COTTLE order event from Saturday, June 3

Today, I will let you know.


We held it one year ago last year, but we will be holding an order-style event for the COTTLE collection.

The period is only 3 days from June 3rd (Sat) to 5th (Mon).

Until now, COTTLE's clothing has not been a line-up of ready-made clothes, but all of them are made-to-order.

At our store, we only lined up samples of COTTLE clothes for the last three days of the last order event in the past year.

And this time only for 3 days.

It's a very limited period, but at our shop, COTTLE clothes have an overwhelming standing position.

I myself had a Tailor Made Shirt from the "LEAF VEIN" collection made before the last event, and I still wear it very often.

Lately, I've been wearing nothing but COTTLE and Isabella Stefanelli on top of my upper body.

The quality of the masterpiece is transcendental.

I make clothes at a tremendous level. COTTLE.

And this time, I went to COTTLE's atelier located in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, for the order event that will start on Saturday, June 3rd.

It's been about a year since I went there before the last event was held.

Mr. Watanabe from COTTLE came to our store in the winter, so it's been about half a year since we last met.

This time, I visited the COTTLE atelier in Kojima for the first time in about a year.

Even if it's in the same Okayama prefecture, it's about 50 minutes by car from our shop.

COTTLE atelier and gallery shop in a renovated old building.

Even in Kojima, where factories related to clothing production are lined up throughout the town, this building stands out.

The first is the gallery shop.

When I entered the gallery shop, I had an appointment that I would go, so they had samples of the "SenkohSuiu" LEAF VEIN collection that will be displayed at the shop this time as well.

Among "SenkohSuiu"

"LEAF VEIN" = A collection that expresses "leaf veins".

And a button with "Kintsugi", which is one of the major features of COTTLE.

Kojima in Kurashiki City, "town of folk art".

"Kintsugi" is a beautiful method of repairing and continuing to use one thing that has been rooted in our lives since ancient times.

COTTLE takes the idea of ​​"folk art" very seriously.

The "kintsugi button" symbolizes this.

And here.

In this place, the clothes of COTTLE are born.

sewing site.

I introduced a little bit at the last event, but there are very few sewing sites that are as beautiful as this.

Now, I also go to the sewing site of Mr. Yamauchi's atelier in Yamanouchi and famous sewing factories in the Kanto region. is very beautiful.

From an unorganized site or a messy place, even if you can make something of your own, you will never be able to create the beauty that "dwells" in each piece of clothing and the high quality. think.

Every time I go, the sewing site is really clean and well-organized.

It's a completely different dimension of beauty from the sewing factory I used to work at.

Normally, clothes production sites are covered in dust, and it wouldn't be strange if there was a lot of lint everywhere, but the atelier at COTTLE is completely different.

It's a very clean environment.

yes. All of the COTTLE clothes displayed in our store are produced in-house.

Normally, outsourcing production is the normal way to make clothes, but COTTLE is very different.

We make our own samples and products.

As a result, it greatly affects the quality of clothes.

While listening to the "voice of clothes", you can shape and create clothes that aim for higher heights.

That is the COTTLE collection.

A cutting room, an iron and a sewing machine are lined up.

And a picture from last year's order event.

As I mentioned earlier, we held an order-style exhibition centering on "LEAF VEIN" from COTTLE's "SenkohSuiu" collection.

COTLE's original fabric that expresses "leaf veins" that absorb water and have vitality.

Original woven by Kaneta Textile, which I also like very much.

37% 100th hardman's hemp

33% Ultimate Pima Cotton

30% raw silk

Kaneta Orimono's fabric boasts transcendental quality even in the history of Kaneta Orimono, woven with each material of tremendous quality on Kaneta's shuttle loom.

And this is the LEAF VEIN fabric I've been wearing for over a year.

Mine is hand-painted with natural dyes called "FERMENTATION", which is an image of "fermentation".

The new product was amazing, but after a year, it has been washed and used many times, and the fabric is gradually showing its potential.

It feels like it's alive.

I think I like the "fabric" of clothes a little more than other people.

Top quality that fits in the top 3 fingers I've seen.

I will introduce this later.

In addition to that "LEAF VEIN", this time, this one too.

This is also an original COTTLE corduroy named "GOLDEN WHEAT FIELD CORDUROY".

Most of the existing corduroys are made overseas, mainly in China, and even the few made in Japan are heavy, and the pitch and height of the ridges are in the general category of corduroy.

Under such circumstances, COTTLE aimed for a completely new corduroy from the organization.

Woven on high-speed looms, the complexity of the production process, the scarcity of factories in production areas, and the high hurdles during production, there are almost no brand-original corduroys in the world.

In fact, corduroy is very complicated and the production risk is high.

Beyond that high wall, COTTLE and Kaneta Orimono created a wonderful product completely different from the world's corduroy, from scratch.

This is the corduroy that made my soul tremble.

Completely on a different level than any corduroy I've ever seen.

Overwhelmingly, the world's No. 1 genuine year-round corduroy.

I will introduce this later.

As mentioned above, in three days from June 3rd (Sat) to 5th (Mon),



We will hold an order event for these two collections.

Seriously, it's dangerous.

It's amazing.

I will introduce you later.

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