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2022.04.02(Sat) >>> 2022.04.10(Sun)


An order event for DAN TOMIMATSU will be held for 9 days from April 2nd (Sat) to 10th (Sun).





Most of the samples from the DAN TOMIMATSU collection line-up are on display, and we accept orders from those who request them.

The items that we carry on a daily basis are part of the brand's collection, and especially for rings that are developed in increments of 1 size, there may be cases where the size suitable for the customer is not available at the store. Because there is, we can make a size that suits the customer after seeing various things.

For those who have ordered during this period, we are planning to be able to give it to you in about two months.

In addition to ordering, we also have a full lineup that can be purchased immediately at this timing, so please take a look at that as well.

Among the items that can be purchased immediately, ENLINK's bangle and SILK ROPE, which have been sold out so far, and the new series "HOOK" bracelet will also start at our store.

I think it will be a period where you can experience the essence of DAN TOMIMATSU, so if you like it, please look forward to it.

I will introduce you later.

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