This project with Irenisa, which has been announced from the other day. Starting with our limited edition pants, the IRENISA collection line-up is plentiful. The period is scheduled for 10 days from March 12th (Sat) to 21st (holiday / Monday). Also, the pants will go on sale at the store from 12:00 on the 12th (Sat). Regarding the pants this time, I've introduced them several times on this blog, but so far it's all a run-up. I never posted a photo of me wearing it. That's why I think it's fine if you think of what we've done so far as a prologue. Let's get to the point today. Because IRENISA clothes shine the most when they are "worn". That's what all designs are for. Pants boasting "absolute beauty". The first limited edition of IRENISA x CASANOVA&CO. IRENISA × CASANOVA&CO DOUBLE CENTER PLEATS PANTS material _ WOOL 79%, MOHAIR 21% size_1,2,3 this. I've talked about it many times in my previous blogs, but "inner thighs". This overwhelming outline. From the top of the crotch, it falls down clearly, sharply, and super three-dimensionally. How to draw the outline of these pants, this is IRENISA. The crotch of the pants is 2 on the left and right of the front body and 2 on the left and right of the back body. It is formed by connecting a total of four body fabrics. Irenisa is designed with a completely different theory from the common sense pattern of Japanese pants. In the first place, those common sense pants... This is the pattern for those pants. This is common. You can see the pocket parts at the top, but please ignore them. The upper two are the left and right front bodies, and the lower two are the left and right back bodies. Out seams on the outside. Inseam inside. All four of them have sharp curves on the inseam side. This is the crotch. By connecting these sharp curves, the fabric, which is flat, is curved so that it does not make people feel uncomfortable when worn, and the crotch is formed to create clothes. In the standard clothing-making education in Japan and around the world, this sharp angle of the crotch is "As easy as possible to connect" Each one "so that the connection is good" I will teach you how to make clothes. I was like that when I was a student. The first priority is to smoothly connect the patterns of each part without difficulty. That's what I was taught. And most of the pants around the world are made that way. Or rather, ready-made pants are almost only that. It's good to have you think. Of course, that is also important, but if it comes first, you can only do "two-dimensional clothes". Well, Mr. Sugihara of AUBETT is running a brand in order to spread non-flat clothes making to the world. Well, it's not AUBETT today. I'll put that aside. And Irenisa. IRENISA is a brand run by two Japanese people, Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi. But when it comes to making pants, the "mindset" is completely different. Not at all. IRENISA's pants have a flat, "good connection" pattern that looks like it's on top. isn't it. not at all. The reason why Japanese education teaches the pattern of "good connections" is, of course, that it is necessary to have a solid base, which is the basis of making clothes. I think that's what it means. After that, by designing with a "good connection" pants pattern, everyone involved in production can create stable basic clothes that are easy to make and sew. That's what I think. In the current situation, I don't think there are many people who have received a common sense education as a base and have developed since then. That's why there are really, really few pants in the world that shock me astonishingly. I think it has become a very superficial word. So what's going on with IRENISA's pants? It's not a crotch curve like the one above, which is common in pants patterns. The design is surprisingly different. Well, as expected, I won't post the actual pattern of Irenisa here because I didn't get permission, but... The hip angle is absolutely, "Not well connected". That is the pattern of IRENISA's pants. However, in terms of production, the pattern looks amazing to people in the industry, but when it is finally completed as clothes, a wonderful world awaits. That's why I wanted to do something like this with IRENISA this time so that everyone could see the masterpiece pants that boast the "amazing inner thighs". side. There are intucks on the left and right on the front, so there is room around the thighs, but the line smoothly flows and narrows without difficulty. The roundness of the buttocks is also terribly three-dimensional. A line that fits the Japanese buttocks properly, has no wasted margins, and fits tightly around the crotch. Amazing hip. back. It's definitely not skinny pants, so the waist and hips are fitted with an adjuster attached to the waist, and the outline from there to the leg area creates room. And characteristic double center pleats. When new, it is closed at rest and opens to fit the foot when in motion. The movements of the double center pleats and the self-sustaining firmness of the plain weave wool mohair make the most of the pattern of these pants, and succeed in forming a splendid shape. It's a combination of plain weave wool mohair and IRENISA patterns that have a natural luster and firmness. I believe that we have created something that has both a gentleman element and an innovative essence. At the end of this blog, I have listed the size measurements of the pants. Since the limbs are short, there is only one cushion when worn, but depending on the person, there may be no cushion at the hem. Also, the waist position when worn is okay. The waist adjuster has a wide range of adjustment. If you tighten the adjuster to MAX with size 1, it will be smaller to about 65cm. In that respect, even thin people can wear it without problems. The waist design has a pattern structure that allows you to wear it slightly above or lower it at the waist. In any case, not only the waist size but also the length setting is made so that most people can wear it without hemming. Also, yes. These pants have a slightly irregular pitch. Originally introduced in the brand's collection, the debut