It looks like a patchwork of old sweaters.


The original sweaters were made in different years and countries.

Rather than being thrown away, each item is passed around and passed into the hands of an "artist."

Then, it changes shape, becomes part of something else, is reborn, and passes to a new owner.

Some people may know this, but desertic.

A brand that has been evaluated over 10 years ago.

At that time, "liquid sweaters," sweaters that looked like part of the knit had liquefied and dripped, captured the hearts of some people, and along with that, clothes made of vintage sweaters were sold as patchworks. Accessories were also popular.

However, Mr. Taira of Desertic seems to have remained hidden from the trend of the fashion scene for the past 10 years.

However, now, 10 years later, we have a chance to introduce it to everyone at our store.

Vintage sweaters have their own unique colors and patterns.

As mentioned earlier, the sweaters were all made in different countries and from different eras.

By cutting such a sweater into a grid pattern and sewing it, it becomes one with another sweater.

Furthermore, it is attached to the base canvas fabric using interlining, and stitched endlessly from the bottom of the bag to the opening at the top.

This eliminates the pilling and snags that are typical of sweaters, resulting in an unexpectedly durable bag.

Even the ones that were made 10 years ago and continued to be used still retain their original appearance, with the surface retaining the dry texture unique to wool.

One person's words really fit my heart.

I think of Mr. Taira of Desertic as an "artist" rather than a designer.


I think everyone can easily imagine a bag like this, but of course it's a one-of-a-kind item.

I think some people might say that it's art or a work, including the sense of color.

However, I think desertic does have elements of a work of art, but I also think it has the element of a tool to use, in other words, it also has the aspect of a product.

However, when you think about the fact that the same thing cannot exist, and when you look at the actual product, it doesn't feel like an industrial product at all.


As I said earlier, this bag series has been around for over 10 years.

In the words of someone mentioned earlier, he is not a designer, but an "artist."

That made a lot of sense to me.

To put it simply, a fashion designer is someone who creates something new every six months.

Artists aren't like that.

desertic had already created this series "10 years ago".

But looking at it now, it doesn't feel old, nor does it feel new.

I don't know anything about anything other than clothes, and my whole life has been focused on clothes, so I'm extremely ignorant, but I guess this feeling is similar to looking at a painting. That's what I think.

I don't think there is that kind of feeling when it comes to paintings, whether they are old or new.

desertic also "transcends time".

You can definitely feel that "aura" from the real thing.

To be frank, I believe that only a small number of Japanese people are able to create something that is truly amazing.

I think it's a difficult thing to do because of DNA. Mostly.

What Japanese designers can create is products. In many cases.

Well, among those products, I think that Yamauchi is the best in the world.

In our store, we write and introduce people who can create the best products on this blog, but when I saw desertic products, I thought of Mr. Sugihara of nonnotte, Mr. Watanabe of COTTLE, and Mr. Nagai of MOTHER HAND artisan. I felt like I was seeing something I was making for the first time.

Those people are also dangerous. lol

Hmm, but I guess it feels a little different from clothes. desertic ones.

The time axis that flows is different from that of clothes.

And the flowing air, the atmosphere it creates.

I'm doing something extremely physically elaborate, but the "aura" I feel comes from something outside of that category.

There are Japanese people who can create something like this. I was able to find out.

Things in this kind of field are truly "educational".

For me.

At desertic, we currently have large and small tote bags, but I think we will be able to introduce them in the future.

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