Starting tomorrow "desertic EXHIBITION"

As previously announced, the event will last for 9 days from tomorrow, November 18th (Saturday) to November 26th (Sunday).

We will be holding a desertic EXHIBITION.

Up until now, our store has only sold clothes for events.

This time, I think everyone who comes to our store will be able to see something a little different than usual.

However, I think the spirituality that can be received not only from what is contained in things, but also from desertic things is overwhelming.

It's terrible, desertic.

Seriously, I think everyone should see it. Everyone.

The event will be held tomorrow, November 18th (Saturday), and as previously announced, on the second day, November 19th (Sunday), desertic sales partner stores will be in the store all day.

Please come and visit us with high expectations for this Desertic EXHIBITION.

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