Desertic EXHIBITION will be held for 9 days from November 18th (Sat) to November 26th (Sun).

Desertic, which I introduced a little the other day.

What artists create using primitive patchwork techniques.

A method that everyone knows is called "patchwork".

However, I don't think anyone is aware of the level of patchwork that the finished product has.

There is an "aura" that definitely exists there.

Desertic things created by thought and hand skill.

Patchwork items can be found everywhere, even at second-hand clothing stores.

Desertic is because the time and way of thinking that we have put into it is on a different level.

I also try to see many things around the world, but this desert one is completely different. not at all.

The item I introduced the other day was a tote bag, but during this period, in addition to small and large size tote bags, there are also Herman Miller shell chairs with desertic seats, rocking chairs, and pipe chairs.

My life is all about clothes, so when it comes to Herman Miller and furniture, I'm no match for professionals in that field. not at all.

I think there is a history of that genre and the trends of that genre over time, but unfortunately I only know what I can find if I do a quick search on the internet.

However, the Herman Miller chair at Desertic is overwhelming even for me, and I think it is an essential piece in getting people to know Taira-san as an artist.

More than 20 types of tote bags, both small and large, that we introduced the other day will be available for everyone to see.

We also have a bag with a shoulder strap that can be used as a PC case, and a silk scarf with a patchwork print.

I think you can see all kinds of things from desertic.

Our store holds some type of event almost every month, and we are very selective about the brands that host these events because they look like this.

So, seriously, everyone should see this.

See the real thing and hear my story.

After that, you'll be hooked. lol


Oh yeah, and it's the second day of the event, the 19th (Sunday), and on that day, Desertic's sales partner stores will be at the store all day.

Personally, I never dreamed that the day would come when I would be standing in a store with that person.

We believe that our customers, who have seen the various clothes at our store, will be able to feel the greatness of desertic.

I would also like to introduce it on this blog.

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