Hand Thorn Shoes "FEIT"

Today, let me introduce FEIT for the first time in a while. A New York brand that is hand-sewn by skilled shoe craftsmen in a small Taiwanese shoe workshop that can give form to 100% of the designer's ideas. All FEIT shoes are "benchmade". Benchmade is a word unique to shoes, but it refers to a single craftsman who is in charge of all the processes for a pair of shoes, and that one person produces them from beginning to end. We do this with all of our shoes, and the finished shoes look as if they've gone through such a "benchmade" process. That is unique to FEIT. Even from a global perspective, bench-made shoes made with that vector can only exist in FEIT, making it a very rare shoe brand on a cosmic level. FEIT Lugged Runner material _ suede (elk leather) process_handsewn color_grey size_40(25cm),41(26cm),42(27cm),43(28cm) this. Sneakers with a structured look. But actually, they are hand sewn shoes. The upper is made of fine suede leather with a one-piece structure. This suede is elk leather, which is elk leather. This leather has many advantages such as toughness and lightness, but this is also a rare leather unique to FEIT. In order to add the essence of the outdoors, which is the keyword of this year's FEIT, water-resistant rubber tape is wrapped around, leather welt is sewn with edge stitching, and rubber midsole. and, Vibram sole. But look carefully. The FEIT logo stands out beneath the yellow brand name of Vibram. yes. The original sole jointly developed with Vibram supports your feet. I have only seen FEIT with the brand logo on this Vibram sole. Balenciaga had collaborated with Vibram before, but I wonder if it also had the brand logo in parallel like this? ? Normally, even if you can use Vibram soles, you shouldn't be allowed to line up with the world's Vibram companies, but FEIT has gone beyond that. It is a sole that cannot be found in other brands even if it is considered globally. It's a power sole that instantly makes you understand the global position of FEIT. smile Also, Midorikawa, which will be available at our store this season, is also collaborating with Vibram. It's also an amazing looking shoe, but it seems to be the second Japanese brand after Soloist. Those will be released all over the country at a later date, so I'll see you later. Well, the feeling of firmly gripping the ground, durability, and high resilience of this jointly developed sole with Vibram are outstanding, but the midsole of the heel has a cork layer, which is also a feature of FEIT. The cork is finely carved, but the brand's original theory is based on how it fits the foot from the heel. This is the side view. Overall, no unnecessary stitchwork is included. It is a leather that can be cut off, and the edges of the leather are carefully processed, and since it is a shoe with a hand-sewn structure that does not use a sewing machine, the hand sewn is only in the necessary places and in the necessary amount. Structure. The back style is also very constructive. The heel strap is made of thick cordovan leather folded in two. Rubber tape wrapped around the sides of the shoe is sewn by hand at the heel. Cordovan leather on elk leather, welt leather tape on rubber, cork sole, hand-sewn stitching. Everything is built with intention, but the material contrast is very strong, and it is a pair of shoes with a firm expression. Welt stitching work that is impossible to put so close to the upper with machine sewing. The single piece of leather on the upper is hung to create a three-dimensional effect, and it is also cut into the upper body and the shoe tongue, and hand-stitched where reinforcement is required. The shoelaces that come with the shoelaces are waxed cotton flat laces that are stiff and difficult to tie at first, but once you get used to them, they become easy to tie and difficult to untie. When you look at the details one by one, you can feel that they have put a lot of effort into their shoes, but at first glance, you can't see that in the FEIT shoes. When it comes to shoes made with this kind of vector, I think there are many dresses these days, but FEIT is not that. It's hand-sewn and takes time to make, but I don't think it looks like it. It's natural for dress shoes and leather shoes, but I think even that is already saturated. Generally speaking, when are you going to wear shoes that look so beautiful?I don't think you should wear a suit, but when you combine it with clothes, only your feet are gorgeous and you can't help but lose. Basically, we do not handle shoes that only look beautiful like that. I find it attractive to be able to feel more and more depth from the shoes, one step or two steps. That's why FEIT is also hand-sewn and hand-stitched. It's not that I don't mean that it's actually durable, and that kind of time-consuming process is actually wearing it, and I'm sure it will be better after half a year, a year, or three