"Not shoes" PETROSOLAUM Ver.2

As we announced, this project will be held for a week from tomorrow, July 22nd (Thursday). As I introduced on this blog the other day, as a lineup, belt and stole. As for the belt, even though I am full of antithesis to bespoke items, I think that PETROSOLAUM and CASANOVA&Co. have completed something meaningful to create as a separate project. The domestic market has a large number of exclusives and bespoke items that are only for the store side to make the product "easy to sell". I was able to get something. I think. And since I didn't mention the price in the blog the other day, I received inquiries about the price, Both types of Hidden Split Belt are ¥27,500- (tax included). It's a single-piece cordovan bat with dual specifications, and I'd like people to pick it up as something they'll continue to use on a daily basis. I think that there. We have also placed great importance on the price, so please look forward to it because the quality overwhelmingly surpasses the price. Well, I can give it to those who ordered it around September. In addition to belts, we will also be accepting orders for the "Hand Woven Stole" from PETROSOLAUM's collection during the period. PETROSOLAUM Handwoven Stole 1 Material _ Cashmere 63%, Wool 34%, Silk 3% process _ Handwoven in PETROSOLAUM ATELIER color_BLK/GY,BLK/D.BRW,BLK/NVY,BLK/G.BEI size_48cm×220cm It is a hand-woven stole that you can choose from a total of 5 patterns of color development. I used to see this stole at the brand's atelier, but it was difficult to sell it at the store because I usually carry a lot of variations of The Inoue Brothers stoles in the winter. Because the price is also the price. But this time, I thought it was perfect timing, so I asked Mr. Ogino to send me a sample. Handwoven means "hand woven". PETROSOLAUM's younger brother, Ryo Ogino, is doing it all by himself. This is BLK/D.BRW coloring. The materials used are cashmere, wool and silk. The quality of the material is combined with the handwoven structure to demonstrate its tremendous potential. this. In winter. the thread that forms this stole, There are two types of warp. - Two-ply yarn with a blend ratio of 80% wool, 10% silk, and 10% cashmere. - 100% cashmere two-ply yarn. The weft is a two-ply yarn made of 100% cashmere. Moreover, the cashmere is from Inner Mongolia, which is said to be the highest quality in the world. A stole made from cashmere, wool, and silk. Handwoven Stole 1, in which colored cashmere threads are set one by one on the ground with black coloring, and the warp threads are floated. We also have a color sample that you can see the coloring of 5 colors. PETROSOLAUM Handwoven Stole 2 material _ Cashmere 78%, Wool 20%, Silk 2% process _ Handwoven in PETROSOLAUM ATELIER color_BLK/D.GRY/GRY/L.GRY/WHT size_48cm×220cm This is the second. The thread used is the same as Handwoven Stole 1 above. Half solid black. That's how the coloring changes from half to gradation, and the warp threads are evenly raised. All colored threads are 100% cashmere for braided areas. It's also a double thread. In other words, 100% cashmere is used for the gradation areas other than the solid black, and the cashmere two-ply yarn is combined with the cashmere two-ply yarn. That's because it's not machine woven. Handwoven in the atelier. After weaving it by hand, it seems to be shrunk with fulling, but it is recommended that you wash it by hand as you use it, but if you do so, it will become a stole with a wonderful touch. this. Compared to 100% cashmere stoles, wool is mixed into the warp yarns, so the strength is significantly increased. This is a price, so I hope you can see it only at the store and consider it, but if you are far away and want it, please contact me. Well, I'm very sorry to see you in this hot season. It's hand woven, so it takes time to make. This stall will be made by the person who ordered it. Delivery is scheduled around December. There are all kinds of stoles and scarves, but how many more times in your life can you come across a genuine hand-woven stole? After all, it is completely different from machine weaving. Say it clearly. If you like it, please take a look at this too. And as always, during this period, we will work on the following measures to prevent coronavirus infection, so please read it. ・Our staff thoroughly disinfects their hands and wears a mask when they talk. ・We will always ventilate the store. ・Please be sure to wear a mask when visiting our store. ・When entering and leaving the store, we have installed it at the entrance of the store, so please cooperate with disinfecting your hands with alcohol disinfectant. ・Please refrain from coming to the store if you are not feeling well, such as coughing or fever. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation. And, as always, parking is limited. There is a large parking lot next to our store, but not all of them can be parked. Our contracted parking lot is only for 4 cars numbered 1 to 4, which are closest to the store. Please do not park anywhere other than No. 1 to No. 4. I'm sure it will be a problem, so please. If the parking lot is full when you come, please park in the garage at the entrance of the store or park in a nearby coin parking. Please note that when it is crowded, we may limit the number of customers entering the store depending on the situation in order to avoid crowding. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at 12:00 on Thursday, July 22nd.
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