DAN TOMIMATSU's limited time event that we announced the other day.

As previously announced, the event will be held for nine days from April 6th (Saturday) to April 14th (Sunday) this weekend.

Yesterday, I picked up some of DAN TOMIMATSU's series and introduced them, and today I'd like to introduce another series.

What I would like to introduce today is something more powerful.


"Dissolve" = A word that means "to dissolve."

DAN TOMIMATSU makes truly amazing products, so some of the products I introduced yesterday are probably doing things that other brands can't imitate or see.

However, today's one is also bad.

There are customers who have seen and held our jewelry at past events and in stores, and I feel that they are always wearing it because of the power that this jewelry has. .

And I am truly one of them.

In my previous blog, I wrote that I always wear it when I go to work, and it is also from the DISSOLVE collection.

I always have a DISSOLVE ring on my left hand, index finger.

Of course, even now as I write this blog.

I've been wearing the ring for years now, so I have a good memory of the impression it gives, but I can't remember it clearly.

This is because it "goes beyond the category of artifacts."

I think this is a major feature of DISSOLVE.

I sometimes write about this on this blog, and some people say the same thing, but there is an absolute "regularity" in things that humans create, so-called "artificial objects."

For example, even if it is a printed pattern, if a human prepares the graphic, a "repeat" will always occur at some point.

No matter how complicated something is made to look, it cannot compete with the complexity that exists in nature.

It's not just limited to clothes.

I've used this as an example before, but the same goes for the road.

Whether it's a road or a country road, it's easy to memorize roads created by humans by driving through them a few times.

I think you can remember the buildings that border the road as well.

However, suppose you go into a mountain and walk through an unpaved mountain.

In that case, it would be difficult to remember the characteristics of a particular spot or the shape of the trees growing there, let alone a place you have visited once, or even a place you have visited several times.

This is because it is beyond the scope of human "rules."

The natural world contains many complexities that humans cannot create.

And the "DISSOLVE" collection.

This series is described as "things that stand on the border between humans and nature."

The original idea for "DISSOLVE" was "gold ornaments" excavated at the foot of an ancient pyramid.

The history and relationship between money and humanity is quite deep.

Gold has been valued by humans since the time when the concept of "percent" was not yet invented.

Therefore, unlike other precious metals, only gold can be expressed in the same way as 24 hours in a day, using the concept of "24 minutes".

That is why it is expressed as 18-karat gold or 14-karat gold.

Were the gold ornaments unearthed near the pyramids of Egypt used to be presented to kings in ancient times?

However, it seems to have some very unusual features.

"For some reason, there is a cavity only in one part."

At the time, it was thought to be made of pure gold.

However, because it has been buried underground for thousands of years, only a small amount of "impurities other than gold" contained in it melts away and disappears, making it difficult to make gold ornaments. It is said that a cavity was created in the area.

DAN TOMIMATSU's DISSOLVE collection focuses on the above-mentioned "disappearance phenomenon."

And a number of power pieces that perfectly completed this.


Rectangular Ring

this. An amazing power piece.

Rectangular Ring with irregular undulations and cavities in a K18 YELLOW GOLD ring.

front, back, side.

No matter where you look, no place is the same.

Each finished product has the characteristic of looking different.

Furthermore, the DISSOLVE series exhibits its unique characteristics in terms of production.

"Craftsmen's hands are involved in the process up to a certain level, and beyond that, human hands cannot control it."

something like.

What do you mean.

As mentioned earlier, the DISSOLVE collection intentionally reproduces the "disappearance phenomenon of impurities" that occurs from gold that has been buried underground for thousands of years.

Craftsmen create rings by mixing K18 YELLOW GOLD and other metals (impurities).

At the same time, it also recreates the "environment" that causes impurities to dissolve.

These are things that humans can modify.

Then, the ring, which is a mixture of gold and other metals, is placed in a recreated environment.

I don't know how it will turn out from there. There is also the possibility that it may not be completed.


This DISSOLVE collection is a series in which even the craftsmen who create DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry start making 10 pieces, and it is impossible to predict whether all 10 pieces will turn out to be complete pieces.

This is one of the reasons why it is described as ``something that stands at the boundary between humans and nature.''

I think this is similar to a piece of ceramic art.

I don't know anything about that kind of world, but even in pottery, when you put it in the kiln and fire it, some things end up cracking, and it doesn't mean that everything you put in the kiln will be finished. do not have. Isn't that what they say often?

This DISSOLVE is also like that.

Maybe 10 of the 10 pieces I made will turn into a proper shape.

On the other hand, even if you make 10 pieces, only one might be able to form properly.

The DISSOLVE collection is born through a process that is as close to a natural phenomenon as possible.

The expression of the finished product is extraordinary and ``extremely complex.''

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is difficult to remember the details of that look, even if you have worn it for many years.

This kind of appearance is also the reason why it is called "something that stands on the border between humans and nature."

And this one is the same Rectangular Ring in SILVER 925.

Earlier, it was K18 YELLOW GOLD.

On the other hand, SILVER 925.

When the brand developed the DISSOLVE collection, it was initially only available in 18K.

After that, SILVER 925 was completed.

The reason for this is the difference in "melting point".

It seems that K18 gold has a higher melting point, but SILVER 925 has a lower melting temperature than gold.

Therefore, it seems that a lot of further research and development was required to achieve the desired shape similar to K18.

In the photo, K18 YELLOW GOLD has a polished finish.

SILVER 925 has a matte finish called Rudo finish.

K18 has a deep charm that the gold continues to shine, but SILVER 925 gradually becomes more polished as you wear it.

I think SILVER 925 has a unique "heaviness" more when it's worn than when it's new.


As I mentioned earlier, this is the one I've been wearing for years.

