We usually handle mainly men's jewelry at our store.


It's a jewelry brand created by a designer, Mr. Tomimatsu, and a jeweler who has "the world's highest level" technology.

Usually, especially for clothes, I focus on the condition of the thread, the characteristics of the fabric, and the sewing to assemble it under a microscope, and the "process until the garment is completed". DAN TOMIMATSU sees it from the same point of view.

great quality and

More than just an "accessory"

"Jewelry" as "craft".

In terms of "raw materials" such as what kind of precious metal is put in the warikin,

By wearing it, it "appeals to the heart", and how the jewelry is formed is overwhelmingly "original" even when viewed all over the world.

And with that in mind, we're always developing, and from April 1 the other day, DAN TOMIMATSU's new tape series will appear.

However, the brand has quite a lineup other than the jewelry that we usually handle at our store, and not only rings, but also bracelets and bangles have sizes and precious metals.

As a series




etc., each of which has its own meaning.

It's difficult to handle all of them on a regular basis, and it's true that there were people who couldn't get their hands on them because they had sizes.

Therefore, I would like you to take this opportunity to see more of the DAN TOMIMATSU lineup and order your own size.

3 days from April 24th (Sat) to 26th (Mon).

We have prepared three series of DAN TOMIMATSU, a considerable lineup, and we would like everyone to see it.

This time, sales and order planning will be held at the same time.

That's why there are things that you can take home immediately, and you can order what you want.

If you have placed an order, we plan to deliver it about two months later, so please think about June.

I think the timing is just right.

I'll let you know later.

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