Yesterday, I introduced DAN TOMIMATSU's ENLINK, but today, "DISSOLVE" This is a super masterpiece created by DAN TOMIMATSU with craftsmen in Kyoto. Well, I introduced how the DISSOLVE collection is made the other day, so it would be nice if you could see it. The series of collections called DISSOLVE is very singular. We have not dealt with items with the name "work" at our store. But this DISSOLVE can be called a "work", and I think it's very close. I think there are various definitions of "artwork", and it's something that a person who is said to be a kind of artist creates with his own hands, a mass of O*nee-like self-awareness. That's how I interpret it, so DAN TOMIMATSU's DISSOLVE is not a "work" if you think about it that way. However, the reason why I think it's infinitely close to that is that even though it's done by human hands and "aiming" for the completed form, there is an element of uncertainty. It's good, isn't it? It's like, "I made something that wasn't what I was aiming for." That's how irresponsible I am. That's what I think. I (creator) had an image like this, but when I tried it, it turned out like this, so that's it. yes. This is the work. Like. That kind of shallow water thing was really amazing. It's just a coincidence, it's just a coincidence, and it's said that luck is part of your ability, but you can't do well in the world of higher realms if it's a matter of skill. There are many things that make me feel deaf. Because no human being is amazing. There are people who are making amazing things, but that is the very challenge of their life. Well, I'm off topic, but... "DISSOLVE" by DAN TOMIMATSU. When you look at this series in chronological order from the production process to the completion, the craftsmen form it until the middle process. And "melting" from there. melting process. Base, SILVER 925 or K18 YELLOW GOLD. The craftsmen intentionally create an environment that melts only the metal mixed with it. But that's it. The road to melt the metal is a zone only God knows. When the mixed metal is melted, the physical properties are not achieved instantaneously, and some cannot be "completed". The key to this is the craftsman's "sense" of mixing, the "shape" of mixing, and the "artificial natural environment" of the melting process. Then, the melted "individuals" enter the rigorous eyes of the world's leading jewelry craftsmen, which DAN TOMIMATSU is proud of. This craftsman is an ultra-specialist in his field, and it is said that he actually makes famous jewelry that everyone knows. Then again, DAN TOMIMATSU's standards are very, very strict. Unlike clothes, it's a small thing. jewelry. That's why there are endless, detailed and meticulous checks. First, the base metal and another metal are mixed, sometimes shaped, melted, and then carefully inspected and finished too beautifully. It's a small piece of jewelry, but it takes a lot of time and effort to complete it, and the brains of Mr. Dan of DAN TOMIMATSU and the wisdom and skills of jewelry craftsmen have faced it. A wonderful product with a sense of tension and sharpness is created. Something like "hand cut". These are the words of Mr. Inamori, the founder of Kyocera. smile This is exactly what I think of as a "work" that crosses over humans and nature. Such an existence is impossible other than DAN TOMIMATSU's DISSOLVE. I think DISSOLVE RECTANGULAR RING material_SILVER 925 finish_RUDE size _ #1?#25 (can be ordered in increments of 1) this. The entire surface is a "DISSOLVE" RECTANGULAR RING. Among all RECTANGULAR RINGs, no one has the same face, and even within one ring, the shape, undulations, and cavities are different depending on the location. The intricate appearance is difficult to create by human hands alone, and it is exactly the appearance of a natural phenomenon. With this many undulations, it has a far depth beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, so far that you can see it all the time. The surfaces and lines of SILVER 925 that look like they are folded over and over again. The biggest feature of this DISSOVE RECTANGULAR RING is the repeated repetition of hollows and ring contours. This is the first RUDE finish with a matte finish. This is how you wear it. The power of the thickness, width and shape of the ring itself is amazing. So I think it's suitable for thick fingers. No matter where you look at it, I think that anyone can see that there is power. DISSOLVE RECTANGULAR RING material_SILVER 925 Finish_POLISHED size _ #1?