The other day, the belt I announced a little bit. Speaking of belts, the material is leather. This is a very distinctive leather in our store, and I asked a brand that uses leather that I am very attracted to to make it. "Cordvan Butt" Cordovan that exists only in Western agricultural horses. It is a leather that is said to be the "King of Leather", but it is of course good, but not only that, but by using the surroundings of the horse's cordovan layer, you can create a white product with individual differences in everything. bat". Unlike leather other than Cordovan leather, the fibres, which are made up of collagen, are dense in the vertical direction and exposed, giving Cordovan its unique appearance. In addition to that, the hose bat whose leather quality changes little by little in a gradation like suede. The two coexist, and you can experience it in one piece of leather without seams. cordovan bat. Specialty leather used only by PETROSOLAUM in the world. For belts that require length. Experience the EXCLUSIVE of our store and PETROSOLAUM. PETROSOLAUM Hidden Split Belt material_Cordvan Butt parts _ Brass, Iron color _ Dark Brown - Black size_SM(71cm?86cm),ML(81cm?96cm) this. The concept is a belt that does not deviate from the standard framework if used properly. However, if you use it differently, the belt will be messed up. However, considering the existence of a "belt", I don't think there are many things that face the same vector. As for the "appropriate usage" mentioned earlier, for example, when you tuck in the inner part of a jacket style, you can see the belt from the front. If you wear a jacket on such occasions, it will look like you are wearing a proper and luxurious belt. And when you do "how to use it that way". What does that mean? this belt. The back style has changed. Triple style. This trinity, both sizes are 18 cm from the buckle and 44 cm from the tip of the sword, the main body splits in two, and another piece of leather appears from the middle. In other words, in the tucked-in style, the front gives the impression of a high-quality belt, while the sides and back give the impression of three belts. . In the first place, when I first encountered this belt, as I wrote in my blog the other day, the challenge was to prepare a belt that I could be satisfied with. However, when I saw the belts already in circulation, I couldn't find anything that made me want to introduce it to everyone. When I looked at myself again, I realized once again that my heart was gripped by the material called cordovan bat. That's why I talked to Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM about it. I always have a lot of things to talk about, and I often contact you. Then he showed me the belt that Mr. Ogino is wearing, although it is not in the collection at all. That is the prototype of this belt. I think I used to do it once in a collection, but of course it's not being developed now, so that's what I made at that time. very distinctive. It doesn't change too much, but it does. A unique appearance that you have never seen before and an atmosphere that only this belt can have. This is it! ! I thought, and just asked. Then give me a little time because it was before. That's what I'm talking about. About a month later. I was able to get it made. Mr. Ogino used cowhide leather, but this time I chose a cordovan bat because I had a cordovan bat in the first place. However, for those of you who have visited our store before, It was made with "New Cordvan Butt" that I have never seen before. That is what the brand has prepared for the 2021AW season, with a dark brown base and black on top. As a result, it looks like a black belt at first glance, but it has a unique reddish color from deep inside, and a style where dark brown can be seen from the edge. Cordovan bat. Because the belt wraps around the waist, it is common to use cowhide, which is a large piece of leather. I think. One piece with no seams on both ends. This is important. It's a belt that cuts off with one shot at both ends of the left and right buttocks. Moreover, "Double sided". In other words, the cordovan bat has dual specifications. If anything, cordovan is on the surface. We have designed a lot of areas where the bat comes on the back side. All three series cordovan type, PETROSOLAUM Hidden Split Belt material _ Cordvan Butt × Transparent Cow parts _ Brass, Iron color _ Dark Brown - Black size_SM(71cm?86cm),ML(81cm?96cm) Two types of "transparent cowhide" Ver. "Transparent cow leather" is the only overseas material among PETROSOLAUM, which mainly uses domestic materials. Translucent transparent cowhide that we have been using in our store for a long time. The world's only Dutch tanner is made with complete trade secrets, and even among the fashion brands that exist in the world, there are as many stars as there are stars in the world. A combination of cordovan that shines red and black naturally and "transparent cowhide". A combination of cordovan, which has a solid core, and a touch of bunibuni, which is chemical-free and transparent. "Transparent cowhide" that is fastened with iron caulking and appears from the middle. Please rest assured that the back is also properly crimped. I think that this is what we have completed. Due to the nature of three rows from the side to the back, both ends are designed to be narrow. It's 2 cm wide. The buckle is brass. However, considering the balance with the leather as a whole, the gold has been processed to look like it has rusted black so that it does not push forward excessively. Back sword tip. Embossed brand icon thumbprint. And the edge processing is also perfect. This is also important. I think there will be a difference in quality. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't paint the sides so that the brown color of the base could be seen, but it was done properly, so even if I traced it with my finger and touched it, the finish was very smooth. Belt holes are set to 7. Normally, belts have 5 holes, but in order to accommodate people with as many physiques as possible, we added 2 holes to each of the SM and ML models. The actual size is the number from the smallest hole to the largest hole from the buckle, so please consider it as a reference. However, for those who wish, SM can make one more hole on the smaller side, that is, 2.5 cm smaller. This is a consultation. By the way, it is not a hanging standard. A thick cordovan that you can trust by wearing it around your waist. It's double sided. I think that you can use it with confidence. Also, I tend to pull the belt every time I use it, so it's easy to stretch, but I think it's relatively hard to stretch because it's made with two layers and has stitches for that purpose. When you use it, you can fully feel the fine texture of cordovan leather, which is often exposed on the front, and we are proud that you will be satisfied with the quality of the leather. Also, since I aimed for a neat impression on the front, I was able to match the appearance with the quality of the leather at a high level. And the back style is like this. This is my favourite. If you like it, I think you like it. If you are looking for something a little more familiar, I would recommend the cordovan bat triple type. Here's what I've been using the sample for about a month. Although the passage of time is still short, a model close to a unique swell has entered. I haven't done anything to care for it, but when I use it, the luster of the leather surface has increased. I think the contrast between the luster of the leather, the dark brown of the base, and the transparent leather has worked well. I think we made something good. Oh yeah, it's important, but this belt. We will manufacture in order format. I would like everyone to see PETROSOLAUM, which is not shoes. We will be accepting orders for one week from July 22 (holiday, Thursday) to July 29 (Thursday). For those who can order it, it will be a little longer, but we plan to deliver it by mid-to-late September. However, Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM has already arranged the leather for this time, so there is an upper limit to the number of pieces we can produce. Therefore, we will not be able to accept unlimited orders during the period, so please accept them on a first-come, first-served basis. Starting from the 22nd (holiday / Thursday), only the first and second days will be in-store only, and after this situation, we will also accept orders at the online store. However, we do not set a quantity for online use, so it is possible that the limit will be reached before it is posted online. I think it's probably okay. So, I would be happy if you could consider it if you like it. And PETROSOLAUM deploys at the same time "Hand Woven" We will also accept orders for cashmere stoles during the period. Mr. Ogino's younger brother, Mr. Ryo, of PETROSOLAUM, which is run by brothers, graduated from St. Martin's textile department and has a hand loom in his atelier, and he is making it by hand. This is also very dangerous. Please let me introduce them later. I'll let you know again.
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