"plain weave" 79% wool, 21% mohair

Limited edition with Irenisa, which I announced the other day. As I told you before, I would like you to experience the outline of the pants, which is the masterpiece of the "beauty of the inner thighs". And the fabric plays an important role in actually shaping it as clothes. "Mr. Abe" and "Mr. Kobayashi" from IRENISA were able to make the most of the absolute "lines" that were drawn out. However, in my head, from the time I started this story, I had a clear goal to aim for with these pants. So getting there is a must. In that case, rather than what kind of fiber to use, I thought about what kind of "fabric structure" would be best. However, when I compared it with the "imagined goal" of this time, the answer was naturally decided. "plain weave". This is the first condition. Then, with that as the axis, exchanges with the brand side. After spending a lot of time doing various things, there are two choices at the end. However, neither of those two choices are original fabrics of IRENISA, nor are they made especially for this occasion. This doesn't mean anything bad. The treasure was sleeping There was there were. the best one. Japanese weavers are flocked to by famous brands from all over the world. Ultra world level. That's why there was no need to create fabrics from scratch, even to the point of setting aside such quality fabrics. Of course, at the end of the day, the judge made full use of the microscope. I told it to IRENISA. I think it's the perfect fabric that goes very well with the quality of IRENISA's pants. this. As the title of this blog suggests, "plain weave". It is a blend of 79% wool and 21% mohair. The warp is 60 count strong twisted double yarn of wool. The weft is a 30-count single yarn that is a blend of wool and mohair. The plain weave is tightly twisted, and the texture of the fabric stands firm, yet has a natural luster. The warp wool drape, but the mohair blended in the weft works really well. The "tension" of this weft mohair is important. In the first place, I love "plain weave" even among woolen fabrics, and the characteristic of it is that it has a "punchy" texture. However, woolen fabrics are centered on twill weaves. So the reality is that there aren't many opportunities to see them. It seems there are many things going on. Of course, the fluctuation of the fabric that flows down under the twill weave wool is also good. It's good. However, it is plain weave. That's why this fabric raised the level of the limited edition pants with Irenisa this time. Look. this. Even though it's wool and mohair, it's a beautifully balanced plain weave with very little fluff. As I mentioned earlier, 60-count wool two-ply yarn is used for the warp. The weft yarn is a single yarn and a blend of wool and mohair. Blending is the process of blending fibers, mixing them, and spinning them into yarn. High-quality luster that cannot be completely hidden even under a microscope spotlight. Rather than thread, it shines at the fiber level. The fibers of that level are thoroughly combed and arranged, twisted strongly to make thread, and driven. But, just in case, what I was thinking about as a premise was that these pants would be comfortable to wear in the coming season, so they weren't super high-density. Pleasantly breezy, great outlines and details. Still, the self-supporting beauty of the stretched fabric. It's clothes, so I think everyone has their own tastes in terms of appearance, but I think we've created something that's worthy of being picked up. I'll let you know again. Continue. .
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