As previously announced, DAN TOMIMATSU will be available from April 1st (Saturday).

Usually, our store has a collection of brands,






series has been available in stores, but from the 1st (Saturday) to the 9th (Sunday), you will also be able to see series that were previously not available at DAN TOMIMATSU stores.

I'll introduce the lineup later.

So this time, there will be a lot of variation.

Today, I would like to once again introduce some of DAN TOMIMATSU's previous series.


Rubber Band Bracelet (Polished)

Silver 925

Hair Band Bracelet (Matt)

Silver 925

Rubber Band Bracelet (Polished,Matt)

K10 Pink Gold

The Rubber Band Bracelet has a square cross section, and is made by distorting the square prism and connecting both ends to create a "rubber band" motif.

It's been more than 15 years since the brand started, and at the time of the brand's debut, there was a presentation where a large number of these Rubber Band Bracelet, about 300 of them, were piled up on a desk.

It's incredibly powerful when you imagine it.

The bracelet still exists as the face of the brand.

This bracelet, which uses a rubber band to hold things together, has been replaced with silver and precious metals, and although it has delicate lines, it coexists with strength and beauty, due in part to the quality of the materials used by the brand. I'm doing it.

There are many different brands in the collection, and I've seen a lot of them, but this Rubber Band Bracelet goes perfectly, whether layered with the same item or combined with different items.

But it's completely different without it, and it's really amazing. this.

And while the Rubber Band Bracelet has a square cross section, the Hair Band Bracelet is round.

It's a bracelet that has a little volume, but like the Rubber Band Bracelet, it has a big spiritual margin.

Hair Band Ring (Matt)

K10 Yellow Gold

In addition to Silver 925, there are also material variations in the same series, including precious metals such as K10, K18, and PT900.

DAN TOMIMATSU is not an "accessory".

The existence of “jewelry”.

I think that ``accessories'' are literally accessories, and are ``light objects'' that can be changed depending on the outfit, but DAN TOMIMATSU is different.


It is sometimes thought of as ``jewelry,'' but even after a long time, it is not something that is negatively influenced by the times or social background.To put it simply, it is not influenced by that, it is something that fluctuates. Something that never happens.

DAN TOMIMATSU is not something that is constantly being replaced, designed with all its might, or fashionable, but something that exists in a different place.

Part of it is the quality of the materials used, and I think anyone can feel that way when looking at the shape.

Things that have existed for a long time, or tools with a clear purpose that have been around us since childhood.

Such tools are everywhere.

However, by replacing such items with high-quality silver and precious metals, it becomes jewelry with a spirituality that cannot be found anywhere else.

Tape Fold Ring (Natural)

Silver 925

Tape Fold Bangle (Natural)

Silver 925

This is because the brand has a forged ring called Tape Ring, which is incredibly thin at 0.3 mm, and the technology behind the ring, the theory of architecture, and the spirit of the craftsmen. A series that combines.

First, press a 0.3mm Silver 925 plate to make it.

This thinness of 0.3 mm is the thinnest figure that DAN TOMIMATSU has come up with over many years, which combines beauty while maintaining physical properties.

Applying the ``tension'' theory of building large bridges, it is made in double layers, and the craftsmen bend it by hand little by little with their enthusiasm.

The wide side of Silver 925 caught my eye.

A bangle that is supported by three points at both ends and the middle, and the overlapping of the double plates is slightly shifted.

And a ring.

Super precision.

Rope Sew Necklace UNI

Silver 925

An original Venetian chain necklace made of small square cubes.

18K thread that connects a single Venetian chain.

And since there is no Venetian chain this thin in the world, this is an original slider to adjust it.

The necklaces are thin and don't make much of a statement, but each one is very sparkling.


SILK,Silver 925

And this is also on the neck.

An original silk braid.

A silk rope made with the thickness and density of the silk thread in mind and the best fit.

A series that can be customized with original jewelry parts for silk rope.

When you try it on, you'll notice the benefits of the lightweight material and the neck area, which can be worn for long periods of time.

Also, silk is washable, and as you use it, it becomes shiny and changes like leather.

This is also something that can be made not only from Silver 925 parts but also from precious metals.


HOOK Bracelet (Natural)

Silver 925

A bracelet with a motif of hook parts such as cab nets.

The motif itself becomes the connecting parts, and it is a series of them.

Normally, straight parts like this are a continuation of the main body and the joint parts that connect it, but the brand focuses on the shape of a "hook" when producing products.

Straight parts and joint parts are integrated, reducing the number of parts.

Straight lines and curves coexist as one, but like the UNBOUND series, this bracelet has a very simple structure.


SPOOL Bangle Wide Half Window

Silver 925,K18 Yellow Gold

Based on Silver 925 parts.

The brand's owner, Atsushi Tomimatsu, lives in Nara Prefecture.

Asuka period 1400 years ago.

It is said that there was an endless technique for making "golden thread" as a traditional craft at that time.

The ENLINK series brings it back to modern times.

I think it's a great modern technique.

A series in which gold thread is created from 18K and hand-wound using it as a base.

You can choose the area and density of the gold thread.

Silver 925 and K18 change at different speeds, so the bangle gradually creates a contrast in appearance.

There is also one that has K18 thread wrapped around a K18 base, and it also creates a unique aura.

SPOOL Ring Long Half window

Silver 925,K18 Yellow Gold

This is a ring type.

Similarly, 925 Silver wrapped with K18 gold thread.

Due to the nature of the ring, only a limited number of rings are available, but the ring is equipped with a delicate looking gold thread.

Until now, the lineup only included the type where the gold thread was wound parallel to the ring body, but from this time onwards, a different type will also be available at our store.

I think that's pretty good too.

This also exists in K18 x K18.


Rectangular Ring (Rude)

Silver 925

This is a series that can be called "crafts."

Something that surpasses the concept of something to wear or an accessory.


Even with the skillful craftsmen who work on DAN TOMIMATSU, it is difficult to achieve 100% perfection in everything they create, such as pottery and other pottery.

Pure gold jewelry found under an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

By being buried underground for thousands of years, only trace amounts of impurities contained in the gold dissolve and disappear. This unique technique was created by focusing on natural phenomena that are immeasurable in the time span of human life.

In the production process, the craftsman can intervene up to a certain level, but once that process is passed, the rest cannot be controlled.

As a result, each item that meets the brand's standards has its own unique undulations and hollows.

Everything was intentionally created to reflect the natural phenomena of the time.

The DISSOLVE series is more than just an ornament, it is also a sort of human challenge to nature.

DAN TOMIMATSU's Silver 925 is one of the more expensive ones, but no matter who tries to imitate it, it poses a very high physical hurdle, and even within the brand, it is impossible to produce exactly the same item twice.

I think the material changes for Silver 925 are also a little different from other series.

It's so heavy.

You can see the entire lineup of the DISSOLVE collection, UNBOUND collection, and ENLINK collection.

We have many variations available.

Rings come in a variety of sizes, so it's inevitable that some people will order them, but there are also quite a few that you can take home right away, so we'd appreciate it if you could compare and consider them.

Tomorrow, I'll introduce something else.

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