A masterpiece of Painter Pants "A.PRESSE"

A.PRESSE has already started deliveries for the Spring/Summer season from November. We have ordered a lot of things this season at our store, and we are planning to have them delivered, so I hope you will look forward to it. Today, I would like to introduce the painter pants that I received the other day. Applesse has a style in which Mr. Shigematsu, the brand, announces in advance on Instagram which clothes in the collection will be handled at which store, half a year before the delivery date. Looking at it, it seems that there are very few stores that carry it. When I saw the lineup of the collection, I was really attracted to these very powerful painter pants. It may be that the price is quite pricey, but these painter pants are pretty cool. Well, even though I say that, we have only ordered a small amount at our store, but we still have the size we ordered, so let me introduce it. A. PRESS painter pants material_LINEN 100% color_SAGE size_1,2 this. The biggest feature, or rather, the fabric that grabbed my heart. The material is 100% linen, but it's not the kind of loose, loose linen fabric you'd find in many places. The name of the fabric is heavy linen canvas, but it's a fabric that surpasses even that word. Plain weave with fairly thick linen thread. Overall, there is unevenness in the thick count of each warp and weft. As Mr. Shigematsu said, it's more like a "canvas" than a canvas. It's good to have you think so. But, well, if it's really canvas, it's hard to wear, but I don't think you'll feel any stress when you wear it. this. It is clearly from the high level of raw material linen. If it is linen fiber with low quality, it will not look like this. The linen fiber is thickly spun into a neat plain weave fabric. And I think everyone knows this wrinkle. This nuance wrinkle depends on the part, but it exists overall. This feeling is because the product is washed at the completed stage, and it is delivered without ironing, so I think it has wrinkles like this. Normally, after the fabric is woven, it is processed to prevent it from shrinking. It's called sanforizing or shrink-proofing. After such post-processing, it is produced in the order of cutting, sewing, and finishing. But when it comes to these pants, Mr. Shigematsu's aim is not that theory. Linen has the property of shrinking when washed, just like denim that is not pre-shrunk, or even more so, but this is not pre-shrunk. So I washed it and shrunk it. As a result, the linen thread shrinks and the heavy linen canvas bulges more, making it tighter and thicker. However, if you just wash the product, it will become rough like authentic denim. As I said earlier, the quality of the material is high, so it's kind to the skin, which you wouldn't expect from linen with this kind of texture. However, the details are perfectly painter pants. Isn't it supposed to have various details? painter pants. That means that there are many overlapping parts of the fabric and the fabric. Moreover, most of the details are neatly and faithfully sewn with three needles. It's easy to imagine, but the sewing factory seemed to hate sewing. The part where the fabric overlaps around here is dangerous. Gatchigachi. If you don't hit it with a hammer, the thickness of the fabric won't go away at all, and if you don't sew slowly, the needle will break. need. If the needle of the sewing machine breaks, you cannot continue sewing until you find the tip of the needle 100%. However, even then, if you can sew it like this and make it into a product, the strength is considerable. Well, especially for these painter pants, it's clear that the fabric is very strong, but I don't think Japanese brands usually use fabrics that have such a straight strength. This is because Mr. Shigematsu, who is also doing A.PRESSE, is able to do it beautifully. It's obvious that even if it's new, it has a distinctly different atmosphere from cotton, and it doesn't have the flimsy feeling that is common when linen pants are used. Unlike tops, pants are clothes that put more stress on you, so of course the physical strength of the fabric is necessary, but I've cleared that with ease. In addition to that, far from feeling stiff, the smoothness against the skin when worn is unique to this linen. As a result, if you like it and wear it, when you notice it, the bite will come out strongly and the appearance will become even stronger. The same high quality as when it was new. changes that occur. However, the price of the fabric alone is quite high, and since it's a price that doesn't exist for normal linen pants, I think it's a big deal. After all, I think that the foundation that Mr. Shigematsu has cultivated so far is very well reflected in the clothes he creates. He owns a huge amount of clothes, knows clothes very well, and is someone who can create market movements in the world. I think it's a lot of fun and good. As I said earlier, it is a linen canvas that is not pre-shrunk and shrinks as much as you want when you wash it, so there are of course wrinkles from washing and bleaching, but there is also a large amount of seam puckering. Also, I think it's a fabric dye, but the inside of the linen thread feels white, and it's not completely dyed. Therefore, due to the effects of product washing, there are already plenty of Atari seeds. It's a pair of pants that you can imagine changing into a tremendous appearance when you wear them. I think that everyone who can think positively about the change in the fabric from the new one, which is similar to denim, will like it. this. The front is a fastener. However, there is little waving of the fastener tape due to shrinkage of the fabric, so you can rest assured that it will operate stably. As you can see, the coloring is the color called surge. With this kind of color, I wonder if it feels like wearing military pants. I think it depends on the person. It looks like these pants have a strong atmosphere, so if you like them, I think they will be very useful in spring and summer. Take a look.
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