DAN TOMIMATSU's "ORDER EXHIBITION" that we announced the other day. It will be held from the 2nd (Sat) of this week. Although it is an ORDER EXHIBITION, not only can you order, but we also have items that you can purchase immediately. "Vessels that reflect scenes and hold memories" This is the way jewelry should be as conceived by Dan Tomimatsu, designer of DAN TOMIMATSU. DAN TOMIMATSU's jewelry expresses and advocates "design that affects the heart" as the main axis. Jewelry is pure adornment, unlike clothing that "complements" the body. have no physical function. People have acquired the effect of working on the "human heart" that jewelry possesses. I can say. In our daily lives, we need to create jewelry that reflects everyday scenes that become difficult to perceive, and serves as a container for people's thoughts. Since ancient times, jewelry has symbolized the values ​​of people living in that era. Whether it is to show off one's status or social status, or to express one's social connections, the style of jewelry changes with the times. DAN TOMIMATSU continues to ask "What is the true value for people?" through jewelry. Thinking about such things, projecting the scenes of living in the present, and harboring those memories. That is DAN TOMIMATSU. DAN TOMIMATSU created with this concept is divided into several series according to the direction of expression. It's a jewelry brand created by designer Dan Tomimatsu and a jeweler who has the world's highest level of technology. Usually, especially for clothes, I focus on the condition of the thread, the characteristics of the fabric, and the sewing to assemble it under a microscope, and the "process until the garment is completed". DAN TOMIMATSU sees it from the same point of view. great quality and More than just an "accessory" "Jewelry" as "craft". and "inspirational" ones. This is the world that DAN TOMIMATSU can create. As for the quality, the "raw materials" such as what kind of precious metals are put into the split metal, By wearing it, it "appeals to the heart", and how the jewelry is formed is overwhelmingly "original" even when viewed all over the world. And with that in mind, we usually develop our products, and this time, we will also introduce products that are being developed for the first time at our store. However, the brand has quite a lineup other than the jewelry that we usually handle at our store, and not only rings, but also bracelets and bangles have sizes and precious metals. As a series UNBOUND ENLINK DISSOLVE etc., each of which has its own meaning. It's difficult to handle all of them on a regular basis, and it's true that there were people who couldn't get their hands on them because they had sizes. Therefore, I would like you to take this opportunity to see more of the DAN TOMIMATSU lineup and order your own size. ・UNBOUND A series with motifs such as rubber bands (rubber bands), hair bands (hair ties), tapes (cellophane), and push pins. ・ENLINK DAN TOMIMATSU designer from Nara prefecture. A series based on K18 (thread) and SILVER 925, or K18, which revived the technique of creating "gold thread" that was rooted in Nara as a craft at the time 1400 years ago. ・DISSOLVE The power piece series created as jewelry using the world's unique techniques. The motif is a "pure gold coin" that would have been made in ancient Egypt. It seems that it was mined from the foot of the pyramid after an endless amount of time. Because it was buried in the ground for thousands of years, only a very small amount of impurities contained in the gold melted, and it was found in a state of gas gas with cavities. "Crafts" created by DAN TOMIMATSU with that as a motif. Please choose the one that excites you. I will introduce some of them. Rubber band bracelet material _ SILVER 925 (Polished), K10 PINK GOLD (Polished) DAN TOMIMATSU's most iconic series, rubber band bracelets and rubber band rings. It is a bracelet shaped like a rubber band made by twisting and connecting thin rectangular prisms. Although it has delicate lines, it is made of high-quality material and goes well with clothes. Normally, we offer polish polished with Silver 925, but other than silver, you can order K10 (10K gold), K18 (18K gold), and PT900 (Platinum 900). Gold is generally expressed in 24 parts and platinum in 1000 parts. The prices for bracelets range from ¥26,400 (tax included) to ¥187,000 (tax included). smile hair band bracelet material _ SILVER 925 (Natural) hair band ring material _ K10 YELLOW GOLD(Natural) This is a hair band bracelet and ring, characterized by roundness and volume. Not only bracelets, but rings also exist, and our store usually only handles matte with a dull texture. A polish would be nice too. Other than silver, you can order K10 (10 gold), K18 (18 gold), and PT900 (platinum 900). SPOOL Bangle Wide Half Wind material _ SILVER 925 × K18 YELLOW GOLD SPOOL Ring Long Half Wind material _ SILVER 925 × K18 YELLOW GOLD As mentioned above, K18YG (18K yellow gold) thread is extracted from gold and hand-wound around a base of ultra-fine 925 silver. DAN TOMIMATSU's silver is not coated with any kind of plating, so the silver will change to a dull luster as it is used. transforming. In our normal development, we handle half-sized shirts that do not have the gold thread tightly wound so that the contrast can be more highlighted, and have a margin through which the silver base can be seen. For 925 silver base, you can order 3 types with different amount and width of gold thread. Also, according to this timing, ENLINK's "special piece". Based on K18 YELLOW GOLD, you can also see a series of K18 YELLOW GOLD wrapped with gold thread. As for the ring, due to manufacturing reasons, there are only 3 sizes, 7, 12, and 17, but please look for your golden finger. Silk Rope Necklace (B)-b material _ SILK × SILVER 925 (Polished) Original 100% silk braid and original parts (Silver925 parts in the photo). A number of exquisite and neat parts created originally as a jewelry brand, not ready-made parts distributed in the market. And what they hold is an original 100% silk rope that has the best balance of thread density and thread thickness. The silk rope feels comfortable against the skin, so even if you sweat in the summer, you can easily wash it off with water. not. Depending on how you attach it, Bb can look like a loop tie as well as a silk cord. The only silk rope that will be sold immediately is this Bb style, but it is a series that allows you to choose from countless combinations of parts for silk cords and customize them. This can also be customized and made to order. HOOK Bracelet material _ SILVER 925 (Natural) And, for the first time in our store, the "HOOK" bracelet. A new series designed to be worn as a chain while maximizing the linear elements peculiar to hooks for fastening doors and sliding doors. It is designed so that it can be attached and detached only in one place. A series in which each linear part functions as a "hook" and is connected together. It's a bracelet that looks different from the ones we have developed so far, so it would be nice if you could see it. Tomorrow, I will introduce the "DISSOLVE" series, which is a "craft".
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