DAN TOMIMATSU from tomorrow

As announced the other day, DAN TOMIMATSU will be held for three days starting tomorrow, the 24th (Sat). "LIMITED EXHIBITION" As I've been telling you before, this time, we will basically be able to order all the lineups we have prepared, but there are some items that you can buy and take home immediately. , take a look. And this time, guests will be in the store all day on the first day, the 24th (Sat). I am not Dan Tomimatsu, the designer of DAN TOMIMATSU. Mr. Shiiki from LE BERGER, an agent that handles DAN TOMIMATSU brands and world-famous brands, will be at the store. A very personal part for me, a special guest. Various. And anything about DAN TOMIMATSU, Mr. Shiiki. Mr. Shiiki, it's dangerous, so if you like good things, please talk to me. Today, I'd like to introduce a few samples of brands that will be available for three days from tomorrow. A rubber band triple ring that is not normally deployed. K18 yellow gold and K10 pink gold. 10k pink gold matte finish on the tape ring. If you use it from here, it will shine naturally. Rubber band bracelets don't look strong due to the thinness of the lines, so if you choose K18 or K10, the precious metal material will stand out. I think the UNBOUND series is the most familiar DAN TOMIMATSU series. "UNBOUND" with the motif of "a tool to fasten something". The lineup is usually limited to silver, but please enjoy the beauty created by other precious metals. Not only K10 (10 gold) ping gold, yellow gold, and white gold, but also K18 (18 gold) and platinum PT900. The lines are thin and dainty, and the 0.3mm thickness and wide surface make the jewelry look simple, but the quality of the base metal used by DAN TOMIMATSU is reflected in a very positive way. I think that this kind of shape will match a relatively wide range of styles in any season. For those who don't want to wear a lot of things, a thin rubber band bracelet, K18, is complete. It might be good though. ENLINK using "gold thread". These are usually men's size bangles, but we also have rings and earrings. In general, I think most silver and gold combinations are more overt. Or, on the contrary, it's just like one point. It has a fairly solid gold area, but it's not a showy "gold" texture. Experience the unique appearance of "thread" and the contrast with silver. 18K yellow gold gold thread that is hand-wound tightly over a 925 silver base without any gaps. Usually, we handle half of this roll, but we have a full lineup for 3 days from tomorrow. And the last is "DISSOLVE", the strongest among the brands. It is also the main of this period. Or rather, because the price is the price, there are also points where it is difficult to handle variations. Honestly. So that's about it for now. This is all you can see. This time, there are new models in this series, so please look forward to it. DAN TOMIMATSU believes that jewelry is both a product and a "craft". He believes that crafts can also create beautiful, strong, and never-before-seen things using innovative techniques and unprecedented methods. designer. The birth of the DISSOLVE collection started when gold and silver ornaments made long ago were buried underground for thousands of years. disappearing phenomenon. And as a result, not only the undulations on the surface that have fallen off, but also the intricately intricate cavities are created on the inside. The texture that is created over a long period of time by the power of nature, although it was made by human hands, seems to have an organic texture like "mineral". At DAN TOMIMATSU, we focus on Developed into a craft technique. "Things that never change" and "things that never change". Strictly speaking, nothing stays the same. . says the designer. For example, natural mountains and rivers are things that remain unchanged forever. There are also "worlds where change is destined to change", such as the shops that were there until yesterday suddenly become different shops like in the city, or certain electric appliances that have undergone model changes and have disappeared. . Designers see beauty in both. People tend to think that the city is full of information and full of people, but Mr. Dan thinks the opposite. In nature, even if you take a leaf and look at it closely, the color of each leaf is different, and the veins are very complicated. Things created by humans are basically minimal, and architecture is basically simple in shape and has fewer colors than nature. I am attracted to both the complex and the simple. Human beings are "creatures that are weak to boredom". A person's boredom is usually unstoppable. As DAN TOMIMATSU, when creating something, I feel that how to deal with boredom is a very important issue. Nature never gets tired. I don't think there is anyone who says, "I'm tired of watching the sunset." Because things made by people are simple, they seem to have a side that is easy to get tired of. Therefore, what people create is destined to keep changing. This applies to jewelry without exception, but after understanding this, designers always want to create things that are hard to get tired of, and things that can be worn for a long time. Jewelry that was designed 2,000 or 3,000 years ago still exists today, can be worn almost without discomfort, and functions in society like a wedding ring. "I feel 'responsibility to design such things', and I think that DISSOLVE is the result of various trial and error to approach such an existence. " says Mr. Tomimatsu. And it is the masters of jewelry in Kyoto who give shape to the designer's thoughts. A series created by mixing like natural marble and missing some base metal. DISSOLVE All jewelry is uncontrollable after a certain process, and the final product will strictly have a unique scenery in the world. If you like it, I think it's something you can spend a long time with. During this period, not only the full lineup, but also the newly created DISSOLVE series will be available. Among DAN TOMIMATSU, the DISSOLVE series is particularly strong in its "one-of-a-kind" nature, so if the size matches, you can buy it immediately. Enjoy that kind of "encounter". Finally, however, As in April of last year, the current situation is that the infection of the coronavirus is spreading nationwide. We also hold events like this, and we have asked you many times on this blog, The store will always be ventilated, and the staff will wear masks, wash their hands, and disinfect their hands before speaking. Also, if you are visiting us, ・Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the store. ・Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well. ・When entering and leaving the store, please use the alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the store to disinfect your hands. Once again, there are many people who have always cooperated and are taking precautions, but I would like to ask you again. It's a limited period of 3 days from tomorrow, but we're looking forward to seeing those who can come to the store.
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