and second seasons were only available in sizes 2 and 3. That's why, this time, we asked them to make a new size 1 from the pattern. If we made it with the original size pitch, the length of size 1 would be shorter, so we asked them to adjust the dimensions after considering the balance. Well, it's been about a month since I wore them. It was cold around the end of February, but I wore a lot. And of course I did the laundry. The washing label is labeled NG, but hand washing may not be bad for some people. I washed my hands twice. that is, this. Hand wash twice with lukewarm water below 30 degrees. After that, dehydrate for 3 minutes and dry naturally. So, I usually dried it outside. Even after washing, the construction of the crotch and the built-in chic cloth give it a "three-dimensional effect" that can be felt even when laid flat. Of course, washing will cause wrinkles. I'm washing. However, the two center pleats do not disappear. It's fixed with edge stitches from both the front and the back. I was talking with Mr. Abe of IRENISA about making it only on the back side, but it was the correct answer to put it on the front as well. You can wash it without worry. The folds of the center pleats do not become loose and are in good condition. Even though it is a plain weave wool mohair, the overall bulge is better than the new one. However, since the thread is hard-twisted, it does not become fuzzy, and the mohair does not lose its firmness at all. If you wash it, the seam will wrinkle all over, and you might get ripped puckering. I thought, but it's completely momantai. The fabric has natural washing wrinkles, but that's what I was aiming for. Well, in other words, this might be better for people who don't mind wrinkles from washing. The natural wrinkles of such hard-twisted wool and mohair are not bad, and washing reveals the original potential of the material. Also, only the inside of the inseam and outseam is split stitched, but I put a steam iron on the back and split it neatly before wearing it. For the split seam, it is better to open the seam allowance properly so that the outline will come out neatly. It's a great pair of pants. Well, you can do it in 5 minutes, so just do it. When I bought a 501 BIG E in the 1960s and wore it from rigid, I used to do this a lot to open the outseam properly and add a bite to the ear, but this is the first time in a while. It may be troublesome, but if you open the split stitches properly, it will look different and feel good. As I said earlier, compared to the new state, it seems that the film on the surface has been removed a little. The selected high-quality materials, and the state of depth that they possess, have emerged. The natural luster remains the same, but the skin feels a little softer. Also, perhaps because the weft mohair has become more visible, the structure of the plain weave fabric stands out well and the fabric feels strong. That's why I think the fabric has an old air feeling. And this. I wore it about a month ago and washed it twice. As mentioned above, the size is 1. Even if the fabric softens after washing, the beautiful outline will not disappear. Look at this. side view. By wearing and washing, a more three-dimensional fit to the lower body was born. A line from the waist to the hips with a roundness and a line that flows down due to the increased softness of the fabric. Beauty is flowing. Curvaceous. I think anyone who sees this will agree. Wear it and be stunned. back. Since it was used quite heavily, the front and back center pleats were slightly open to make a strong statement. smile Even when it was brand new, I thought it was finished with the quality I was aiming for, but after washing it, the score got higher. 500 million points out of 100 points. For me, it's chinos. chinos. It's best to have them use it roughly with that kind of feeling. Anyway, you can feel the potential of these pants by wearing them and using them. I absolutely believe that we have created a world that cannot be experienced with other pants. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, the pants are comfortable to pass through the wind, and there are not many constructions like this. Washed or not, these pants are the culmination of IRENISA's stunning patterns. "Amazing pants". You can count on me. Finally, the size specs for each item are listed below, so please refer to them if you are considering them. <Size 1> Waist: 82cm (it can be made smaller by 15cm or more with an adjuster) Front rise: 29cm Inseam: 68.5cm Watari width: 32.5cm Hem Width: 19.5cm <Size 2> Waist: 86cm (can be made smaller by 15cm or more with an adjuster) Front rise: 29.5cm Inseam: 69.5cm Watari width: 33.75cm Hem width: 20.5cm <Size 3> Waist: 90cm (it can be made smaller by 15cm or more with an adjuster) Front rise: 30cm Inseam: 71.5cm Watari width: 35cm Hem Width: 21.5cm In addition, the dimensions of the product that has been washed by hand twice are also listed, so if you are concerned about the change in dimensions due to washing, please see this as well. <Size 1 → After 2 washes> Waist: 82cm → 81cm Front rise: 29cm → 29cm Inseam: 68.5cm → 67.5cm Watari width: 32.5cm → 32.5cm Hem Width: 19.5cm → 19.5cm Since it is hand washed with OLDE HOMESTEADER detergent (neutral detergent), there is almost no large shrinkage. However, we do not recommend using a washing machine as it can cause excessive, unexpected rubbing and is a heavy load. If you absolutely must, please do so at your own risk. at your own risk. Regarding sales, As mentioned at the beginning, it will be sold at the store from 12:00 on Saturday, March 12th. In addition, we have already received inquiries, so we are planning to sell it at the online store. On the online store, it will be on sale from around 18:00 on Sunday, March 13th. And finally price. This one was very reimbursed. must. \48,400- (tax included). This fabric structure and mix ratio are the building quality of IRENISA. I think I can sell it at a not bad price. very. We would appreciate it if you could experience the power of IRENISA pants. Please consider.
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