Two days from tomorrow, Irenisa

As I informed you, Irenisa. It will be held for two days from tomorrow under the title of LIMITED STORE. It was held as an "unveiling" at the debut of the 2020AW season, but this time we will be developing a lineup that is closer to the full range of variations. It's the first spring/summer season, but I think you'll be able to experience the power of Irenisa, so please look forward to it. It's only for two days, but we've prepared a special page not only for store visitors, but also for online users so that you can see the list. During this period, we will not be selling carts at the online store, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will be happy to accept mail-order sales if you are interested, so please feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you, but please do not overdo it.
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