MATERIA The material of "that moment"

I was informed by DAN TOMIMATSU.

Starting tomorrow, April 1st (Saturday).

Mr. Shiiki, who has been to our store many times, will be in the store until the evening of the 1st (Saturday) and 2nd (Sunday) on the first day, so please feel free to contact us if you have met him before. I think it's a lot, but it's because he's a special guest.

Please come and see us.

Yesterday, we introduced our first collection "BESPEAK".

Today's collection is also our first at our store.


Today, I would like to introduce a little bit of what this collection is all about.

This collection can be said to have been born at the moment the DAN TOMIMATSU brand was born.


"Material" = material

A collection born from.

The collection focuses on the expression of the materials themselves that form the jewelry.

Originally, when a piece of jewelry is completed, it retains the expression of the material that cannot be seen.

“Intermediate between what is commercialized and the material.”

That may be the most accurate way to express it.

When a craftsman creates jewelry, it is a moment that "passes by" in the process of creating the desired shape.

The "expression of the material".

The beauty of the material itself, which is glimpsed during the processing of iron ore material into jewelry, is sublimated into the final jewelry design.

A jewelry collection that shines a light on the expression of the material that disappears once it is shaped, polished, and completed, and embodies the beauty of the material that could only be seen by the craftsman who created it.

Therefore, you cannot usually see it when looking at finished jewelry.

In other words, the "moment of the material" during the production process is something that only the craftsman can see.

This collection expresses the beauty of these materials.

HOLE RING Hammered

Silver 925

HOLE RING made of solid wood Silver 925 with a hole drilled into the pillar.

Only the inside where you pass your fingers is smooth.

One side has a hammered finish.

By hitting it with a hammer, the Silver 925 on the hit side loses its place and pops out sideways.

On the other hand, on the other side, when you hit it with a hammer, you hit it on a table, so the scratches left at that moment are still there.

With nowhere to go, the protruding parts and scratches on the table should be scraped, polished, and completely erased.

What remains of that image.


Silver 925

This is also a solid silver square pillar.

The outer circumference when forming a square prism into a ring.

this part.

If you look closely, you'll understand, and if you imagine it, you'll understand, but originally it was a straight square prism.

When the final destination is a ring, if you try to make it round, there will be a "difference" in the distance between the inner and outer circumferences.

It is said that this "difference" causes a unique "warp" in the silver on the outer periphery as it tries to stretch.

The warp in metal is usually erased and flattened, but this ring has been left as is.


Silver 925

This one is also made of solid silver wood.

A cross section of a cylindrical piece of Silver 925 bent to make a bangle, and the solid wood cut to make it.

I'm only polishing this section.

The whole thing is at a stage before polishing.

Only the cut parts of the material are polished.



POST PIERRCE made of pure gold 24K thin rod.

At first, it was just a small, thin, pure gold bar like the one on the far left.

Since it is 24K, it is unadulterated and is in a soft state.

Using the wooden stick that comes with it and the groove dug into it, bend the gold rod as you like so that it doesn't fall out as an earring.

As you repeat this process, the soft 24K will gradually become rough.

This POST PIERRCE aims to create an expression that becomes engraved by using these pure gold earrings.

MATERIA's collection is all in its natural, unpolished and, of course, unpolished state.

Heaviness or dull appearance.

It's a very conceptual collection, and I think you can really feel the strength of the ``material itself'' that resides in each piece.

This will also be unveiled tomorrow, April 1st (Saturday).

Mr. Shiiki and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

As for clothes, it's April, so Toogood, which only received less than half of its total, has now received all of its supplies, and I think you'll be able to see new products from a variety of brands.

I would be happy if you could come and look forward to it.

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