We have announced the DAN TOMIMATSU event.

Starting today, I would like to introduce the brand's collection little by little.

However, this is a jewelry collection from a brand with a history of over 15 years.

For the event starting on Saturday the 6th, we will have a variety of almost all collections available.

I hope that what I introduce in this blog can be thought of as just a small part of the story.

During this period, we will be holding an order event, so not only will we be accepting orders for those who wish to do so, but we will also have items that you can purchase immediately and take home.

I think there is a considerable amount.

It has been held for many years, but this time may be the best.

The brand's first collection.


Among them, it seems that it started with Rubber Band Bracelet.

Although it is composed of delicate lines, the overwhelming beauty of the material and the polishing techniques of Japan's proud craftsmen make the Rubber Band Bracelet very eye-catching when worn.

I think those who are familiar with the brand already know that the motif is a "rubber band," as in "Rubber Band."

I think it was about 6 years ago. That was the first time we handled it at our store.

At that time, it was this Rubber Band Bracelet that I also got my first DAN TOMIMATSU.

DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry can be said to be:

That means "I hardly do any design."

Even when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I think that most of the items that exist in this world are designed with some kind of design in order to incorporate eye-catching elements into them.

I think this is necessary in order to differentiate the product in the market.

But that kind of thing is too much for me. In many cases.

However, DAN TOMIMATSU has a slightly different way of thinking.

As a brand, Mr. Atsushi Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU seems to be exploring the ``reason why jewelry was born'' as an ``ornament'' , digging deep into it, and expressing the underlying ``truth'' in his collection.

That's why the "UNBOUND" collection, which is widely recognized among the brands, uses motifs that are commonly found in everyday life.

Jewelry is of course decorative when worn, but it also functions as a ``social expression'' such as marriage or engagement.

The other thing is the spiritual aspect, which represents the psychological aspect.

Like myself in yesterday's blog, there is an inner nature that helps me maintain my own feelings toward work.

However, it is different from ``clothing,'' which directly protects the body when worn, and ``shoes,'' which have the role of protecting the feet.

A "bag" has the ability to carry things inside.

"Glasses" have the ability to block ultraviolet rays and adjust the range of vision.

Hats have the function of providing shade from the sun and protecting the heads of people with shaved heads like me, both in summer and winter.

Of all the things we wear, jewelry is one that is not directly connected to its function.

Jewelry is unique.

Therefore, in the UNBOUND collection, the motif is jewelry (decoration) that "doesn't have any function" but was created in real life to have the "function of holding something in place."

"Rubber bands", "hair ties", "tape", "couture pins", "cabinet hooks"...

By wearing jewelry created from such motifs, you can preserve the spirituality, memories, and scenes that are part of the inner world of the person who owns it.

The UNBOUND collection is created with this idea in mind.

In contrast to this idea and motif, DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry is actually made from extremely high-quality SILVER 925 (DAN TOMIMATSU's silver has no known cases of metal allergies) and K18. or K10 gold material.

In addition to that, as I said earlier, each piece is made one by one by Japan's highly skilled jewelry craftsmen.

The production process is not one that can be mass-produced quickly, but rather has a specific shape that the brand is aiming for, so at UNBOUND, it can only be created by the "hands" of the craftsmen.

Manufacturers maintain the characteristics of the original "functional object" without adding unnecessary designs.

There is a great deal of ``thought'' that is the foundation of all of DAN TOMIMATSU.

Rubber Band Bracelet complete with 10k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and 10k pink gold.

This is Couture Pin Pierce, which has a "couture pin" motif.

The materials in the photo are K18 yellow gold and PT900 (platinum) from the left.

Couture pins are pins used when designing clothing patterns and sewing.

It is for "fastening the fabric".

Earrings with that pin as a motif.

Lately, we haven't been carrying DAN TOMIMATSU earrings in our stores, but I think you'll be able to see a variety of our earring lineup, including the Couture Pin Pierce, during the period.

And this is the K18 yellow gold Rubber Band Ring.

That is the Band Triple Ring.

Both have a polished finish.

Items that are not available in the lineup at regular stores.

The materials used are SILVER 925, K10 yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, and K18 yellow gold.A feature of DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry is that you can choose not only the model, size, and finish, but also the base metal used.

This is Hair Band Ring and Tape Ring Short.

The Rubber Band series, whose motif is a "rubber band," uses angular metal that reflects light, and when the shape changes, the appearance changes dramatically.

And this is special jewelry from the UNBOUND collection.

Tape Bangle Fold K18 YELLOW GOLD.

Thinness at a physical limit.

A craftsman bends it by hand.

Only "0.3mm". In terms of physical properties, it seems to be just as thick as possible.

It's "0.3mm".

Moreover, it is "hand bent".

A 18K yellow gold bangle is created by developing a technology that allows forging 0.3 mm thick plates, making them double, then bending them and attaching them with a slight shift.

In addition to bangles, this Tape Fold series also includes rings and ear cuffs, which are new to our store, but as mentioned above, they are "as thin as possible to maintain their physical properties."

However, in reality, it doesn't feel like that, because the reason why it has been created so beautifully is that it is constructed using a concept that applies bridge construction theory.

This was also a surprise. DAN TOMIMATSU has many discoveries to make through jewelry.

The photo shows a matte natural finish.

The natural finish will gradually become naturally polished and shine as you continue to wear it.

At DAN TOMIMATSU, the craftsmen's outstanding polishing techniques are attracting a lot of attention, but I'm fascinated by this matte finish.

Incredible, beautiful, and powerful.

This too, there will be lines during the period.

Please take a look at its awesomeness.

Next, here.

"ENLINK" collection.

All photos are of K18 yellow gold wrapped with "K18 yellow gold thread."

Atsushi Tomimatsu is from Nara Prefecture.

It is said that 1,400 years ago, during the Asuka period, there was a craft technique called ``retrieving thread from gold.''

It is amazing that this technique has been revived in modern times with craftsmanship.

How do you extract thread from gold? A series called.

Moreover, it is hand-wound with K18 thread.

ENLINK was created through a series of extremely complex processes.

Until now, we have mainly seen items with K18 yellow gold thread wrapped around SILVER 925 bases, but as you can see in the photo above, this time we have a variety of K18 x K18 items. .

"K18 x K18".

Even though they are made of yellow gold, the ring itself and the thread look different, and each one stands out as a contrast due to the reflection of light.

strength and delicacy.

The ENLINK series has both of these qualities.

The photo shows a ring, but we also have bangles and earrings available.

This is the last thing I would like to introduce today.


This is also amazing.

Personally, I have never come across anything like MARBLE other than DAN TOMIMATSU, just like Kinito's ENLINK.

If you look at the photo above, you can see that the two colors of metal are mixed together like a marble.

This is a combination of two K18s, "K18 yellow gold" and "K18 white gold."

This is also a wonderful technique developed and created by DAN TOMIMATSU together with craftsmen.

I think that the combination of two colors of K18 is suitable as a pairing ring or a wedding ring, for example.

MARBLE RING is available only by order, but of course if you choose it as something important, we can engrave the inside of it.

Marble has a complex mixture that humans cannot design.

Even if you watch it for a long time, you can keep watching it without getting bored.

At the same time, because it's something you wear on your fingertips that you see every day, I think it can take on a variety of expressions depending on the moment.

The shape of the ring itself is very simple, but the two golds that blend together make it stand out.

I think it will be a special item for those who are thinking about a pair.

Tomorrow, I'll introduce something else.

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