"Notice" BODHI Event

The event with Graphpaper that I told you about yesterday.

It will start on Saturday, October 8th, but the cashmere knit brand BODHI will also be held at the same time.

Since its brand debut four years ago, BODHI has held this event together with Graphpaper.

So BODHI will be the 4th time in a row for 4 years.

Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the store on the first day, all day on the 8th (Sat), and until the evening of the 9th (Sun).

BODHI's knitwear is made from the downy hair of the amazing "white" cashmere goat, which lives in a specific area of ​​China called "Inner Mongolia", while there are various types such as fineness and color.

The quality of the raw materials is perfect, but what kind of products are we aiming for?

No matter what season you wear it in, except for summer, it will always envelop you in a natural warmth that makes you feel as if you are bathing in lukewarm water. Whether you're outside or inside.

As a brand, we call it the "ultimate daily wear", but rather than a knit that you only wear once in a while, BODHI is for every day.

An image like this.

Knit is not a delicate knit, but a tough, long-lasting and comfortable knit that can be worn every day.

That's the brand.

BODHI has already received the items that we have ordered for this autumn/winter, but we kept them all for this period, so we will be able to comfortably enjoy the cold winter. We will release a lineup of BODHI where you can spend time.

Also, until now, we have been accepting orders for heavyweight knitwear during events, but this time we are planning to accept orders for "high gauge" knitwear, which we have never handled before.

So it is suitable for other than winter season.

Generally, it will be around mid-February when I can give it to those who have ordered it. Because it is thin with high gauge.

We will be accepting orders for 3 days: 8th (Sat), 9th (Sun) and 10th (Mon), when Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the shop.

I think the way you choose will change depending on whether you consider the winter in front of you or assume the seasons that circulate every year.

Also take a look at the BODHI lineup.

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