We are dealing mainly as men's jewelry, which is rare in our shop DAN TOMIMATSU Tomimatsu Dan is a designer jewelry brand. So far, we've done custom-made events with brands before, and we always do regular events. From the brand's most recognizable series, "Unbound," to "Enlink," which was born about two years ago, to the high-end line, "Dissolve," there aren't many variations. However, it is the reason that I always handle it. Then, after about a year, a new product was finally born from DAN TOMIMATSU. All of them are extremely complicated pieces of jewelry. DAN TOMIMATSU. I can't do new things one after another. One by one because it is made by making full use of super craftsmanship at the level of fainting in agony. This time, once again, we have created something that has never existed anywhere else and that no one has ever created before. Tape Bangle Fold material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_2,3,4 Tape ring fold material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_15,17,21 At first glance, this looks solid and simple. However, if you look closely, it looks quite strange. A model of Tape with a cellophane tape motif that was previously made as part of the "Unbound" series. Tape with a thickness of 0.3mm and a little wider width. base it. A new model in which a long 925 silver plate with a smooth curved structure is bent and further curved, and shifted slightly, slightly, as it approaches the final destination. As for the brand, there are ``Polish'' with a shiny silver plate and ``Natural'' with a matte finish with very fine hairline lines. At our store CASANOVA&Co., everything is handled by "Natural". In the past, I had a wedding ring made by Mr. Dan, and I asked him to use a platinum PT900 matte. I'm not good at the dazzling glitter that makes the finest materials appeal to luxury, but the "dullness" that makes it seem like it's not at first glance is very exciting. So, as you use it, it rubs and hits, and it gradually emits a natural glow that is not unreasonable. This is a straight material match, so it can't be completely deceived. To put it simply, the change in material is like leather, with a dull texture that gives off a natural luster that matches the body. That's why I want you to experience the strongest "change in material" that can only be found in "DAN TOMIMATSU", which is the world's top quality Silver 925 that DAN TOMIMATSU boasts. And, fortunately, the Tape Fold series has a large surface area, which makes the most of it. A bangle and ring that draws a beautiful outline with a material surface that does not interfere with anything. It is also not forged, but an ultra piece that is shaped by hand one by one. Normally, most of this kind of jewelry is forcibly formed by a high pressure press called forging, which I wrote earlier, but not all of DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry is like that. Each piece is a perfect craftsmanship. Otherwise, the beauty that DAN TOMIMATSU envisions will not be created. This time, when I asked how a jeweler made something like this, the answer was, "spirit" That's right. Nothing should be made easy. DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry created by jewelers with the world's highest level of technology is a paradise piece that can be completed by demanding even higher levels of the craftsmanship. The bangles and rings are available in 3 sizes, but unlike the perfectly circular ones, you can arrange the sizing a little. Tomorrow, April 1st (Thursday), the new model will be on sale at all stores nationwide. If you like it, please take a look.
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