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The time has come to introduce Yamauchi T-shirts to everyone, even though it's late this spring and summer. I think it's Yamauchi's super masterpiece. This T-shirt is made using fabric made by Ono Knitwear, which is related to AUBETT, which is also available in our store, and is made to be the best. This is the T-shirt I've ever worn that has the highest overall score. Yamauchi Free Cut / Strong Twisted Punch T-shirt color_bordeaux size_2,3,4,5 Yamauchi Free Cut / Strong Twisted Punch T-shirt color_gray khaki size_2,3,4,5 Yamauchi Free Cut / Strong Twisted Punch T-shirt color_black size_2,3,4,5 Last year, Yamauchi-san and his wife Tomomi-san did an Instagram live on the day before the T-shirt went on sale, and then started selling it in stores. Shall we do an Instagram live for Yamauchi-san again this year? When I said that, I was immediately turned down. The mix ratio is 83% cotton, 12% polyurethane, and 5% nylon. Among them, the cotton is a strong twisted cotton that has been "strongly twisted", which is the specialty of Ono Hakudaisho. Therefore, the surface is very beautiful, and it has fine eyes without fluff. There are two types of "strong twist", "true strong twist" and "spinning strong twist". They even say that it cannot be called twisted, so it is on a different level from the widely known "strongly twisted cotton yarn". this. Well, I think I explained a little about the difference between "Honko Twisted" and "Spun Twisted" when I introduced AUBETT and tilt The authentics t-shirts on this blog, so please take a look at that. . and 12% polyurethane. This comes out on the backside where it hits the skin. This polyurethane plays a huge role. This T-shirt. And it seems that the 5% nylon contained plays a role in connecting the strong twisted cotton and polyurethane. Normally, when I introduce something like this, I would use a microscope, but currently, the computer I usually use is broken and I'm in the process of having the staff, Noguchi-chan, fix it. I can't do a microscope. So everyone keep an eye out. As I mentioned earlier, this T-shirt is made from a very fine knitted fabric. 100% cotton would be impossible with this fabric. unreasonableness. The beauty of the hard-twisted cotton that is exposed on the front is very alive, and the polyurethane on the back and the nylon binding also have a positive impact on the surface. I rarely think highly of chemical fibers in my daily life, but when it comes to this level, it's a different story. And, as some of you may already know, this T-shirt, the neck, cuffs, and hem are all "cut off" specifications. Araki Yuu, who I introduced the other day, also talked about this, but what is meant by "cutting off" and "cutting off". This fabric "never frays". If worn normally. If you try to fray it, the thread will come out if you forcefully pick the cut part, but when you put it on and put it in the washing machine, it's okay. I still wear a lot of the first one from about 3 years ago, but it's super active and hasn't frayed. This is dangerous. What's more, the edge of the fabric is not cut off, and there is no overlapping of the fabric, so the fabric edge has a high degree of freedom and lightness. This surprised everyone. Backstitches and seams are applied to the sewn edges everywhere, but even the curling phenomenon that occurs in so-called T-shirts when cut off does not occur. Not only when new, but even after numerous washes. This is because the edge stretches out as it is due to the support of polyurethane. It's so beautiful. This is the back side. All the seam allowances on the back are also cut off. In other brands, the edges of the fabric are carefully processed to the point where you can't see it unless you disassemble the back side, not just the back side, but for this T-shirt, it's a fabric that won't fray. Yes, and in order to maximize its characteristics, the back is also finished with "cut off". However, not only the specifications that have not been processed, but also the sewing method in the first place is amazing. The fabric has ・Textiles (fabrics) and ・Knitting (jersey, knit) There are two main types, but it is natural that sewing is done according to each. In other words, Sewing suitable for textiles (fabric). For example, this is exactly the case with lockstitching. The fabric itself is not stretchy, so the seam allowance is sewn with a non-stretchable material so that it can be assembled properly. On the other hand, for knitting (jersey, knit), sew suitable for it. For example, flat seamers are the same, and the knitted fabric is highly elastic and moves freely, so the seam allowance is sewn so that it stretches to follow the fabric. Another thing is to use rubber thread and make the thread itself expand and contract. And Yamauchi continues to make clothes that pursue the sewing of "textiles (fabric)". In other words, it is the former sewing brand. However, the fabric of this T-shirt is a "knitted fabric" that stretches. what are you doing As opposed to "knitting", it is assembled with the specifications of "woven fabric". However, it is a fabric with a high degree of freedom of movement, but it is impossible for Yamauchi to sew it as usual. That's why I put "4mm wide fusible interfacing" in all the seam allowances, and "fix" only the seam allowances so that they don't move. First, start by attaching the interlining to all the sewing points, and then sew. The back side is also beautifully finished. But it's simply amazing. It's not that, it's also very beneficial for those who wear it. As I said earlier, the fabric stretches and shrinks surprisingly, so every time you move, it follows your upper body without stress. It's a role like that, and you look very beautiful when you wear it. Please wear this and experience it. "T-shirts" exist everywhere in the world, but I can assure you that this is a T-shirt that can only exist from Yamauchi. This is gray khaki. Also, yes. The hem is rounded like a shirt tail instead of a square cut. Black is the brand's first appearance for the first time in 3 years and the second appearance in the first season. This season, Yamauchi is also developing white, and it was a lineup of all 4 colors, but I was worried that white would be a little see-through when worn alone, so I chose bordeaux, gray khaki, and black. Available in 3 colors. Please choose the color you like. It's more breathable than a 100% cotton T-shirt, and I think you'll be able to wear it comfortably for a long time. Also, you can wear it like you would wear a regular T-shirt, but it looks completely different no matter who sees it, so I think people can comfortably enjoy the limited space of a T-shirt. At this stage, it is the highest score T-shirt. this. Various. Overall. This T-shirt is the last for our spring/summer season. Last but not least, the strongest. I don't think you'll regret having everyone see it. It will be on sale from tomorrow, the 11th (Sun).
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