“Minimum unit” of BESPEAK design

I was informed by DAN TOMIMATSU.

It will be held for 9 days from April 1st (Sat) to 9th (Sun).


Yesterday, we talked a little about UNBOUND, ENLINK, DISSOLVE, HOOK, and SILK ROPE, which we have been developing so far, but today we will introduce a different collection.

It is part of DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry collection, but this is the first time it will be shown to the public at a select shop that carries the brand.


A collection called.

This jewelry collection may be a great symbol of Atsushi Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU.

In the first place, BESPEAK was not born as a new lineup of brands.

Even within DAN TOMIMATSU, this collection has different characteristics.

In addition, it is not something that can be seen through a brand-handling store like us, and it has rarely been made public until now.

It was something that could only be seen in the brand's showroom.

However, during this period, you will be able to see it for a limited time at our store.

BESPEAK is a collection of "rings" only.

“Feelings that the ring strengthens”

“Memory in the ring”

“Ring and oath”

A collection that focuses on jewelry called rings, with an emphasis on truly high-quality rings.

A very simple ring with a shape that everyone knows.

BESPEAK's rings have a shape that can be called the "minimum unit of design."

The look couldn't be any simpler. That's about it.

I think the shape, material, and finish stand out to that extent, and ``everything'' that makes up a ``ring'' stands out.

However, it looks very simple.

Of course, I think it has an appropriate meaning as a ``wedding ring'' that has a social meaning.

In addition, there is more than that, there is a "blank space" that perfectly fits the needs of those who need a BESPEAK ring.

I really feel that this BESPEAK ring is something that only it can achieve.

It's a ring that you can choose from a variety of simple shapes, but the person who will actually wear it chooses the volume that best suits their hand.

In other words,

It's a series that is very similar to bespoke (bespoke), which means "custom-tailored clothing."

And it's not just about choosing the shape and quantity.

A precious metal variation originally produced by DAN TOMIMATSU.

The color of K18 is something I have never seen before.

Choose from the 10 K18 variations and PT900 (Platinum) that suit the wearer's skin color, preferences, thoughts, and aspirations.

Furthermore, you can choose from several different finishes for your ring.

This BESPEAK is for the ring itself.

“Amount of precious metals used” = “Weight”

The price changes.

So, which shape should you choose, what volume should you choose, and should the size and material be K18 or PT900?

In other words, the thickness of fingers and preferences differ depending on the person physically placing the order, so the price of the ring itself will vary depending on the person.

A complete bespoke ring collection.

In other words, there are an infinite number of options, and this is a collection that allows customers to participate more fully in the process of creating their own ring.

I learned about this BESPEAK ring about 4 or 5 years ago.

I'm wearing this BESPEAK ring as my wedding ring.

That's how I came to know about this collection, and I've been wearing it ever since it was created.

Well, for me, it's a wedding ring, but I feel like it's more like jewelry that supports me. I wear it all the time. Mind-wise.

First of all, it doesn't look like a typical wedding ring, and like I said earlier, it's simple.

As a clothing store, I wear all kinds of clothes, and my clothes go well with all of them.

And DAN TOMIMATSU is proud of its very high quality precious metal materials.

No matter where I look for a ring like this, I've never come across one, and it's a very simple-looking ring, but for me, it had to be BESPEAK.

Personally, when I found out about this collection, I was at the right time, so I had it made as a wedding ring, but it is by no means limited to just that.

That is also a major feature of BESPEAK.

I think there is a high degree of freedom in determining how the collection will be used, depending on the style of the person viewing the collection.

It has a very simple appearance that can be described as a "minimum unit" design.

What stands out most is the quality of the materials, the shape and finish, and the beauty of the polish, which DAN TOMIMATSU always pursues.

Because this ring is so unique, there are endless possibilities for those who hold it in their hands.

It's both the physical aspects of its use and the internal aspects that I feel.

Even bridal jewelry, which is likely to be worn on your finger for the rest of your life, or an accessory brand that sells a sharp, well-honed look, always has some kind of decoration or small detail somewhere. It should have been added.

I actually feel that the BESPEAK ring is an extraordinary ring, infused with Mr. Atsushi's tremendous spirituality and thought.

Therefore, I am very happy to take this opportunity to introduce the BESPEAK collection to everyone who visits our store.

“Minimum unit design”.

That's all, ``beyond that'', it will be close to the person who wears it.

The BESPEAK collection will be unveiled from Saturday, April 1st.

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