#25 (can be ordered in increments of 1) This is POLISHED, which is a polished version of the matte RUDE I mentioned earlier. When it looks matte, it has a heavy, old-fashioned texture, but when it's polished, you can really see the undulations that are unique to DISSOLVE from the brilliance of the base metal. The remaining silver surface is shiny, and the RUDE finish has a different atmosphere that makes it hard to believe it is the same. Whether it's a polished POLISHED finish or a matte RUDE finish, the same level of brilliance awaits you after years of wearing it. Are you going to bring out the dullness with your own hands? This process of change is the prerogative of the owner. It's obvious. oh yeah. At the store, this RECTANGULAR RING has POLISHED in this photo, which is No. 17, and RUDE finishes, No. 15, No. 17, No. 19, and No. 21. For the DISSOLVE series, the concept of "samples" does not exist. So, of course, if you want it, you can place an order, and if you look at the actual item and find something that fits perfectly, including the size, we will sell the actual item as it is. However, you can order sizes in increments of 1, so it is important to choose your size strictly. That's all there is to it. This is POLISHED. There are clear areas where light is reflected when worn and areas where it is not. I think you can feel how strong it is. This area is a world of masterpieces that only DISSOLVE has. Well, clothes are a completely different way of thinking. It's not like it's new or vintage. In the first place, the idea for DISSOLVE came from ornaments that had been buried underground for thousands of years. "Thousands of years". For example, when it comes to clothes, there are things like used processing and worn-out processing. However, even if you say that, the limit is 5 years, 10 years, or at most 100 years, even with jeans that have been shaken off. DISSOLVE is "thousands of years old" even though it's not a worn-out process. You've never heard of that, have you? A time axis that can't be achieved with clothes. It's an easy-to-understand and easy-to-understand word, but in terms of "uniqueness", I don't think anyone can do the same thing, and for the owner, everything is "unique" I think there is enough special feeling to do. This RECTANGULAR RING is 96,800 yen (tax included) for SILVER 925 and 363,000 yen (tax included) for K18 YELLOW GOLD. DISSOLVE SIGNET RING material_SILVER 925 finish_RUDE size _ #5?#18 (can be ordered in increments of 1) This is the SIGNET RING. For thousands of years, the signet ring has been a symbol of the gentleman. Since ancient times, it is the only ornament that men are allowed to wear. And this SIGNET RING is also a symbol of the brand at DAN TOMIMATSU. Only the vertex of the ring is "DISSOLVE". Only that part "melts out", and undulations and cavities are born. this. Of course, the completed form is different one by one, but the light enters from the melted cavity. Only the apex of the ring possesses an extremely complex shape. Exactly, this is "craft". The part that wraps and snuggles up to the finger base and the undulations as a symbol. In the presence of a small ring, "a world that is only here" appears. Forms and cavities that take your breath away and catch everyone's eye. I don't think such a thing exists. This one has a matte RUDE finish. Since it is a signet ring, it was originally worn on the little finger of the left hand. So, that's all for now. It may be better to bring it cleanly and straight to your little finger. Well, it's up to the owner's discretion. I wear a PT900 mat on my ring finger, and even SILVER 925 is as good as platinum. This is amazing. After all, I felt that with other rings, SILVER 925 would lose to platinum, but this is not the case. The reason is completely the aura emitted from the DISSOLVE ring. DISSOLVE SIGNET RING material_SILVER 925 Finish_POLISHED size _ #5?#18 (can be ordered in increments of 1) This is a polished POLISHED. As was the case with the RECTANGULER RING I mentioned earlier, you can clearly feel the unique texture. Especially when it comes to SIGNET RING. A look that feels deep enough to be sucked in at any moment. This is amazing. It is very carefully polished and shines beautifully. No matter how many times I look at it, I can feel the "fantastic" expression that is impossible with human hands alone. The SIGNET RING has a solid thickness, but it does not have sharp corners and has rounded sides, so you can wear it on thin fingers without discomfort. I think that the power of the whole is increasing as much as there is shine of polishing. The SIGNET RING has an impression that you can get used to it when it's matte, but when it's polished, it's even stronger. Please try both and choose. And finally, this. DISSOLVE SIGNET RING material _ K18 YELLOW GOLD Finish_POLISHED size _ #5?#18 (can be ordered in increments of 1) A super masterpiece. K18 YELLOW GOLD boasts space-level specialty. In a way, if you get this, you can say that it is complete. No, on the contrary, is it a start? But it will go beyond a certain point. After all, when it comes to K18, it is even more special. I wonder if this is what can be called "the highest point of symbolism" now. Time, air, bodily sensations, all of which exist in a completely unexperienced world. Cells in the brain explode and are renewed to a new stage. However, when you put it on your finger, it gently snuggles up to the skin of your finger. However, it emits an aura of the best part of the masterpiece. I think that's the scenery that the top of the DISSOLVE collection has. There are only a handful of things in this universe that can take you to such a strong world. Welcome to a very special world. Amazing luxury. Regarding SIGNET RING, SILVER 925 is \143,000- (tax included) and K18 YELLOW GOLD is \481,800- (tax included). The price is also a price, but please experience the realm that only this SIGNET RING has. If you like it, please take a look.
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