"Silk Spun 100" Knit

It's good. Hont. As a person who pursues materials for clothes, I am delighted to be able to present this to everyone. 100 silk knit sweater. Even so, this silk has a very clear reason to handle it, and my heart reacted to Bing from the moment I was introduced. From Mr. Nagai. yes. MOTHER HAND artisan. Until now, the brand has only released sweaters for the fall and winter season, but this time it will be the first time. That is Silk 100. But, but, This is a different "fiber stage" from silk that you have seen "as clothes". perhaps. I think most people do. This is the first time for me to have a 100% silk garment at this "stage" that is made up of only silk at this "stage". Unless I remember wrong. "Silk Spinning" In the first place, silk is roughly divided into three stages. ・Silk thread ・Silk spinning (this time) ・Silk spun yarn Well, "silk thread" is already too delicate for the clothes we want, and it's hard to handle, so it's quite difficult. Various. If you wear it once, you might end up taking it to an expensive dry cleaning. I've written about it here before, but silk is a thread that an insect spits out from its mouth while moving in an inverted V shape. It is made by an insect called a silkworm to nest itself, and it becomes a cocoon ball (cocoon ball). I have a vague memory of what it was, but I removed it, took out one of the triangles, and the finished product is silk fiber. In other words, it is silk that mainly uses the "substance that exists inside" the fiber as silk fiber. The material inside is triangular, and light is diffusely reflected by the prism effect, creating the brilliance peculiar to silk fibers. Also, as a characteristic of silk fiber, Among natural fibers, it is classified as "the only filament". There are two types of fibers, spun and filament. ・Span = short fiber Filaments = very, very long fibers Natural fibers such as cotton (cotton fluff), linen (plant stems), and wool (sheep body hair) have short fibers (a few centimeters), and cannot be used as they are to create threads for making fabrics. make a thread On the other hand, a filament is a single fiber that continues endlessly, so if you want to use it, you can use it as it is as a thread. Originally all chemical fibers are like this. Polymer is released from a mold like a shower nozzle, and chemical fiber is born. It seems to be wet or dry. As for raw silk, which I am talking about now, it is made by boiling cocoons, finishing scouring, and using the long filaments as silk. Roughly speaking. Strictly speaking, it seems that there are further classifications of scouring, such as five minutes, eight minutes, and ten minutes, but it's already a big departure from the topic of clothes, so don't think about it. The silk threads are often said to be used in wedding dresses. It is easy to imagine its overwhelming graceful appearance as a fabric. However, I think you can understand that it is too delicate and not for everyday use. Today's topic is silk thread. And the next stage is this time. Silk spinning. This is the feel of silk fiber, that appearance as it is, Silk fibers in the filament state are "cut short" and spun into yarn. It is made into short fibers like wool and spun. So, while maintaining the benefits of silk fiber, we have made it a little easier to handle at home and make it suitable for daily use. However, not everyone can make it into clothes, and the price is also considerable. That's why there aren't many people who make clothes with a 100% mixing ratio. MOTHER HAND artisan created it by overcoming the extremely difficult hurdles to shape it. By the way, most of the silk we see as clothes in the world is silk spun yarn that is spun again from the by-products of silk spinning. This is also quite expensive, and it is a very good fiber, and it has various cool designs. just, This time we prepared only a limited number. 100% silk spun. MOTHER HAND artisan HUY material _ Silk 100% color_Pewter size_3,4,5,6 The brilliance of silk and the touch of paradise on the skin are preserved, and the knit is made into clothes and MOTHER HAND artisan quality. Who else can do this? No, I can't. God. God. As a short fiber, there is a slight amount of fluff on the surface as it is made into a thread. Even the fuzz, even the bundled threads, are a super-luxury product that shines like jewels. And, as always, there are quite a few variations of coloring, but our shop chose Pewter. That iron is a low-melting-point alloy with tin as the main component. Because it is 100% silk, it boasts a tremendous feel against the skin, unprecedented moisture absorption, and heat retention that keeps the inside of the garment always comfortable. But it's not as warm as a wool sweater. Ideally, I would like to wear a tank top under it from now on until May or June. This knit is perfect for spring, early summer, and autumn. Always a sweater in winter. With that kind of feeling. The material is the strongest. The structure is very detailed, and it is elaborate rather than humpa. Seamless production with hand knitting machine of MOTHER HAND artisan. Therefore, there is very little roughness that hits the skin directly. No one is surprised to wear this. Let's affirm that. Despite the three-dimensional shape, the usual quality of reduced and widened eyes is alive and well. MOTHER HAND artisan Mr. and Mrs. Nagai can be said to be superhumans because they can do it with this material of silk. Completely original wherever you look in the world. The world is full of counterfeits and similar clothes, but the reason is that clothes that no one can imitate or follow are impossible. And this. These are my personal items that I've been wearing for a long time. Size 4 for me (height 167.4cm) a little loose. Size 3 is just the right size. However, 4 was good for the feeling of wearing silk. I have already washed it. It's this brand. Laundry is OK. But this one is hand washed. For the time being, the washing machine is okay, but please be sure to put it in the laundry net and use a neutral detergent. As for the washing method, as usual, a tag with instructions on how to wash it is attached, so if you follow it, it shouldn't be too difficult. It's almost the same, but I wonder if my feelings have expanded. Also, it slowed down a bit. gloss. However, the absorption to the skin is UP. This feeling of snuggling up to the skin and absorbing it. It's a superb world that can only be experienced here. I don't think you can escape the one you love. However, there are some points that need attention because this sweater and the material are so exquisite. First, the laundry just now. You can wash it at home, but as mentioned earlier. When drying, be sure to dry flat. because it will stretch. Since it does not easily wrinkle, it is best to fold it and put it away during daily storage. And we recommend ironing as much as possible after washing. The reason is that it looks a little twisted. on the characteristics of the material. This was first explained by Mr. Nagai, and I didn't get it at first, but after washing it, it made sense. I think that it is better to apply a steam iron lightly. Even if it's troublesome or just 5 minutes. Also, static electricity. Especially when you take it off. This is also a fiber characteristic, but when you put it on and take it off, please take it slow. However, if you wear it, it's this one. Knitwear needs a little more care than usual, but since it's positioned so far, it's necessary to prepare accordingly. MOTHER HAND artisan quality using 100% silk spun yarn. The price is ¥48,000-(+tax). At this price this is a collapse of logic. Check it out if you like it. Also, we are not planning to post this knit online at the moment, so if you are interested in coming to the store, please contact us.
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