COMOLI “Black” Thai Locken Coat

Today, let me introduce COMOLI's Tyroken coat.

At this time of year, the next autumn/winter exhibition season is suddenly at its peak, so I've been in Tokyo for the past three days, and I've been looking forward to it.

COMOLI's "black" Tyroken coat.

Just one year ago, during the spring and summer seasons, a 100% cotton coat was first introduced in black under the name of "washed Tyroken coat."

A year later.

When I saw this sample, I felt a special aura.

Of this time.

So let me introduce you.

I was on a business trip for the last three days, so I don't have detailed pictures, but please imagine.

in the image.


Cotton gabardine tie locken coat

face material _ COTTON 100%

lining material _CUPRO 100%




coat this time.

I don't have detailed pictures, but I couldn't help but introduce it on this blog.

that is,,,

100% cotton has an unbelievable aura.

I think this is the highest level Ty Rocken Court I've seen in the last few seasons. I am

I think there are three main reasons.

One is the raw material for cotton.

"Sea Island Cotton" is 100%.

Last year's black Tyroken coat was super fiber cotton, I think, but it wasn't up to this level.

Therefore, the raw cotton fiber is exceptional.





I think this means a very important thing in a coat where the area of ​​the fabric is large, or the amount of fabric is large.

In the first place, cotton fiber itself cannot be made into fabric.

So do the spinning. In other words, it means making a thread.

The fact that the fiber is "thin" when making it into thread means that it needs to be durable enough to withstand a coat, so you have to use that much "amount".

It's not like a thin shirt.

It's a coat.

After all, if you wear a thick inner layer even in winter, some people can wear it.

Therefore, in order to achieve that thickness, a suitable amount of Sea Island cotton is required.

In addition, the fact that the fibers are "long" means that there are few joints between fibers in the spinning stage to make yarn.

Threads that have few joints between fibers have a completely different luster and smoothness.

This means we use a lot of high quality Sea Island cotton and have very few splices to create a shiny fabric.

Furthermore, if you go through the process of making yarn with less fluffing, it will be perfect.

Dazzling threads and fabrics can be made.

And, as the name of gabardine suggests, the fabric structure is "twill weave".

You can create a textured fabric that draws out the brilliance of the threads to the fullest.

Incredibly fine fabric texture.

I haven't asked Mr. Komori of COMOLI about the thread count, so I haven't heard about it, but it's a pretty thin thread.

But when you see the real thing, I think you'll instantly feel that it's being used extensively.

However, it can not be helped if only the fabric is good.

What do you mean by clothes?

That's my second thought.


I think this has something to do with how the court looks, huge, big, big.

Of course, comfort and durability also play a big role.

I don't write much about COMOLI's sewing on this blog, but I'm always pretty amazed by COMOLI's sewing. In a good way.

I think this level will be in the top rank among domestic brands. That much.

Well, the king is Yamauchi.

As the name suggests, the “washed tie locken coat” that appeared last season was washed.

In other words, one wash.

So there was a bulge all over the court.

After washing the product, it wasn't finished by washing and bleaching, so it was properly ironed, but even so, I remember that the overall mood was loosened by washing.

Of course, it feels good.

I don't think it's right to wash it from the beginning with the version that uses "Sea Island Cotton" this time.

This is because there are so many raw materials, threads and fabrics.

That's why this time it's unwashed, but you can really feel COMOLI's high-level sewing process.

Besides, since the fabric itself is black, it's easy to see the boundary line between the outline of the clothes and the air. reason.

Especially the left and right side of the body and the inside of the arm.

There's nothing here.

Recently, I've been thinking in my own way that I can understand how well this part is sewn at the sewing stage, or rather, how carefully finished it is. COMOLI's Thai locken coat is wonderful.

Well, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it, so it's just an image. image.

The quality of the stitching always has a big impact on the look and outline of the clothes, so it's very important.

So you can't take it lightly.

Also, sewing is not just about actually sewing with a sewing machine, ironing work before and after sewing is also important.

The level of sewing will be completely different depending on how carefully it is done.

This is the same for low-level factories, and the more high-level sewing factories, the more careful and time-consuming it becomes.

I think this is true in the field of clothes, whether it's casual clothes or dresses. in my experience.

The quality of its careful construction is overflowing from this Thai locken coat.

By combining that quality with Sea Island cotton this time, it has been realized to the extent that anyone who sees it can perceive it as a super-level coat.

I thought that 100% cotton coats would rarely reach this area, but COMOLI surpassed it with ease.

Because it's amazing.




What this coat felt at the level so far.

Because it's "black".

Black is dangerous, isn't it?

That's right.

How the black fabric reflects the light.

This is admirable.

And isn't the Tairokken coat designed to allow the fabric to move?

Every time you wear it, every time you move, it will catch your eye.

Well, I think that Mr. Komori of COMOLI was aiming for this “black” Tyroken coat to be worn in “Japanese streets” and not stand out.

I wear it and it's very comfortable.

If you have this in your hand, I think you will wear it frequently.

At our store, we have been selling them in stores since the 11th (Saturday), but there aren't many sizes 1 and 3 anymore.

Size 2 might still be cool.

If you are interested, please take a look at your expectations.

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