"Yamauchi" summer luxury pants

Today, I would like to introduce Yamauchi. The fabric used is the original fabric of "Ono Knitwear", which is familiar to us. It seems that Yamauchi is the only one who can make this into a form of clothes. that kind of fabric. It seems that it is a genre that is very rare in the composition of clothing fabrics and is not often used in clothing materials. Well, it was developed for clothes. But no one could cook on clothes. Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi, who has never done it before, has made it into a form. "Strong twist punch" The fabric. It may have been about four years ago that it first appeared in the brand's collection. It is updated year by year, and this year is the highest level. In the first place, Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi attaches great importance to "sewing" when making clothes. That's why Yamauchi's clothes are seen by those who have them, but no matter how you look at them, the care taken is amazing. Mr. Yamauchi, in addition to the most visible parts of the front, the corners should stand firm, and the treatment of the back, and even the invisible parts, are omitted in other clothes. I'm going through it and keep doing it. This is really amazing. As a result, it leads to comfort, appearance, and durability of clothes. One of Yamauchi's characteristics is that the clothes are incredibly durable. However, when it comes to clothes made from this "strongly twisted punch" fabric, we are doing things that other products "absolutely" never do. Yamauchi continues to pursue fine and careful creation, from the front to the back, even to the invisible. Sewing specifications that the brand only uses this fabric. "Break". All over it. And so, this series is designed to make the most of the characteristics of the "strongly twisted punch" fabric and make it feel the most. T-shirts are scheduled to be delivered in the future, but I don't know when that will be. smile First, from the pants. Yamauchi Strong Twisted Free Cut Punch One-tuck Easy Pants material _ COTTON 83%, POLYURETHANE 12%, NYLON 5% color_CHARCOAL BROWN size_2,3,4,5 Yamauchi Strong Twisted Free Cut Punch One-tuck Easy Pants material _ COTTON 83%, POLYURETHANE 12%, NYLON 5% color_BLACK size_2,3,4,5 this. As the name suggests, these easy pants have a one-tuck on the front. The fabric mix is ​​very different. 83% cotton, 12% polyurethane, 5% nylon. Such a mixed ratio is not often seen in clothes of this genre. What kind of fabric is it? Strongly twisted cotton on the surface. Polyurethane on the back that touches the skin. It seems that 5% nylon is contained as a role of the cotton and polyurethane jumper. "Ono huge size small" who produces this cloth. This huge and small factory creates masterpieces of "cut and sew fabric" that are very famous in Japan. As far as I know, in terms of cotton-based "knitted fabric", I think it's the best in Japan. Even at our store, there are quite a few brands that produce T-shirts and cut and sewn fabrics made by Ono Hokudaisho. There is a high possibility that the cut-and-sews produced by your favorite brands are made from Ono Hakudaisho's fabrics. In particular, if you own a cut-and-sew from a domestic brand, I think it's quite likely. That's how many brands want to use knitted fabrics. And this time's fabric is the one that overflows with Ono's creativity. First of all, it seems that it is extremely difficult to entangle (knit) the hard-twisted cotton thread and the polyurethane thread. But there are so many benefits when you wear it. Especially in summer in Japan. On the front side, you can see the very fine structure of the knitted fabric as much as the hard-twisted cotton is exposed. What's more, it's hard-twisted, so it's shiny, and it's drapey and has a solid feel to it, so it doesn't look like you're wearing cotton pants like this. And back. Polyurethane back. It may not be a very good image for polyurethane to hit the skin, but it's non-non-non. I also thought that only natural fibers were good for things that touched the skin directly. Until I met this fabric. First, when you put it on, it stays away from your skin. The fabric is not sticky at all and is very self-supporting. At the same time, it absorbs sweat properly and does not get stuffy. And the wind passes 600 million times as much as I thought. Furthermore, a cool touch that you can't experience anywhere else. I haven't worn AIRism for many years, so I don't know how far AIRism is, but I think the fabric this time is also at a considerable level. and unparalleled elasticity. The high degree of freedom of this fabric is crazy. It doesn't stretch unnaturally, but it comes naturally according to the movement of the body. Then come back straight. Amazing kickback. Super comfortable. That's the fabric. And this. the hem of these pants. As mentioned above, "break". Those of you who have seen this series before may know what I mean. Normally, if you