into an old-fashioned white color that is not chemical. However, while most of the shirts with that kind of vector are made in a more generous direction, Materio is quite detailed. It's not a brand that makes things in batches, and it's not a brand that advertises its level, but I can't help but look at it all the time. Well, if you're going to get new clothes anyway, wouldn't it be better to have quality that exceeds a certain standard? If the quality of the product fails, no matter what mood the brand tries to create, it will look frivolous. Here the cuffs and the edge stitches are exposed everywhere. Also, the interlining of the collar and cuffs is plush. We promise you a soft and comfortable wearing experience. So, although it has nothing to do with styling anymore, the buttonholes are finely stitched. This is a pretty positive point. The photo shows the band color, but regular color types are also available. Band Collar Shirt color _ FRENCH BLUE.WHITE.SAX BLUE Same style shirt. This is a different fabric. As the color name suggests, this one is more French. As for this shirt, there are 3 color variations, and there is also a regular color type just like before. Unlike the first chambray shirt with a long length, it has the image of a dress shirt, but it has chain stitching everywhere. That's why I think the seam allowance will come out when you wash it. It's a dress-like mood, but it's a shirt that still retains the essence of French work. sleeve. Light fabric and this sewing specification are added to the heavy blue that is unique to sticky French wear. The buttons are black pearl shells. But it's mechanical. If this becomes a hand, it will be too strong for Materio, so I think it's important to strike a balance like this. I haven't dealt with a shirt that looks like this vector recently, so I think it's pretty good. WHITE and SAX BLUE also have unique nuances. I didn't take any photos for my blog. French panel border color_BLACK/WHITE.BLUE/WHITE The French navy basque shirt that everyone has seen is made in the Ets.MATERIAUX style. There are many types of Basque shirts, but they started with making the fabric. It doesn't feel like it's tightly packed and hard to wear, but it's gentle to the touch. And I think everyone likes sizing. everyone. Body width and sleeve width. The arm is quite wide and loose. I can't go as far as the over. The amount of sleeve width is well taken. If you wear it and wash it, the roundness of the shoulders will come out more properly. Also, it's a voluminous arm, but towards the cuffs, there's a nice "vertical wrinkle" due to the margins of the sleeve fabric. I think it is rare in Basque shirts. cook jacket color_BLACK.WHITE Director Kaneko-san arranged this jacket from an old hospital jacket. It seems that the shoulders are slanted more than the original and the width is wider. Only the largest size 3 will be handled, but it may be quite acceptable. As a light outerwear, it looks like it can be used in a wide range of ways, and it is a blouson that has such an aim. With a single specification, it is equipped with a change button that is found in old ones. The key point here is the winding stitch. Stay true to the original. It's available in black and white, but I think it's very suitable for wearing and using without hesitation. It's a blouson that has a lot of potential for seam puckering that comes out when you wash it, and its bite, so if you like it, it's good to have it washed a lot. If you wear it that way, it's likely that you'll look completely different in three years. In a good way. Cook Pants color_WHITE.BLACK This is the blouson pants Ver. White is a very clear tone white. It is a fabric with strong twill weaves. Even with such hard fabric, the sewing pitch is quite fine. This is also the outside seam, but it's a winding stitch. It has a pitch that is comparable to the stitching of the pocket opening. Compared to other countries, vintages in France tend to be more finely crafted, but even so, it's the mainstream now that the needle movement is larger with such strong fabrics. It would be nice if it was just a simple pitch. That's not to say, but I think it's a reliable part because the fine pitch also leads to a good appearance, and it certainly leads to improved durability. The front of the waist does not open, but it is equipped with buttons. Single pocket on the back. The waist of this type is greatly taken, and the pants that are tightened with a drawcord may have a straight waist pattern from the waist, but this is gently rounded inward toward the waist. It's a strong fabric, but you can wear it without the waist being too loose. Also, just like the jacket made of the same material, these pants have a wide range of sizes, and especially when it comes to pants, I think the range of styling is quite wide. As for the shape, I think you'll know when you put it on, but