As we announced, COTTLE SenkohSuiu "LEAF VEIN" ORDER EXHIBITION will be held for 3 days from Saturday, May 21st.

So far, I have introduced various things on this blog, but this fabric is the base of everything.

"LEAF VEIN fabric" woven by Kaneta Orimono.

Ultimate Pima 80 count two-ply yarn for the warp.

and 21d/8 silk raw silk.

Hardman's hemp 100 count single yarn for the weft

What's more, these three types of materials are almost all included in nearly equal numbers.

So far, I've introduced you to fabrics and other things, but let's take a look at this last.

If you can see this, I think you can deepen your understanding of this crazy degree.

this. microscope.

People who like dough all over the country should burn it into their eyes.

You don't see fabric like this very often.

I've seen fabrics under a microscope many times before, but they have such a unique personality, and just by looking at them, I can see that they're super luxurious fabrics.

As you can see, the fabric structure is twill.

So, all three types of materials have different thread qualities.

Ultimate Pima two-ply yarn looks the most beige, and the yarn is tightly tightened, which shows the considerable strength of the twisted yarn.

Ultimate Pima and raw silk are placed alternately.

In this microscope photo, the raw silk is the only thread that shines to a different level.

Furthermore, Hardman's hemp has threads that are tight from the back, and that run in the horizontal direction with fairly thin threads.

This will change the concept of linen and hemp.

I haven't seen it in a while.

I don't think it's a plant stem.

So, it's not just that the material is super high quality. this fabric.

No matter where you look, there are no gaps between the threads.

Super high density.

The whole thread is this count, and the Ultimate Pima is also 80 count two-ply yarn, which is the same thickness as the 40 count thread, so it becomes a thick fabric with a thick count. It's also Kaneta's greatest feature.

I'm weaving with a shuttle loom, but you can see that the skill and effort of the hands are put into the hand.

Expand further.

Even if you enlarge it so far, there are no gaps between the threads.

There are so many amazing materials crammed together.

Even so, the brilliance of raw silk is exceptional.

Ultimate Pima, if it's 100% Ultimate Pima, you can really see its luster.

The luster of the adjacent raw silk is so great that the Ultimate Pima looks matte. smile

And this is the microscope behind the fabric.

Recently, I've only photographed the front side with a microscope, but the hardman's hemp weft is twill weave, so I took a picture of the back side as well.

Then it was crazy. The white threads running horizontally are Hardman's Hemp.

Hardman's hemp has no fluff.

After all, when it comes to the class that is spun by hemp-based professionals and has a gold label, this is what it comes down to.

The concept of hemp will change.

And, after all, when it comes to a weaving shop like Kaneta, even the fabrics that are difficult to weave have a uniform texture and are very well-organized.

Is there any unevenness in the fabric?

This is amazing.

Weavers who don't have that level of skill or cheap fabrics made overseas, even if they are made of fibers that are easy to weave, the threads are very uneven, the density is different, and the fabric is not so well-balanced. Because there are many things.

Once again, I learned the techniques of Kaneta Orimono.

Enlarge the back side.

No matter how you look at it, I don't think it's faultless.

LEAF VEIN is made from this fabric, but it also incorporates Mr. Watanabe's technique from COTTLE.

Even if you come to the store with high expectations, you will easily overcome the hurdles.

Inside the store, you will be able to experience the COTTLE brand.

In addition to SenkohSuiu, we also have a UNIFORM FOR LIVING lineup.

For 3 days from tomorrow, it will be the first COTTLE at our store.

Please experience it.

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