inhabited by people

I believe that "people" dwell in anything that is made by human hands.

I think it's the same with anything, even if the concentration is different.

The more people are involved in an industrial product that needs to be produced in a larger quantity, the lower the density of the people who are involved in it. , the concentration of people will decrease.

Of course, just because the quantity produced is small and the number of people involved is small, that doesn't necessarily mean it's "high density".

The personality of the person who makes it, the thoughts, and, although it's a lame term, passion.

I find it very attractive that such things are put in the right direction.

At our store, we think that it is very important for the products we handle, and we do not particularly emphasize the usability of the products.

Even if I compete with something that seems to be easy to use in my daily life, I'm not good at that kind of thing, and the world is already full of such convenient things.

Therefore, what is important for things is the "people" involved.

I think so

If the quality of products such as clothes is very high, and on top of that, there is a high concentration of "human confinement" in the production, it will surely move the hearts of those who receive it and deliver excitement. I think there is.

Especially now, because it's this time of year and the schedule for the 22AW season is steadily progressing, I'm always feeling and thinking about it more than usual.

It was many years ago, I don't remember exactly how many years ago, but one day I received an email from a brand I had never heard of.

At that time, it was a mysterious brand before its debut, and I ignored it while keeping it in my head.

And then two weeks later.

I received a phone call from the sender of that email.

In general, when you meet and talk to people face-to-face, you can get a sense of what kind of person they are by breathing in the same air, making eye contact, and seeing what they say, their facial expressions, and their movements. It's understandable, isn't it?

However, since you can't see your face directly on the phone and you can't breathe the same air, if it's your first time, you can cover it up over the phone, and it's kind of hard to detect.

However, the phone call from that person felt crackling.

The enthusiasm of the talk, the breath, that it's serious.

Of course, I think there are many people in the world who are seriously working on things in their own way. When I talk to a new brand about such calls, I rarely get the sense that they are serious about it.

Most of the time I think I'm the one who's really trying.

At that time, it was before the corona virus, so there were many phone calls for appointments to come to the store, but many of them were turned down.

I don't feel anything.

But he was different.

It's been a bit jarring, and it hasn't been hard, but it's opened the door to my own heart.

So I decided to ask him to come from Osaka around that time and talk to him.

When I actually met him, he was like that.

He was a badass.

I'm a little older than myself, but I felt like I was binging and crackling.

It's something you "work on for the rest of your life".

I feel that very much about what that person is involved in and creates, and without a doubt, I think that this kind of thing cannot exist in today's world unless that person is doing it.

I think it's wonderful to create things by desperately facing each other, and I think that only a limited number of people can do that.

The person himself is also very desperate, and although I say it myself, I am also desperate.

Desperate and desperate face each other, burning high in the sky.

That's why I decided to deal with what that person produces from time to time.

It has already been seen by customers at stores for many seasons, and fortunately it continues to be sold out at any time.

On top of that, the impact of the corona wreck has now been beautifully received, and sometimes it doesn't reach at all.

Exactly, I think that the thing of the brand is the product that the person spends his or her life creating, and that person is reflected in such a high concentration as to be indescribable.

It seems that he originally lived in the Netherlands or somewhere, but he returned to Japan at a turning point in his life.

Now, I don't think the scale is large yet, but I think I'm able to move the hearts of the Japanese people.

Also, until now, our shop has only dealt with specific items in the regular line, but we have been able to talk with that person more than ever before.

This time, the person entered the high concentration and "dwelled" insanely, but in addition to that, I myself was also very "dwelled".

It may not be a silly thing that can shoot everyone's heart, but the quality guarantees to satisfy everyone's heart.

This time, I aimed for something in a genre that everyone had seen, but had never seen before. In many ways.

Or rather, rather than aiming for something I've never seen before, or something that doesn't exist in the world, I persistently conveyed my thoughts.

And so, I wanted to draw a picture myself, and embody the direction my heart was aiming for and the direction it should go.

I wonder if it's been more than a year since I've been planning this time.

This is something that cannot be done quickly and easily.

Still, I think we were able to create something that our hearts dwelled in.


Vladimir-san in Russia, a team of several people in the workshop, and above all, Izumi-san, who lives in Osaka.

I wonder if I was able to create something that combined what Izumi-san and Izumi-san and Izumi-san and Izumi-san wanted to pursue.

We will reveal it in the near future.

I will introduce you later.

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