White cashmere "BODHI"

Today, let me introduce a cashmere sweater brand. "BODHI". Our three pillars of knitwear are MOTHER HAND artisan, The Inoue Brothers, and BODHI. MOTHER HAND artisan uses a hand knitting machine to make sweaters that surpass humans and are God-level. The Inoue Brothers is the world's best alpaca sweater that is friendly to all humans and the universe, created with the people of the Andes in Peru. And BODHI. It is a brand that specializes only in cashmere, which is the "King of Textiles". What's more, it's designed to make the most of the fiber characteristics of white cashmere, so it's not used casually, and is basically worn every day. That's the way of thinking, so it's made with specifications that can withstand that use. In the first place, everyone thinks that cashmere is a high-class material and a good fiber, but that is definitely not the case. In the world, there are quite a few mass-market clothes that use only the positive image of cashmere, but in fact, cashmere has a strict quality according to the fineness of the fiber. There are 10 ranks. In general, cashmere clothing with a price that can be easily obtained is very thick even if it is made from cashmere goats, and it is only cashmere in name. Even compared to wool, which ranks highly on a scale of 5, wool is superior to cashmere, which is not a superior grade. It's a problem because it's a reality and it's flooded like a matter of course. Because of the price, genuine cashmere quality becomes difficult to appreciate. Of course, a decent quality product will be priced appropriately, but I think what you get is more than that. BODHI BODHI CASHMERE HIGH GAUSE KNIT material_WHITE CASHMERE 100% color_BROWN size_0,1,2 High gauge cashmere sweater. High gauge means fineness of the eyes. Roughly speaking. Because of the fineness of the mesh, the thread that is a bundle of fibers is also thin, and I think that normally it will be a thin sweater. Normally. However, BODHI thought. Quality that can be worn every day. A knitted fabric that is more than twice as thick as the flesh of high-gauge sweaters that exist in the world. What's more, we use 100% naive cashmere wool from "Inner Mongolia", which is said to be the highest quality cashmere in the world. Tukir's undyed cashmere, which I introduced the other day, is also this white cashmere, but it has a fineness that is close to the phantom vicuña of "God's fiber". Inner Mongolia has the most extreme daily temperature difference in the world, with a staggering 70 degrees difference between day and night. Inner Mongolian cashmere goats live there. That's also because you're spending your time naked, as human beings call it. You've never seen a goat wearing a down jacket, have you? A cashmere goat living in a place that even enlightened hermits beyond humans can't stand. Because they live there, they are covered with hair that is adapted to survive in that ultra-harsh environment. However, when it comes to the class of cashmere hair that BODHI and Tukir use, not all the hair from the whole body can be used. Only Ubu hair that has been carefully combed with a comb and sorted. Using that total weight of the best part, I'm making a sweater. Well, the comfort of being wrapped, the touch of the skin, the softness, the sliminess, and the proper heat retention power as if you were always using lukewarm water. No matter which one you choose, it's impressive quality that exceeds everyone's satisfaction. I think everyone can guess the level of BODHI by looking at the fineness of the eyes and the size of the drape. After all, no matter how good the material is, you don't like clothes that are too delicate and you have to be careful about wearing them, or that wearing them has a negative effect. I also think that clothes shine only when they are used a lot. It is BODHI that transcends there with ease. As I mentioned earlier, the amount of cashmere fiber used is not insignificant, and of course it can be washed at home. Furthermore, it comes with an after-sale that you can receive a care course proposed by the brand. It's a material that doesn't deteriorate even after 10, 30, or 50 years. real cashmere. And there's a reason brands only use white cashmere. That's coloring. Since the original fiber is white, we can achieve the color that the brand is aiming for by using a method that does not change the quality of the fiber as much as possible. That's why the brown that we carry at our store this time is not too deep and has a slightly casual look. If you want to create a brown color, I think it's customary to make it a deep dark brown, but BODHI is not that. The material is too high-end, so I didn't make it a straight high-class color. This is also very characteristic. That's why there are such shades of pink, yellow, and green in the brand's lineup. I'm tired of always being the best, so just the colors are a little more casual. But the material is ultra-level. So, every day okay. That is the aim of BODHI. It is neat in terms of making. This is the same 100% cashmere rib. You have fine eyes. This rib touch is also gross. Attachment of this rib is linking finely by hand like this. This is the sleeve. Sleeves are also usually joined with seams on the back of the ribs. Sewing linking by hand sewing. This eliminates any clutter. A gentle tug reveals the hand-stitched seams inside. this is the back. There is a slight seam allowance for the linking on the back to join the parts together, but it is so small that it is not noticeable at all. If the seam allowance for these parts becomes zero, the price of cashmere will be unaffordable. The edges of the fabric are processed with . In general knitwear, this part is often processed with a lock perforation. If you overlock the seams, the seams will become stiffer, which is a concern for the selfish body. However, BODHI carefully processes the edges of all parts from the beginning to reduce the seams where they are joined. well done sleeve. Fine linking and flat seamers are also placed in suitable places to stop stretching. I'm wearing a size 1. BODHI is characterized by its oversized cashmere sweater, so it is assumed that you will wear it with this much room. After that, the top and bottom sizes of this size 1 are 0 and 2. I'm fine with 0 Well, for this brand, it's up to the owner how they want to wear it, so I'll leave the size choice to you. BODHI BODHI BABY CASHMERE EXTRA SNOOD material _ BABY CASHMERE color_BEIGE size_ONE And this also appeared. To further heights of cashmere. The highest fineness of cashmere. "baby cashmere" This is the strongest cashmere in the world. Until I met Mr. Mizutani of BODHI, I had never even heard of the existence of "baby cashmere." It is a sensitive part of the human body. to the neck. It's named snood, but it's a neck warmer that feels loose. It is designed to be double layered so that it has an affinity with BODHI's clothes, and the amount is firmly taken, and it gently snuggles up to the neck. You have fine eyes and you look really comfortable. It is a feeling of wearing that does not betray at all. Since the fabric is folded back, A side is placed on both sides. The joints are also carefully processed. It's a beautiful process. BODHI BODHI BABY CASHMERE EXTRA SNOOD material _ BABY CASHMERE color_BROWN size_ONE Also this color. Brown close to reddish wine. I make small items with colors that are not available in sweaters. This is because I want it to be worn all the time in the colder months, to avoid having too strong a shade that looks like it would inevitably get in the way of the outfit. That's why I think it's a color that goes well with a lot of different things. Even those who have a little high hurdles with sweaters should be able to feel the ultra cashmere quality with this product. Take a look at BODHI.
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