Last year we also handled it for the summer, but it will appear again this year. OLDE HOMESTEADER T-shirt and sleeveless.

Last year, the T-shirt used the same raw thread

"single yarn" = 1 thread

"double yarn" = 2 strands

"Two-ply thread alignment" = 4 threads

We have developed three T-shirt lineups, but this year we have two lineups: single yarn and two-ply yarn.

However, coloring has increased.

And sleeveless "SLEEVELESS".

Regarding this, Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER made a tank top two years ago.

But I'm not good at opening the neck of tank tops.

The opening of the neck was not strong both front and back.

However, if you really cut the sleeves of the T-shirt, the armholes will be too large, so that's no good.

That's why I asked Mr. Fukuhara to make the tank top I imagined.

And I wore it all the time last summer.

It went very well, so I prepared it again this year.

And it also has color variations.

This time, it is such a summer series of OLDE HOMESTEADER.

OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHIRT (single yarn Ver.) material _ COTTON 100% color _ BLACK size _ 40,42,44 First of all, this. Single thread T-shirt. Last year, it was only undyed ECRU, but this time it is only available in BLACK. Also, size. This year, we have expanded the sizes to 40, 42, and 44, and have raised all of them by one size. The reason is that there were too many people who felt it was a tight fit last year. The thread used is a single thread, and the thread is a little thicker than a typical T-shirt. I think the standard for T-shirts is No. 60, but it's a little thicker than that. However, Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER pursues such things as the clogging of the knitted fabric instead of making it thicker and designs it with the best balance. The raw material is supima cotton. However, normal Supima feels smooth against the skin when the temperature is not high, but in summer in Japan, not only the temperature but also the humidity is high. Therefore, if the fabric is simply smooth, it will stick to your skin when you sweat, making it even more uncomfortable. That's why I use Supima's "falling cotton". "Falling cotton" is a by-product that comes out when spinning yarn using so-called Supima as a raw material. In other words, while maintaining the characteristics of the soft fibers, it feels a little dry when you wear it. The color of BLACK is not pure black, but already whitish. This is also what Mr. Fukuhara is aiming for. OLDE HOMESTEADER is premised on ultra-heavy use. everything. So if it was a nice black to start with, I would avoid that black fading and wouldn't wear it often. If that's the case, wouldn't it be better to design it in a slightly worn-out black from the beginning so that you can use it without hesitation? For that reason, I am aiming for a whitish black. However, even though it has such a worn color, it is "yarn dyed" that is dyed with thread. super maniac. Normally, T-shirts that look like this are just patterns that are dyed on the fabric or on the product. This black is produced by yarn dyeing. The neck is not a type that can be switched with ribs. This is common to all. The front and back are sewn with "cotton thread". hem. The front and back are all made of cotton thread. A new T-shirt is completely "T-shaped", but after washing and using it, the wearer's shoulders are rounded, creating a one-of-a-kind shoulder. The threads of the stitches on both the front and back of the bag blend into the fabric even more, creating a sense of unity. This is the benefit of cotton thread. OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHIRT (double thread Ver.) material _ COTTON 100% color _ ECRU size _ 38,40,42,44 And this. Just like the T-shirt I mentioned earlier, this T-shirt has a "two-ply" design, using yarn spun from fallen Supima cotton. As the name suggests, it is commonly known as "double thread T". This is exactly the same as last year, and I wore it too. Oh, by the way, this also doesn't exist inline with OLDE HOMESTEADER. LOL As I said at the beginning, last year we developed three types of T-shirts: "single yarn", "two-ply yarn", and "two-ply yarn". It was only "single yarn". I always talk about things like single yarn, two-ply yarn, matching yarn, and triple twist, so even if you use the same yarn, if the number of yarns changes, how will the appearance of the garment change? It was a T-shirt that I asked Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER to make for me because I wanted customers to experience this. This year, the two-ply yarn matching has been suspended, and only the two-ply yarn has been revived after a year. Compared to a single yarn fabric, the number of yarns is doubled, so the thickness inevitably increases. But more than that, the structure of the knitted fabric stands up and the strength of the fabric comes out. A clear organizational eye. At the same time, the sense of security when worn alone is greatly improved. It's not see-through at all, and of course it's tough. However, it doesn't turn into a sauna inside your clothes, like a heavy-duty T-shirt that gets stuffy from the heat. That's because Mr. Fukuhara has adjusted the clogging so that I can wear it even in the middle of summer. OLDE HOMESTEADER CREW NECK SHIRT (two-ply Ver.) material _ COTTON 100% color _ BLACK size _ 38,40,42,44 And this year, this color will also appear on the two-ply T-shirt. BLACK. It's BLACK, but it's not a single color black like the single thread T-shirt I mentioned earlier. There are many things about OLDE HOMESTEADER that I can't introduce in this blog, but Mr. Fukuhara's aim is black. "Twisted Mokuto" means that threads of different shades are used and "twisted", that is, made into two-ply threads to create "Mokuito". thing. That's why even with the same two-ply yarn, the areas where you can see a lot of undyed areas and the areas where you can see a lot of black look irregular. "Mokugurei" T-shirts are straight, but I think this nuance in two-ply yarn is unique to OLDE HOMESTEADER. ECRU is undyed, so after repeated washings, the color will naturally turn white little by little. The unintentional "white" that can't be produced artificially is what awaits you only after wearing natural colors repeatedly, and I feel a unique "weight" in that color. On the other hand, this BLACK has yarn-dyed black thread added to it, so you can enjoy the unique change. The two-ply