Slip-on type PETROSOLAUM

At the end of last year, on December 29th or 30th, Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM contacted me and told me that the shoes I had ordered for the 21SS season were ready. The original schedule was to deliver it around February, but it was completed just one earlier. That's why the new year has just begun, so I let them in right away. These slip-on style shoes with the name kung fu are the first to be made by the brand. PETROSOLAUM kung fu(MENS SHOES) color_BLACK size_39,40,41 PETROSOLAUM kung fu(MENS SHOES) color_GRAY size_39,40,41 These shoes use a leather upper called tender cowhide. As you can see, there are no shoe laces, and the shoes look pretty neat, but I think they are very versatile with clothes. this. There is no string on the upper, and the stitches are completely unexposed when viewed from the front. Therefore, I think that the three-dimensional effect of this form can be seen very conspicuously. Also, the sole is the most minimal specification and press style, depending on the vector that this shoe aims for. The specifications of the upper and the structure of the sole make it look simple, but the sole power of this slip-on shoe is amazing. It is a three-dimensional "standing" shoe that I have never seen in slip-on type shoes like this. That should be it. These slip-ons use the shoe tree of the brand's highest peak line "03 LAST". So, in terms of construction, it's not so complicated that it faints in agony, but it achieves a completely different level of fitting to the feet than slip-ons that exist in general. You can really feel the difference between "shoes with three-dimensional structure" and "shoes with two-dimensional structure". I myself like things that are relatively squishy one by one, so I often pick up such things. I tend to choose shoes, but I always thought that there are people who choose shoes as one of the styles of clothes. However, I had a heart that I wanted to sell only things that I was satisfied with, so I couldn't handle half-baked things. At that time, Mr. Ogino of PETROSOLAUM showed me the depth of his heart. The upper rises as you go from the toe to the opening. Completely asymmetrical shape on the left and right sides of the foot. I can't say it's irresponsible to go with any outfit, but this look will work for a certain range. The color is a fresh black with an overflowing luster, Gray with green peeking out from the depths and closer to khaki. The pile of leather on the heel is also carefully processed, and there is no distortion or misalignment, and it does a good job. By the way, the heel has a firm angled "flat edge" finish, but the waist to toe is a soft nuanced "round edge". The heel has a non-slip rubber, so you can wear it as is. The other is the Japanese traditional craft "pace (wooden nails)" that PETROSOLAUM has adopted as a Japanese shoe brand. It is a specification that imitates the technique of assembling with wooden nails used in old paulownia chests. The hole in the heel, which is a proof of hand fishing, is still alive. Also, since there is no heel counter, it is a good setting to step on the heel. However, with shoes that you can normally wear with your heel stepped on, when you don't step on your heel, your feet will float up and you may feel uncomfortable. However, this has a rubber-wrapped leather on the opening of the heel. By doing so, it eliminates the discomfort that shoes do not follow when walking. And the heel part eliminates the counter, and only the heel is switched so that the leather can be folded. It is a design that combines functionality with one accent in appearance. Well done. You can't see the stitching from the front, but you can see the fine stitching as you go to the heel. As you can see from the photo above, the stitching on the upper is zero, while the stitching on the heel is visible everywhere. PETROSOLAUM's unique shoe specifications allow you to show various expressions in one pair. This kind of thing is not so much. gray. and black. There is no half size setting for this shoe due to its structure. But compared to the strict size selection of other PETROSOLAUM shoes, there is no problem in choosing a size that is a little more relaxed. However, due to the shape of the shoe, these shoes are extremely three-dimensional, so if you are unsure of which size to choose, please choose the smaller size instead of the larger one. There is also the stretch of leather. Size 39, which was introduced for the first time this season, is around 24.5cm. 40 is around 25.5cm. 41 is around 26.5 cm. But please choose this according to the "actual size of the foot", not the size of the sneaker. To put it bluntly, if you measure the vertical length of your feet with a tape measure, you'll be able to figure out the proper size. At first, it's a good size to feel like your feet are small. There are many slip-on shoes in the world, but I think there are very few shoes that are as three-dimensional and well thought out as this one. When it comes to leather shoes, you often see "Kigata" or "LAST", and I think you can clearly feel the difference in quality. It's still cold, but it might be good for spring and summer styles. The price is ¥43,000-(+tax). Built on this quality, price break. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you like it, please take a look.
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