cut the fabric as it is, the thread will always blow out. Also, when I cut off the fabric of a normal T-shirt, the edges of the fabric curled up. Such a phenomenon nothing happens. It's an amazing fabric. The reason is the polyurethane on the back. This polyurethane has a structure that supports the cotton on the front and prevents the threads from blowing out. In addition to that, the current situation where a general T-shirt curls up is called "curling" or "Tenjiku Kurukuru", and it can happen due to the organization of the knitted fabric. Except for this fabric. However, polyurethane works great for this. Therefore, the thread blows out and frays, the edge of the fabric curls, do not have. Other than Yamauchi's series, it is a fabric that no human being has ever experienced. and, that is, with sewing specifications generously I can feel it now. back. back. back. The seam of the outer material. The seam allowance is all cut off. This fabric fully expresses the property of "absolutely unraveling". But, the sewing specification of this cut off. I'm really in the mountains. back of hem. Do you understand? ? Any fabric that would normally be classified as "jersey" of this kind has a sewing specification for it. This fabric is "knitted". Aren't T-shirts and sweaters knitted? The warp and the weft are knitted with one thread each. that's knitting. On the other hand, "weaving" is to set a large number of warp threads on the loom and insert the weft threads. Woven = fabric It is also said. Yamauchi is pursuing the sewing called "fabric tailoring". In the world of fabrics and knitted fabrics, sewing is a completely different field. However, Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi tried it even though it was a completely different genre of sewing. And he did what no one else could do. In this way, we made clothes with fabrics that no one could make into clothes, We have created clothes that no one has ever seen before. That is the series called "Strong Twisted Free Cut Punch". It's crazy. and, specifically, what's going on Look again. this. Can you see that there are two stitches in the seam allowance of the fabric, parallel to the edge of the cut fabric? ? In the first place, normally, the lining is sewn specifically for it, like an overlock. Compare it with the stitching on the back of your T-shirt. I think you can see that it's completely different. So, the distance between these two stitches is 4mm wide. "Interlining" is pasted on this 4mm width to fix the fabric. For all seam allowances. Everything. Everything. Before sewing, a difficult process awaits. Stick the interlining to all the seam allowances according to the pattern. That alone takes a long time, which is unthinkable for other clothes. Also, this fabric. If you touch the real thing, you'll understand, but it's a fabric with amazing movement. It's not unconditionally soft, of course it's not hard, It's a fabric with a lot of elasticity, but with a very high degree of freedom. Therefore, even if you just sew normally, it is easy for the fabric to be pulled by the tension of the sewing machine and the stitching will be distorted. It is a fabric that is extremely difficult to sew, although it is simply sewn. However, the seam allowance is hard because the seam allowance is solidified with interlining. It becomes like the "skeleton" of the pants and creates a beautiful outline. This is very well done. In addition to the firm shape of the pants, the fabric has a fine drape and glossy texture. A very sleek outline. He looks super masculine. In addition to that, the transcendent easiness of movement. "Appearance" "comfort" "Pants that bring "discomfort" on both sides to zero as much as possible. That's it for this time. The front opening has a matte water buffalo top button and Excela zipper. This fastener is also attached with a straight fastener tape. In general, the tape tends to become tattered due to the balance with the fabric. But Mr. Yamauchi is very careful about that. After that, it comes with tengu. Even though it's easy pants. Pocket on the side. The fabric is highly elastic, but the pocket opening is designed not to stretch. It's a fabric that stretches this much, but I put a strong core fabric inside so that it doesn't get loose even when I use the pocket. And, after all, the specifications on the back side are also considerable. Have you ever seen how you can do this with easy pants? ? The fabric for this back treatment is all non-stretch fabric. The Tengu, Takeout, and even the original Marvel specifications are beautiful. This lining makes it much more comfortable and durable. Please experience it. Touch to the skin, movement of the fabric, outline, air flow, durability. And the strength that doesn't deteriorate even after repeated washing. I think these pants are packed with many elements that can be felt to be beneficial in a summer style. Please take a look.
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