I announced the other day DAN TOMIMATSU "LIMITED EXHIBITION" It is scheduled for 3 days from 24th (Sat) to 26th (Mon), but since this is a great opportunity, I would like you to see and consider the brand's powerful and beautiful jewelry. DAN TOMIMATSU has a concept of "design that affects the heart". As the word suggests, everything is thought out and gives positive thoughts to those who wear it. I often talk about it at the store, but I think that there are very few men, especially men, who own a lot of jewelry and accessories. Unless you like it too much. I think most people own a few elite items and use them for a long time. DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry is also one thing to wear and continue to use. We aim to create something that the owner will love and use over time. A jewelry brand that boasts transcendental quality for that purpose. And this time, we are preparing not only what we have now, but also many samples of brands. Items that can be prepared immediately can be purchased on the spot and taken home, which is the normal shopping flow. think. During the period, we hope that you will be able to actually see it at the store, but I would like to make a preliminary announcement here as well. The brand has three main series. ・UNBOUND A series with motifs such as rubber bands (rubber bands), hair bands (hair ties), tapes (cellophane), and push pins. ・ENLINK DAN TOMIMATSU designer from Nara prefecture. A series of combinations of K18 (thread) and Silver 925 (base) that revived the technique of creating "gold thread" that was rooted in Nara as a craft at the time 1400 years ago. ・DISSOLVE The power piece series created as jewelry using the world's unique techniques. The motif is a "pure gold coin" that would have been made in ancient Egypt. It seems that it was mined from the foot of the pyramid after an endless amount of time. Because it was buried in the ground for thousands of years, only a very small amount of impurities contained in the gold melted, and it was found in a state of gas gas with cavities. "Crafts" created by DAN TOMIMATSU with that as a motif. Please choose the one that excites you. "UNBOUND" "UNBOUND" Rubber band bracelet DAN TOMIMATSU's most iconic series, rubber band bracelets and rubber band rings. It is a bracelet shaped like a rubber band made by twisting and connecting thin rectangular prisms. Although the line is delicate, the quality of the material makes it very suitable for clothing. Normally, we offer polish polished with Silver 925, but other than silver, you can order K10 (10K gold), K18 (18K gold), and PT900 (Platinum 900). Gold is generally expressed in 24 parts and platinum in 1000 parts. The prices for bracelets range from ¥26,400 (tax included) to ¥187,000 (tax included). smile "UNBOUND" hair band bracelet This is a hair band bracelet, characterized by roundness and volume. You can order not only bracelets but also rings, and our store usually only handles dull-textured mats. A polish would be nice too. Other than silver, you can order K10 (10 gold), K18 (18 gold), and PT900 (platinum 900). "UNBOUND" Tape Ring LONG A tape ring with cellophane tape as a motif. We usually handle wide and long type mats. This is just the mat. Similar to the Fold Tape series that went on sale the other day, this is a series that uses an extremely thin forged plate of 0.3mm and holds it in place, making the texture of the metal stand out. There will be a sample of a tape ring short that is about half the width of this. As with the previous one, you can order K10 (10 gold), K18 (18 gold), and PT900 (platinum 900). The price goes up a lot, but the ultimate is platinum PT900 Matt finish. "ENLINK" "ENLINK" SPOOL Bangle Wide Half Wind The "ENLINK" series was released at the same time as the first DAN TOMIMATSU limited event held at our store. As mentioned above, K18YG (18K yellow gold) thread is extracted from gold and hand-wound around a base of ultra-fine 925 silver. DAN TOMIMATSU's silver is not coated with any kind of plating, so the silver will change to a dull luster as it is used. Shilomono that transforms. In our normal development, the gold thread is not tightly wound so that the contrast is more highlighted, and the silver base has a margin where the silver can be seen. You can order 3 types with different amount and width of gold thread. "ENLINK" SPOOL Ring Long Half Wind There are rings as well. You can also choose the amount of gold thread and the ring width thinner than this. For this ring, there are only 3 sizes, 7, 12, and 17, due to manufacturing reasons, but please look for your golden finger. "DISSOLVE" "DISSOLVE" Rectangular Ring The "DISSOLVE" series is an overwhelming power piece in the DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry lineup. one of those rings. To put it simply, 925 silver and other metals are mixed "marbled" and formed, then the non-silver metals are melted away, leaving only silver. Since only the Silver925 part exists, there are places that are a little scraped and scraped, and there are places that are hollow. All DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry is made by hand, so it can be said that all of them are one-of-a-kind pieces, but this DISSOLVE series makes that point even clearer. As for the rings, there are other types of rings with thinner lines and signet rings, but we usually only handle this type of ring No. 17. However, it takes more time to produce than other brands, so we usually only handle one item. We will post a movie about DISSOLVE produced by DAN TOMIMATSU and LE BERGER, who handles the brand, on our Instagram IGTV, so if you have time, please check it out. It's about 9 minutes long, but I think everyone who sees DISSOLVE jewelry will want it. smile Since the motif is a motif, there is no jewelry that can be classified in the same genre in the world because it has depth and looks that can not be done in modern times. that's what I think. Whether vintage or current. It would be impossible to create only by the hands of professional craftsmen in the field of "crafts" in Japan. There are two types of DISSOLVE series, K18 and Silver925, but this time we are preparing only Silver925 samples. Of course, you can also order items other than rings. "SILK ROPE" "SILK ROPE" Bb And this time it will also be on sale from Saturday. "UNBOUND" series silk rope. Original 100% silk braid and original parts (Silver925 parts in the photo). A number of exquisite and neat parts created originally as a jewelry brand, not ready-made parts distributed in the market. And what they hold is an original 100% silk rope that has the best balance of thread density and thread thickness. The silk rope feels comfortable against the skin, so even if you sweat in the summer, you can easily wash it off with water. not. Depending on how you attach it, Bb can look like a loop tie as well as a silk cord. The only silk rope that will be on sale from this period is the style Bb, but it is a series that can be customized with countless combinations of parts for the silk cord. We also have samples, so we can also order. Take a look. Today, I have introduced some of the products that I currently have, but I would like to introduce brand samples from the previous Friday. Because it's amazing. I'll let you know again.
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