T-shirt, like the first single-ply T-shirt, is sewn on both the front and back with "only cotton thread". There are no fabric changes on the neck, cuffs, or hem. It's also very T-shaped at first. hem. The sewing thread count of the cotton thread on the back side is thicker than the sewing thread count of the cotton thread on the front side. The same goes for the neck. Compared to sewing thread made of chemical fibers, the hurdles for sewing with cotton thread are quite high. But I do it that way both front and back. On the surface, as you wash it, it will become more familiar with the fabric as mentioned above, and it will change in the same way as the fabric. So it looks very natural. In addition to that, it will start to bite into the dough. On the other side, it has an overwhelmingly high affinity with the skin. The back side is also sewn very flat, so you won't feel any discomfort, and I think you will feel very comfortable wearing it. When it's brand new, the neck size is a little compact, but both the front and back are made of cotton thread, so after wearing and washing, the neck size will open up a bit. It feels like it's going to be a natural neck spread for that person. back. No matter how you look at it, it's super flat. On top of that, both the fabric and the sewing thread are made of cotton. I think everyone can feel this comfort. OLDE HOMESTEADER SLEEVELESS SHIRT (single yarn) material _ COTTON 100% color _ ECRU size _ 38,40,42,44 *38 and 40 are sold out. A treasured sword, a sleeveless SLEEVELESS. Last time, we also had 3 sizes from 38 to 42, but people who came to the store kept saying that the size was too tight, so we asked Mr. Fukuhara to prepare up to 44 this year. I was. For those who tried the 42 last summer and didn't get it... This time, I've prepared the 44, so please give me another chance. LOL The width is almost the same as the Inoue Brothers tank top XL size. What's more, the quantity for each size is heavily weighted to 42 and 44. super conscientious. Answer at the store. Well, it's not that small. People who are over 180cm can't wear it, but they said that they wanted a little more leeway in the width of their bodies. many people. So this should be fine. I believe. OLDE HOMESTEADER SLEEVELESS SHIRT (single yarn) material _ COTTON 100% color _ BLACK size _ 38,40,42,44 This time, I'm trying to make the BLACK version. It's a smaller amount than undyed ECRU, but I thought there might be some people who would prefer black, so I tried it out. Originally, this SLEEVELESS was made exclusively for the innerwear in the summer because I mainly wear a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up even in the summer. Therefore, it is perfect for those who often wear shirts even in summer. ECRU thinks that anything from white to black is good because of the undyed bounty, but those who sometimes wear dark-colored shirts and those who prefer darker inner tones I think it's good for Undyed ECRU with moderately tight threads and outstanding eyes. If you wash it repeatedly, the natural fluff will stand up, but I don't think it's unpleasant at all. Yarn-dyed BLACK even though it's a little whitish. I can understand this black tone if it's product dyed, but it's stylish to express this black tone by dyeing. Chic. Well, I think it's meant to be worn as an inner layer, so I think it's necessary to wash it. Detail. Once again, this SLEEVELESS is different from ordinary tank tops in many ways. First, in this photo, "neck opening" and "shoulder width". Regarding the opening of the neck, we focused not only on the front. Of course, it was NG that the neck was too open when viewed from the front, but tank tops that are generally distributed not only have a front opening, but also a deep opening at the back. My ideal is for the back of the neck to be close to the base collar when wearing a shirt. Therefore, the height of the neck is greatly increased not only in the front but also in the back. Also, I wanted to widen my shoulders and erase the obvious tank top line when wearing a white shirt. The sewing specifications are different from the T-shirt introduced earlier. The sewing thread for the T-shirt is cotton thread on the front and back. Moreover, it was a double needle stitch when viewed from the front. Sleeveless is different. The back side that touches the skin directly is sewn entirely with cotton thread. Do you understand? The front is a slightly glossy thread. Not only the neck, but also the armholes. Also the hem. This is a special combination, although it is not allowed to be described on the blog. Special threads are used on the front and cotton threads are used on the back for areas that are subject to stress such as the neck, armholes, and hem. This gives it superhuman durability. I also washed last year's sleeveless about 50,000 times in the washing machine. It's not sagging or twisted at all. It is designed to withstand numerous washes. Surprised by this. By the way, the seam on the side is also made of cotton thread on the front. Two types of sewing thread are matched on both sides of the hem, so you can see the difference. And this. ultra flat. After all, it is completely for inner purpose. It is designed so that it does not interfere with the front when wearing a shirt. Also, yes. This sleeveless is quite attacking the neck size. That's why most people get stuck in their head when they first try it on. Or some people just don't get it. It is important from here, but the OLDE HOMESTEADER this time is all unwashed. In a new product, the special thread on the front and the cotton thread on the back are stuck together. So please wash it once before wearing it. By doing so, "strength" and "elasticity" are created in the fabric and sewing thread. Before washing, there is almost no elasticity, and even those who can not pass through the head will change the thread by washing. And the neck height of the best balance for the owner is born while repeatedly wearing and washing on a daily basis. So please allow me first. The back side is all sewn with cotton thread. If you can wear a shirt in the summer, this is it. As long as the size matches, we promise that you will be able to use it very frequently. Also, as for the size, I'm wearing a size 38 and it feels good. I hope you can think that the ones I introduced today are equivalent to S at 38, M at 40, L at 42, and XL at 44. Take a look.

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