years from when it's brand new. The feeling of being there and the ease of walking are greatly improved. It would be even better if it was a sneaker that you can wear without hesitation due to its nature. I would like you to experience the depth of the hand-sewn and time-consuming products to your heart's content. And FEIT shoes come with such accessories. Exactly as pictured. Signature of the craftsman who made the shoe, cork insole, care guide, shoe storage bag, and shoelace. The shoelaces come with a thick and strong leather version that matches the color of the main body, so you can change to this. and, FEIT Utility Hiker material_semi-cordvan process_norwegian color_black size_40(25cm),41(26cm),42(27cm),43(28cm) here. Boots type FEIT shoes for the first time in our shop. The upper body is cordovan leather with the name semi-cordovan, which is the face of FEIT. Due to its characteristics, it is stronger and features a finer leather quality, and you can fully enjoy the changes over time. What's more, the leather is tanned with full vegetable tannins, so it is hard at first and requires a process of "getting used", but when it becomes the owner's leather, you can enjoy a completely different world. With that as the main body, the manufacturing method this time is "Norwegian Welt". It is a manufacturing method that makes it possible to create a shoe that is unbelievably simple and sturdy by wrapping an L-shaped leather welt tape and sewing the body and the welt, and the welt and the sole separately. Therefore, it is obvious that it seems to be sturdy no matter how anyone looks at it. And of course this Norwegian sewing is also hand-sewn. Of course, you can also change the sole, and you can even go to the forest with this. It is the manufacturing method with the durability of the best part. this. The semi-cordovan leather has the potential to change, and the welt tape and midsole in natural colors. Anyway, I think everyone likes the appearance of wearing it, tanning, and transforming. However, all mountain boots like this one had a voluminous form. until now. But FEIT is not. It's slender but has a sharp form with a three-dimensional effect. So don't go out of style. This sense of balance is wonderful. After all, the last is good. There are only wooden molds made by masters. Such a sense unique to overseas brands. This is also a whole cut style of FEIT's single leather as before. It's very difficult to see in the photo, so I apologize, but the processing of the edge of the sole is also neat and perfect. This kind of side processing is also very important. A leather midsole is tucked under the L-shaped welt, but rubber is placed where the foot flexes. In the Norwegian welt, the flexing of the shoe inevitably feels stiff, so the flexing part of the shoe is made of rubber to prevent it from becoming excessively stiff. This is great for walking. It is a thoughtful specification. And this is also Vibram sole with FEIT as before. The outsole is a testament to the robustness of this shoe. The heel height is 3.5 cm, which is unique to such a sole. No longer a lump of security. Cut-off tongue and padded collar. Suede leather is placed to gently hold the ankle softly. Whole-cut, one-piece leather upper sewn by hand at the heel. The Norwegian manufacturing method gives you a sense of security right from the start, but the potential of these shoes is only after you wear them. You will definitely feel the hardness of the insole when it is brand new, but due to the weight of your body, the heat from your feet, and the sweat, it will naturally conform to the owner's foot and wrap around it, improving to an extent you cannot imagine from the beginning. Comfortable to wear. This is an extraordinary level of change. That's why it's a bench-made in hand sewn. The name of the craftsman in charge is also handwritten on the back of the shoe tongue. Unfortunately I can't read it. As expected, shoes are the same for FEIT, PETROSOLAUM, AFOUR, and Post Production. I think it's best to use something that can be repaired and used for a long time, instead of throwing it away once the sole wears out. Well, the sole does not decrease easily. There is an initial price hurdle, but if you can overcome that, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience. However, FEIT shoes, The Lugged Runner introduced earlier is \69,000-(+tax) with all hands. This Norwegian Utility Hiker is \76,000-(+tax). This is a price break. The concept of handshone changes, and based on my experience, Norwegian boots usually cost about 130,000 yen, so this is crazy. To be frank, you can't find genuine Norwegian boots that are so well made at this price outside of FEIT. This is amazing. If you like shoes, I'm sure you'll be surprised if you take a look. Even if you raise the bar, the quality of the shoes will surpass you, so please look forward to it.
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