Things that could not be "commodities"

I wrote a little the other day, Yamauchi. The clothes made by this brand are truly "mass of technology". Raw materials, spinning, dyeing, weaving, patterns, cutting, sewing, and finishing. In all processes, the "skills" of Japan's leading professionals are accumulated to create a single piece of "Yamauchi" clothing. And, as I wrote here the other day, Mr. Yamauchi himself checks every detail. This is another amazing level. When it comes to Yamauchi's clothes, I personally check the details of the clothes that are displayed in the store before I show them to the customers. Have you ever had a defective product? Mr. Yamauchi would probably get angry if I wrote about that extraordinary mistake here, but it happened only once. Well, because you're human. it was returned. Well, our store has already handled more than 10 seasons, and since it is a brand that we mainly carry, I think the number of deliveries so far is quite large, but the quality of the product is always at a tremendous level. doing. So, this time, I would like you to see Yamauchi's clothes from a different side than the "products" of such collections. In the past, I once skipped the autumn/winter season as a brand due to Mr. Yamauchi's circumstances, but at that time, other stores that handled it canceled the delivery due to the corona disaster. I've bought archived products before, but this time it's a different feeling. Normally, all the clothes we handle are "complete", in other words, they are "A products". That becomes the "product". However, there are always things that have not been completed as "commodities" after they are completed. "Things that couldn't be A". However, it was judged by Mr. Yamauchi's unreasonable and stern eyes. Despite the immeasurable amount of skill that had been put into it until then. I don't think I would have felt this way if it wasn't for the clothes of the brand "Yamauchi". But when I saw something like that in Yamauchi's clothes, I thought. "This should see the light of day," he said. In my mind, I couldn't accept the fact that clothes, which are "mass of technology", were so trivial that they would never be seen by anyone. But at the same time, I knew very well that it would be very difficult. However, I had never thought about and implemented such a thing before, so I honestly told Mr. Yamauchi. At the atelier in Nagoya. To date, it hasn't been easy, but it's possible. "product" = "A product" Selling things that couldn't be done at our store. When I told Mr. Yamauchi, he said, "We can't put a price on ourselves." I think so. At the same time, it is also said that "there is pride of A product". Therefore, this time, we will display such "Non-A Yamauchi" in the store. However, I think that by seeing the clothes, you can feel the quality of the brand "Yamauchi" again. And we will decide the price to sell it. Usually, sales are prohibited brands. But this time, such clothes are not clothes that should be priced as they should have been. This is because, as Mr. Yamauchi said, there is the "A product pride" that is usually lined up in stores. However, I do not want to sell at a low price, but I would like to renew the skills and quality of the craftsmen involved in the clothes of "Yamauchi", and I would like to be able to experience it very much. And I hope that the clothes that have not been released to the world will be in the hands of some of our customers and will be used. From June 11th (Sat), we will sort it out at our store. I don't have a huge number of them, but I would like to see the clothes in person, talk to them, and then buy them, so I will only sell them in stores. and at the same time When I went to the atelier in Nagoya, I was talking with Mr. Yamauchi about various things, and he showed me something. It is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique, "Hakomura Shibori", which was made at Kuno Dye Factory. In this collection and in the past, Hakomura Shibori exists as Yamauchi's only "total pattern". This technique is a traditional dyeing method that cuts about one piece of fabric (3m or 4m) and tie-dyes it at the "fabric" stage, but it is incredibly analog and natural. Human hands are added, but 100% human hands cannot control it, and unintentional patterns are born. The figure of the pattern that is naturally generated cannot be balanced. In other words, no two fabrics with the same pattern are produced. The hand of the skilled craftsman of the road and the spontaneous elements that are multiplied there. That is exactly what a "craft" is. This "Hakomura tie-dyeing" is performed at Kuno Dye Factory, where the world's famous brands of tie-dyeing are done. But all of them are "tie-dyed products". Yamauchi is the only one in the world to do "tie-dyeing with fabric". It's not just that the processing stage is different, but it also has a big, big, big impact on the subsequent production process. So even now, only Yamauchi. Mr. Yamauchi is actually doing things that everyone would avoid or think is impossible. However, Yamauchi's "Hakomura Shibori" doesn't know what kind of fabric and what kind of tie-dye will be used to create "what kind of finish". In other words, even if you aim for commercialization, in reality, "Hakomura fabric" is born that is impossible for collections or cannot be announced as a brand. Yamauchi-san and I talk about a lot of different things on a daily basis, but when I went to the atelier and talked directly with him, he showed me the Hakomura Shibori fabric. All of them were fabrics that Mr. Yamauchi had tried with Kuno Dye Factory and made with the aim of full-scale production, but could not be commercialized due to various factors. To me, the Hakomura Shibori fabric looked very shiny. I felt a tremendous power lurking there. If you're just sleeping in Yamauchi's atelier, It's something you should see in our store. That's why I bought most of the Hakomura-shibori fabrics and asked Mr. Yamauchi to shape them. This fabric, which is packed with traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, gives you an extraordinary sense of power. When Yamauchi's sewing level is added to that, the power can no longer be hidden. As for CASANOVA&CO, I had it made. Transcendence, "craft short pants". I'll let you know again.
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