it's comparable to Mekipan from MexiPa. So be surprised. French ARMY M47 color _ KHAKI BEIGE.BLACK Is it the two big giants with the American M65 cargo pants? M47 pants. I think there are a lot of people who like it, and I think it's something that's been thoroughly explored, but at Materio, it's made with the image that it's something that everyone can wear, while keeping the majority of the finished product, making it a little easier to wear. is this. The motif is not the early model of the M47 from 1947 to the 1950s, but the late model. I remember when I went to see Materio, Mr. Kaneko said that he imagined German beige. So it's stronger than the original. The flap of the cargo pocket has a separate cloth for buttonholes, and the M47 original comes with 4 buttons. There is also a tab under the flap here. Nowadays, it's common to make pants pockets by switching between the front and back of the body, but you're making pockets with a different switch. M47. Is there some kind of meaning behind this? Also, maybe because the belt loops are wide, instead of attaching a trumpet for the belt loops to the sewing machine, they are folded with an iron and locked. Mr. Kaneko said that he changed the shape, but kept the details, so I think this is the same, French vintage is well done. motorcycle coat color_BEIGE.BLACK And this. Motorcycle coats are based on that, and the focus is on looking at things that are fashionable by eliminating unnecessary details. But it's also very faithful to the original, and it's full of specs that I don't understand because it retains most of the details. You can see that the sewing labor cost is very high. About complicated. It has snaps, Two waist belt buckles. If it were another brand, it would be the first place to get rid of it. this. It's amazing. A parade of tabs, belts and snaps. But it's not just complicated, it's a motorcycle coat, so by making full use of the straps and snap buttons, the coat changes like a "coverage" and doesn't get in the way when you actually ride the bike. So, it's a coat that works in a meaningful way. Nowadays, there are many people who travel by car, and I think there are people who don't wear coats, but if people who travel by car try wearing it like a coverall, it might keep the lower body warm even in the cold car. The cuffs are also characteristic. In addition to the sleeve tucks, there are some darts. I wonder if this is for layering or to increase the movement of the arm. I often don't understand the specifications of this coat right away, so I'll ask tomorrow. French Work Linen Covercoat color_OFF WHITE.BLACK It is a coat that looks like it was in the old days. It is said to be based on a moleskin coat from the early 1900s. The fabric has been changed to give it the feel of a French atelier coat. I have a strong feeling that Linen 100 will change in the future. this is. Also, this coat faithfully reproduces the characteristic parts of the time. Mysterious chest pocket. And both work fine. Also, seam slits like side vents on the hem. It's unusually shallow compared to the length of the coat. It's based on something very geeky. A combination of fabrics that makes the most of the original coat straight. There is no lining, and you wear it for years, aiming for "that look" when you become soft and deronderon. I really wanted to introduce all of them, but tomorrow's store will have 34 different Ets. Almost one point at a time. Ets.MATERIAUX is full of maniac aesthetics and sense of Mr. Kaneko who directs and those who are involved. It's clothes that look great when worn out rather than in new condition. Prior to the opening of the store in Shinjuku, the lineup is almost full, so if you know the first generation or are paying attention to the modern version, please take a look. However, there is still a corona misfortune, so please take care of it. Be sure to wear a mask and come to the store. If you are not wearing a mask, you may not be able to enter the store. Also, when entering and leaving the store, please disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant installed at the entrance of the store. If you are not feeling well, please refrain from coming to the store. It's getting warmer, so I don't think it's a problem, but please note that the store will be open with ventilation at all times, and depending on the situation, you may be temporarily asked to wait in the store's garage. please give me. Finally, regarding the parking lot, we have parking for 3 cars in the garage in front of the store, and 4 parking spaces for No.1 to No.4 in the large parking lot next to the store. Please do not park anywhere other than our contracted parking lot. Excuse me, but please park in the nearby coin parking. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation. Ets.MATERIAUX will start at 12:00 tomorrow.
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