groundbreaking denim pants

A large-scale collaboration has appeared for our store. "CIOTA for Graphpaper" Graphpaper, which is usually handled at our shop and CIOTA, which is not usually handled. This is a project product that seems to have a movement even if you think about it clearly and on a domestic scale in Japan. CIOTA for Graphpaper Suvin Cotton Denim Pants material_COTTON 100% color_INDIGO size_1,2,3 price _ \35,200-(included tax) this. The color does not fade, or to be more precise, these jeans are made with suvin cotton as the weft, using the warp that is extremely resistant to color fading. I have my own opinion on denim fabric. It means that the king of denim is "rice cotton" of "medium fiber cotton". That's why the denim called THE STANDARD DENIM, which was sold with NEAT around the end of February, also uses rice cotton. " is used. However, all the denims I have introduced so far have something in common, That it is denim that "discolors". Among the many fabrics in the world, denim is usually the only type of dye and dyeing method. ・The dye is "synthetic indigo dye" ・The dyeing method is "rope dyeing" *Sometimes there is a dyeing method called kasezome, but it is rare, so ignore it. something like. I don't think there is any other fabric that can be made with this combination other than denim. I'll tell you a story. Synthetic indigo dye has a large molecule, so it cannot penetrate into the inside of the thread, and only the outside of the thread is dyed. This completes the thread with a white center. As it is worn, the outside of the thread is shaved off, gradually exposing the white in the center, so the color appears to have faded. That is the characteristic of indigo dye. Then rope dyeing. A rope dyeing machine is a dyeing machine that dips a bundle of threads in a large indigo dye pond like a 50m pool and then picks it up and puts it out. When this bundle of threads is soaked once, the color is not indigo at first. This dipping and oxidation is repeated about 12 times for mass-produced denim, and double that for highly elaborate denim. As a result, even if it is a dark indigo when it is brand new, it will change to a stunning blue as you continue to wear it. By the way, the number of times of this rope dyeing is small for denim that becomes flat and lacks sharp coloring when worn from rigid. On the other hand, if you wear rigid jeans without worrying about anything, the color has faded around the thighs and buttocks, and the bottom of the knees is dark, and the number of times of rope dyeing is high. THE STANDARD DENIM sold at our shop has been rope-dyed so many times that the color doesn't fade easily, but honestly, no matter how anyone wears it, it has a sharp contrast, and the denim color contrast is very effective. Designed. Therefore, denim that enjoys "color change" like that, in a new state (rigid state), "The fabric is hard" is an absolute condition for the color to fade properly. What this means is that, due to the construction of denim, as the threads are shaved, the white core that sleeps beneath the indigo hue is exposed. It is necessary to reduce the "repeated rubbing" of the same part by wearing. In other words, it is important to “make a habit” of the dough. Firmness is necessary in order to "make a habit". For example, ·Tissue paper and ・Copy paper Which one will continue to bend when bent? Considering that, naturally hard copy paper will bend. The same can be said for the fabric, as the curved "mountains" continue to rub against each other, creating a contrast with the "valleys" where the color remains as it is. Therefore, the longer the fiber length, the softer and more flexible cotton fiber becomes, so I think it is not suitable for denim, which enjoys fading. If you continue to wear denim with soft cotton fibers, beginning with dark indigo, it will be rubbed and scraped halfway everywhere, resulting in flat, flat colored jeans. This is my own opinion. So let's get to the point. smile This jeans I introduce today. In the first place, it is made on the premise that it will not fade. yes. In other words, it is not used in the warp threads that are commonly used with "indigo dye". The brand says it's a special dye, but I wonder if it's a direct dye or a reactive dye. I left it to the romance here and did not check with the brand. smile It's better to be a little mysterious than to know everything. nothing. Until now, Graphpaper has released a colorfast denim, a denim that stays dark indigo and does not fade, so you can continue to wear it in a dark state. 3 years ago, our store also released colorfast denim cock pants, which were called cock pants at the time, but they were a special order with Graphpaper that did not fade. Since then, the brand has continued to reign supreme as the brand's representative denim that does not fade, but this time it is a special edition. The warp threads are "indigo colored threads that do not fade". The weft is "CIOTA's representative Suvin cotton thread". In denim, many warp threads are exposed on the surface, and the weft threads are in contact with the skin. In other words, roughly speaking, the warp threads affect the appearance, and the weft threads affect the comfort. Mr. Minami said that this collaboration between Graphpaper and CIOTA is a one-time event, but when I saw it, I thought it was very groundbreaking. As long as the color doesn't fade, you don't have to worry about it changing over time. Because you can wear it to I think this makes a lot of sense. Warp is Graphpaper The weft is CIOTA It's a mixture of things. There are all kinds of jeans in the world, but they are collaborations between brands that are creating movements in the current fashion market, and if these two brands collaborate like this, there may be more denim pants of this kind in the future. Second-brewed group of latecomers. I think jeans are a very pioneering movement in today's world. Thanks to Suvin cotton, it has a very fine surface texture. However, denim is not superficial, but has depth. The reason is this. shuttle loom. Therefore servicing is arranged. If this were a high-speed loom like an innovative loom, I think it would look lighter and simpler. Moreover, in the world of cotton, Suvin is of high quality, but it is not the finest quality, so it is very suitable for pants that require a certain amount of strength. It's a very well-balanced fabric. this. The front tuck button is CIOTA carved seal. And the zipper front is 42TALON. It's 42TALON. I thought. Is this standard equipment for CIOTA? The rivets are also stamped with CIOTA. Graphpaper piss name is placed on the back waist band. As a whole, the indigo color fabric is sewn with white stitching, so it has a strong modern Graphpaper air. If you like it, I think you will like it. This time, we have stocked full sizes from 1 to 3, which are the sizes that the brand develops. We have expanded it in the store, but we are also posting it on the online store, so I would be happy if you could consider it.
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