see-through beach sandals

It was released a year ago, or rather, it was made to order. Beach sandals with "transparent cowhide" tongs that will revolutionize the beach sandal industry. Originally, it didn't exist in the brand's collection, but when I went to Mr. Ogino's atelier at PETROSOLAUM about two years ago, Mr. Ogino's personal beach sandal was so shocking that I wanted it no matter what, so I decided to purchase it. It was triggered by having the base made as an exclusive for our shop. The tongs are leather but see-through beach sandals. Moreover, despite being beach sun, the overall balance is excellent. A year ago, we did not sell the actual product at the store, and after setting the upper limit of the quantity and doing an Instagram live that I was unfamiliar with, we accepted orders in the order format at the same time at the store and online. rice field. This season, it is a super limited sale of only 6 pairs, but we will sell the actual product. PETROSOLAUM B-sandals material _ Transparent Cow size_40,41,42 price_¥26,950-(in tax) As for size, I wear PETROSOLAUM shoes 39 or 39.5, but this one is 40. The actual size of the foot is 24.5 cm, so it's a size 40. Therefore, there is no problem if you increase the size by half or one size from your "actual size". What is important here is not the size of everyday sneakers and shoes, but the "actual size value". Don't be fooled by the size charts on what you have. If you have any questions about size, please contact us. This leather in the first place. It's transparent. Strictly speaking, semi-transparent. I double it. A transcendental material like no other. When I introduced this "transparent leather" a year ago, I wrote it on this blog, but to quote the blog at the time, As for leather, the original raw material is called genpi, so it is written as "skin". However, if you leave it in its “skin” state, it will rot. From "hide" to "leather". It changes by going through tanning. Therefore, there are two types of kanji for leather notation. There are many things that are labeled as "skin", but if that's true, the product can be kept for about a week. So it's completely wrong. Let's write "leather". Products. Leather is also like skin at first, and before it is tanned, it is called “skin”. As an aside, what is the kanji character for "leather" used for in Japanese? ·reform ·revolution ·innovation And so on. What all of them have in common is a word that expresses "a certain thing happens or goes through a certain thing and changes into something different from what happened before". Therefore, if a revolution occurs in the world, it will lead to a new flow of society, and the society will be different from before the revolution. In other words, leather also undergoes a process called "tanning," which transforms it into a "leather" that is different from the "skin" that preceded it. That's what I wrote. However, this "transparent leather" is "not tanned". It's not a leather that can be produced anywhere, but Mr. Ogino says that it comes from a tanner in the Netherlands and is finished with a trade secret recipe. Therefore, it seems that the details of the leather cannot be conveyed to the brand side. Absolutely confidential. He used to use it in the collection of Rick Owens, but it seems that this Dutch tanner has changed so much that he only offers this leather to very few brands in the world. and what i know ・100% eco-leather (completely chemical-free) ・Transparent ・Cowhide ・Whiteness changes slightly for each production lot That means. Mysterious leather. So, all of the people who chose this item look like they are barefoot when they wear them. Seen from afar. That's why it's possible to bring back the quirky look of those days. Han people who like high-quality clothes should sometimes remember the spirit of the boy who ran around the fields barefoot with a runny nose. Well, it's a beach sandal, but as far as quality is concerned, it's PETROSOLAUM, so if you can trust me enough, it's okay. However, as for walking, FEIT's sandals are easier to walk in, although they are currently available in size XL only. That's another dimension. However, I think that it is overwhelmingly easier to walk than beach sandals because it fits firmly on the foot and the thong part is bifurcated and the toes fit perfectly. I didn't want to deviate from the existence of beach sandals, so I kept the price as low as possible. It has a relatively slim shape, but the part that hits the bottom of the foot is Benz leather that has been slowly tanned for several months. The outsole is a blend of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, with a non-slip jute added. I wore them a lot last summer, and what I realized was that they don't slip even on wet roads, and the sole doesn't wear off easily. I think this depends on the density of the outsole rubber, but I think natural rubber and synthetic rubber complement each other. The advantage of natural rubber is that it is less likely to wear out than synthetic rubber, but it is weak against the heat of the ground, which becomes hot in the summer. for, Synthetic rubber is not as resistant to abrasion as natural rubber, but it is heat resistant. As a result, it is a white item that you can use with peace of mind when wearing it in the scorching summer scene. It is hard to cut and durable. Since it's the framework of beach sandals, you shouldn't overdo it, so it's not polished, but the edges are properly processed. And this year's be sun, compared to last year, I'm actually upgrading one place. That's the nail. I think those of you who have one from last year will understand, and I don't think anyone remembers, but I talked about it on my Instagram live last year. It was a nail. "Iron" has the property of producing two types of "rust" as it is used. ・Red rust ・Black rust There are these two. Red rust has the effect of causing the iron to become tattered and rotten, which is not a very good phenomenon. for, black rust. Black rust is a phenomenon in which iron in a new state reacts to something and forms a "black film" to protect itself. In terms of sandals, the mechanism is that the iron reacts to the sweat of the feet and tries to strengthen itself. In other words, it can be seen as a positive change that becomes stronger. The beach sun that was released last year had a phenomenon that this black rust would inevitably occur when worn against solid benz leather. There are likes and dislikes about this change, and I think it's a matter of taste, but the brand took note of this and created original "nails" for beach sandals. They asked a small factory in Osaka, which is completely different from the field of fashion. It seems that the black rust has stopped happening. Therefore, please enjoy the purely dark appearance of Benz leather. In terms of transparent leather, I think it's a zone that has not been experienced by anyone other than those who have seen the actual product. Bling and quite moist. This is a level that changes the concept of leather until now. I think there are all kinds of leather sandals out there, but with this one, I think you can create a unique look in the summer. And this time too. PETROSOLAUM B-sandal CASANOVA&Co. EXCLUSIVE material _ Crocodile color_D.BRW size_40,41 price_ASK (please contact us) This time, it also appeared. Only one pair in size 40 and 41. Dark brown crocodile. In other words, ONLY 2 PIECES beach sandals. The most expensive leather in the world. Crocodile. I wanted to combine that luxury material with flip flops, which are supposed to be really cheap. The brand didn't have enough leather stock to make two pairs of flip flops, so I used them all. That's how rare leather is. Please contact us for the price of this crocodile sun. However, for those who understand the nature of crocodile, we have realized a shocking price. At this time of year, there are a lot of sandals from brands all over the world, but when it comes to leather sandals, we have FEIT and PETROSOLAUM. I can't tell you to come and see it too loudly, but I would be happy if you could consider it if you like it.
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