From tomorrow "Graphpaper" "BODHI"

As we announced, we will be holding a limited-time event for Graphpaper and BODHI starting tomorrow. This is the 4th time this project will be held, and tomorrow, Mr. Minami from Graphpaper and Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will both be at the store. For Graphpaper, above all, it is a stand-up collar shirt made of plain weave high-density wool made to CASANOVA&CO specifications. The collection lineup of Graphpaper is not complete, but I think it is substantial. And BODHI can also feel the level of this brand. If you are planning to come, please look forward to it. Also, regarding this project, we have two requests for our customers. The first is about preventing coronavirus infection. The second is about parking. Regarding the prevention of coronavirus infection, once again, ・The store will be ventilated at all times, the staff will wear masks, and the hands will be thoroughly disinfected before opening. ・Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the store. ・When entering and leaving the store, please disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant installed at the store entrance. ・When entering the store, we ask all customers to measure their temperature. *We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding that we will refuse entry to those with a fever of over 37.5 degrees. ・Please refrain from coming to the store if you are not feeling well, such as having a fever or coughing. As for the second parking lot. Our store has a parking lot. The storefront garage and adjacent large contract parking lot. Regarding the contracted parking lot, customers who come to our shop can park only in No. 1 to No. 4, which are the closest to the store. Never park anywhere else. It will definitely cause trouble, so we ask for your cooperation. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, it looks like there are a lot of vacancies, but that is not the case. Please do not park at any other number. If the storefront garage and contract parking lot are full, there is a coin parking nearby, so please park there. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers who are planning to visit us, but we appreciate your understanding. We are looking forward to seeing all of you from tomorrow.
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