At first, I was worried about it getting caught on my clothes due to its unique shape, but since I wash my hands regularly and have been wearing it for years, the corners have fallen off. It's becoming more rounded.

Also, it has turned blue-black, and I can feel the weight and dull light that the ring itself gives off.

Even at work, we spend a lot of time together, both good and bad.

It's a talisman for me.

The one on the left is new, and the one on the right is the one I'm wearing.

Both are the same Rectangular Ring, but they look completely different.

Also, everything can be finished with a different expression, and the shape of the undulations and cavities will also be different.

For the DISSOLVE series, there is no concept of "sample" for the reasons I briefly introduced earlier.

For this reason, we will have multiple types of individuals available during this period, so if the size fits you, you can take them home, but if the size does not fit, we will accept orders.

And here.

Signet Ring.

The signet ring is said to be the oldest ring in the world.

A signet ring was said to serve as the owner's identification, a seal, and was said to be unique to the owner.

At DISSOLVE, that role is perfect.

DISSOLVE's Signet Ring is based on the origin of the signet ring.

Its appearance is so captivating that it's hard to beat.

That's dangerous, isn't it?

And this is super dangerous.

Signet Ring K18 YELLOW GOLD.

The aura of the real thing is overwhelming. seriously.

The real thing's awesomeness is on a cosmic level, so much so that it's better if I don't write anything about it.

A divine ring.

And there are things like this.

Rectangular DISSOLVE earrings, Debris Pierce.

Earrings with circular DISSOLVE, Column Pierce.

In the photo, it is K18 YELLOW GOLD, but there is also a SILVER 925 one.

And next, this.


This series was unveiled for the first time at our store during last year's event.

A series that focuses on "MATERIAL".

All of the products we see on a daily basis, including DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry, are in a "completed" state.

This "MATERIA" is a collection that explores the trial and error process "until completion" and the "materials" that leave traces of the craftsmanship.

In other words,...

The "beauty" of the material itself that only craftsmen have seen until now = "material beauty"

Jewelry that expresses

CUT BANGLE represents the process of cutting a solid SILVER 925 cylinder and making it into a bangle.

A bangle made by cutting a cylinder, carving only both cross sections, and polishing it.

It looks as if the weight and texture of the material were expressed as they are.

The coldness and weight of the metal itself, and the expression of the bangle, which is largely entrusted to it, allows you to feel the blank space for the future.

As I wrote in yesterday's blog, this collection piece strongly reflects the essence of DAN TOMIMATSU, which is ``not designing.''

Same here, BENT RING.

While the CUT BANGLE from earlier was a cylinder, the BENT RING is a square prism.

This is then "rounded into the shape of a ring."

In many cases, rings are made using a method called "casting."

For example, it feels like taiyaki.

Melt it and pour it into molds.

Taiyaki is poured into a mold and then baked. lol

Generally speaking, this is the case with common "accessories". "casting".

In that case, it would be possible to accurately match the mold, but in terms of physical properties, I believe that "forging" is stronger and can produce better products.

And this BENT RING is a square pillar made using a forging method, which is "hand-bent."

This happens because DAN TOMIMATSU is not entirely cast, but when you bend it by hand, the cross section of the base metal becomes curved.

This is because there is a physical difference between the inner and outer circumferences.

As a result, the outer circumference is stretched more than the inner circumference, creating a dent in the middle.

In the brand's other jewelry collections, this dent has been smoothed out, but MATERIA focused on this.

Therefore, the rings are left behind as traces of naturally occurring events in the production process.

The beauty of "instant" materials in jewelry production.

Only craftsmen can take for granted the ``state of the material at that point in time.''

Normally, that ``image'' disappears as the product approaches completion.

MATERIA captures the "beauty of the moment" and creates jewelry with the natural appearance of high-quality materials.

This is HOLE RING Hammered.

This is made by punching out the center of a cylinder, hollowing it out, and polishing the inside so you can pass your fingers through it.

Therefore, only the inside is beautifully polished.

There is a finishing method for jewelry called hammer finish, and this HOLE RING is finished after the center is hollowed out.

Literally, this finish is done by hitting the surface with a hammer, but the SILVER 925 metal that has no place to go pops out due to the hammering.

Traditionally, jewelry is made by cutting away the protruding parts, but this one preserves the ``moment'' as it is.

On the other hand, the other side.

The upper part is hit with a hammer, and the stranded metal flies out.

The bottom surface is scratched by the impact of being hit with a hammer.

Normally, those scratches are smoothed out and erased, but this is not the case with MATERIA.

At that point, I stopped using "Silver 925 with scratches".

This is where he finds the "beauty of the material" and leaves traces of the "momentary" process that would normally pass by.

No matter where you look, you won't find jewelry like this anywhere else.

Next, click here.


This is also the true beauty of materials.

The material is K24.

In other words, it's pure gold.

A thin bar of pure gold.

These are used as earrings, and are made by bending them slightly with the wood that comes with them to create a shape.

Even pure gold, which was straight at first, gradually becomes limp as it is worn over and over again.

Its material changes, expressions, and textures.

"Dialogue with materials" is at the core of jewelry.

Earrings that provide this to the owner.

POST PIERCE also offers these materials.


It's pure platinum.

24 parts gold to 1000 parts platinum.

Like the K24 mentioned earlier, these earrings allow you to experience the fluctuation of platinum itself.

It's very conceptual, but that's "MATERIA".

We live in a world where we feel an overwhelming lack of originality, not only in clothes but in all genres.

Isn't it dangerous when the market is dominated by products that people imitate, copy, add or subtract from? ?


I feel an "overwhelming difference" from the majority of people in the world.

The thought that is contained in the small existence of jewelry.

It is a transcendental, divine jewelry brand.

It's almost time until the event starts.

I'll follow up tomorrow and introduce it to you.

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