desertic EXHIBITION now being held

Desertic event starting this Saturday.

Today, on Sunday, we had previously announced that a "sales partner store" would be present at the store, so the number of customers coming to the store was temporarily extremely high, and we were unable to speak to them at all for a while. Thank you to all the customers who came to our store and took a look.

The first Saturday and Sunday has ended, and the event period begins tomorrow with weekdays and the second Saturday and Sunday.

I'm sure some of you are seeing it for the first time, but I'm very happy to see that it's not just the eye-catching appearance in the photo, but that when you see it in real life, you can feel the overwhelming awesomeness that will leave you in agony. Masu.

The pipe chair is sold out, but you can still choose from large and small tote bags and PC cases that can be used as shoulder bags, each with their own individuality.

Herman Miller's rocking chair and shell chair are still alive and well.

There is one more week left, so if you are able to watch it, please experience the overwhelming world of desertic.

Ah, that's right.

At the store, we also have The Inoue Brothers lined up all at once, and MOTHER HAND artisan GENT sweaters.

MOTHER HAND artisan GENT had multiple pieces produced, but size 6 is already sold out and size 5 is almost out of stock.

In addition to desertic, there are quite a lot of other items in the store, so please take a look there as well.

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