"Criteria" for becoming "products"

In various brands, there are "standards" that determine whether or not the products they produce become "products" and are suitable for being displayed in stores.

It is the same with the quality of the creation itself as a brand, and it is also possible to inspect the product after it is completed.

As for creations, whether or not they are released in a collection is determined by the brand's idea of ​​​​what and for what, from the idea to the sample production and the completion of the sample.

It goes without saying that even if you try to produce a sample, it will not actually be commercialized.

For example, whether a brand puts on a glamorous runway or not, the clothes presented in the collection can be said to be the culmination of the trial and error that the brand has made up to that point.

If there are 30 pieces of clothing that actually appear in the collection, there are far more items that were "collection candidates".

The collection that the brand presents is just the "tip of the iceberg", even though we thought about it during the season and actually made samples.

The money and time that have been spent up to that point, as well as the mentality and physicality that I have faced.

Something that has the potential to move people's hearts is something that cannot be created very easily.

That's why the brand's seasonal collection is a special existence.

In addition, the samples were so good that I wanted to make the clothes as a brand, so when I started production.

Production is the production process that creates the "products" that line up in the store.

Even if it goes into full production, the production is not straightforward.

The more complicated the clothes, the better. yes.

Although it went well in the sample, it is difficult in the actual production. What happens often.

Furthermore, it was completed by overcoming such high hurdles.

Not all of these products can be "commodities".

In some cases, when finished products are inspected one by one, they are considered to be "defective products".

What can be the "product"

Things that lead to "defective products"

The borderline that separates the two differs from brand to brand.

Here, I think that it varies greatly depending on "what kind of thinking axis" the brand has.

The position of the border line can vary widely.

A lot has happened to this day. smile

However, some brands are setting the borderline at a ridiculously high level.

Yamauchi is one of them.

I was very surprised by this.

Mr. Yamauchi's attention to detail in each piece of clothing is incredible, and his standard for drawing the line for each item as a "product" is amazing.

Many of Yamauchi's clothes are sewn by a single person, or sewn by a very small number of skilled sewing factories such as Fashion Izumi.

Of course, there are some clothes that Mr. Yamauchi sews himself.

In addition, in terms of fabrics, we are working with "super-professionals" in Japan, such as Kuzuri Keori, Fukuda Orimono, Watanabe Textile, Kaneta, Ono Hakudaisho, and Kuno Dye Factory for processing. It is produced by meticulous work.

Well, putting aside whether you like the look or not, I think that Yamauchi's clothes are made by people who are really very skilled and have a superhuman quality no matter how you look at them. .

In the production process, Yamauchi's clothes are made with the hands and eyes of such first-class craftsmen.

On top of that, at the end, Mr. Yamauchi always checks everything one by one and finishes it one by one.

Mr. Yamauchi, with his own hands.


Things that become "commodities"

Things that "couldn't be"

But strict, strict, transcendence checks enter.

That level is a surprise among surprises.

Yamauchi's clothes lined up in the store are of a high level.

So far, we have introduced only "complete products" that have become the "products".

However, there are things that are not like that as a matter of course, and the things that did not pass the super high hurdle of "Yamauchi-san's eyes" in the end were made by wonderful engineers.

Through this event, I would like you to experience the "quality of Yamauchi" once again.

And the "mass of technology" provided in the clothes will be exposed to the sun and will be appreciated, and I would like to convey the splendor of clothes that are not just to dress up.

I'll let you know again.

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