made a belt

For the past few years, we have not had any belts for men in our stores, as I think our regular customers will understand.

Or rather, I visited the exhibition of a brand that has been making belts for many years, and I was considering handling it.

People who came to the store often asked me if I had any belts, so I thought about handling it even if it was a compromise, but I wasn't quite convinced, and as a result, I couldn't accept it. However, such a compromise would not turn out to be a good one, and after preparing the best one, I wanted the customer to consider it.

I've been thinking about that for many years, and at that time I heard that Mr. Matsui of Nobuyuki Matsui, who makes clothes, would try "white tanned leather" for his collection, so I asked him to make it at that time. but,

Double-sided long white tanned leather ring belt


As a theme, young people around the age of 18 are hanging canvas gacha belts made of acrylic or cotton. I made it with the aim of creating a non-luxury-looking “non-dyed white leather” with double-sided tension while maintaining its shape.

That was a year ago.

That's why I really like it, and it's a single piece of leather with no parts that are inherited on both sides, and the price is 28,600 yen including tax, so I think I've made a good balance with the price. world.

Moreover, the original story was a cheap gacha belt-like hanging figure, so I think I was able to create something that doesn't look like much.

It was sold in the form of an event, but thanks to that, we were blessed with people who could sympathize with us, and we were all sold out during the period.

So, unless you're a belt enthusiast, I don't think you'd normally buy multiple belts. It may be that the person is not coming, but at least I feel that the person I talk to on a daily basis rarely buys a belt.

Before I had Mr. Matsui of Nobuyuki Matsui make a belt for me, I used a simple and strong bridle leather belt for about 10 years, and I imagine that everyone is the same.

However, as a clothing store, I now collect the best items from all over the world, and I am proud that I have become able to select at a higher level than I did 3 or 5 years ago, and I am grateful for your support. I hope to see you every day.

Therefore, it is only natural that there should be no lies or compromises in what we prepare. I write what I cannot tell you.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are just fashion, but we don't think of them as "just fashion". I'm thinking

Even in Japan, which is the world's largest fashion market, information about clothes is so frivolous that it is prevalent. think.

That's part of the reason, and I simply like ``things that people put their whole lives into earnestly making'', so I want to convey the ``deep truth'' of clothes as my role.

Also, when I make things other than brand collections, I think it is an absolute requirement to prepare something that people will say, "This is it." I know people won't be able to move their hearts at all if it's something ordinary. smile

So even though there was a shortage of belts, I didn't think I should force myself to have one, and I knew I didn't need the belts I've seen everywhere.

But even if it changes too much, there is no scene to use it.

So the balance of everything was very, very, very important.

However, due to the nature of leather, it is not something that anyone can talk to, nor can it be asked.

Well, while I was thinking about it and not thinking about it, I suddenly remembered that there was a leather in front of me that I really liked.

One is the "white tanned leather" I mentioned earlier.

The other is "Cord Van Bat"

cordovan bat...

...This is it. and.

I think that those who can understand it will understand.

Leather that can only be found here.

Leather that only these people use.

This is it.

I had a flash.

We talked right away.

From there, I said something sudden and unreasonable.

In addition, I added another option to insert my favorite leather.

"Transparent cow leather" = see-through cowhide

I think this is a good thing that only we can do.

Moreover, depending on how you use it, you can also use it as a standard.

But it's not ordinary.

I think we will be able to show it soon.

The sample. smile

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