COMOLI cashmere jacket and pants

Today, I would like to introduce COMOLI clothes.

A very COMOLI, amazing appearance.

Clothes with this kind of mood may be made by Japanese brands that seem to be imitations of COMOLI at first glance, but first of all, they are fundamentally different. COMOLI is "on a different level".

I feel that there are several pieces of clothing in this collection that symbolize COMOLI, and this is one of them.

I think these are clothes that you can wear to enjoy Japan's "seasons" in a very positive way.

Moreover, it also looks very moody.


cashmere track jacket

face material _ CASHMERE 100%

lining material_SILK 100%

color _ CHARCOAL



cashmere climbing pants

face material _ CASHMERE 100%

color _ CHARCOAL


These two.

Regarding track jackets, the brand only carried NAVY last fall/winter, but at that time, we wanted to carry camel blouson, so we did not carry this series at our store.

This year, in addition to NAVY, which is fabric dyed, there is also a color called CHARCOAL, which is top dyed, which is dyed at a slightly earlier stage.

In comparison, I felt that this was of a higher quality than the NAVY dyed fabric, so I decided to carry CHARCOAL as soon as I saw it.

It is obvious that this series feels warm when worn, feels comfortable against the skin, and feels comfortable to the touch.

As you can see, it's called a track jacket.

The balance in all aspects, including the neck dimensions, is very well done.

This season, it plays the role of outerwear.

However, the dimensions are designed so that it can be inserted into the inner layer of heavy outerwear in the middle of winter.

As mentioned above, the fabric is yarn-dyed, top-dyed, and has the least loss of quality of raw materials.

As a result, it has a very good texture.

Also, what I feel is the yarn-dyed CHARCOAL coloring, and the touch and mood of this fabric.

This is outstanding and exudes a sense of luxury.

The look of this clothing allows you to wear it without any hesitation.

Mr. Komori of COMOLI does not think from a fashion point of view, but the most important thing is that during the cold season in Japan, the clothes will keep you warm and you will feel comfortable throughout the day when you wear them. I think they are making this series.

But, well, I think this look is a bit off-putting.

On the contrary, I think it greatly increases the luxury of this clothing.

Back side.

For the track jacket, the lining is all silk.

The reason is that they are the most comfortable to wear.

Up until the last collection, this series had been made using fabrics from overseas, but this time we use our original fabric, cashmere.

I believe that this has enabled us to further improve the quality of the fabric, and the silk lining that supports it behind the scenes.

This is already amazing.

We are proud of how comfortable it is to wear.

From this time of year until March, I change the purpose for each season and make clothes that I want to use ultra-heavy.

The back side is also sewn perfectly.

The processing of silk lining is also outstanding.

Look. please look.

The hem of the back of the lining is made of beautiful silk gathers.

The harmony with the elastic hem of the outer material, which is evenly distributed, is incredible.

These things have a huge impact on how comfortable it is when you actually use it.

Not just your body, but your mind too. These are clothes that you can wear comfortably and with peace of mind.

The pants are the first "climbing pants".

Built-in elastic belt at the waist.

When tightening the belt to adjust the waist, you can use the loop attached to the inside as a belt loop.

This specification is revolutionary.

This fabric is designed to be used in a natural and effortless manner without disrupting the mood of the clothes.

I think it's very well thought out.

The back has a flap pocket.

Also, with flap pockets, the facing (the back side of the pocket) can usually be changed to cotton or another fabric, but COMOLI does not do that.

When you put something in your pocket, your hand touches the back of the flap.

At that time, if it wasn't this cashmere, it would be meaningless.

The reason why this cashmere fabric was used for this clothing is because we put great importance on the idea of ​​``being able to spend the cold season comfortably.''

In that sense, I think this is a series of very well-crafted clothes that take into consideration the people who wear them and the people who use them.

I think these are details that best represent the COMOLI brand.

The placket is open with a button fly.

The reason this is not a zipper is of course due to comfort.

Button closures are definitely more advantageous when worn.

Some people say that zippers are better when going to the toilet, and I completely understand their point of view. Enough.

However, when it comes to pants, there are some fabrics that are suitable for zipper closures and others that are not.

Therefore, button closure is the best option for these pants.

the back of the pants.

The pants have no lining.

Therefore, you can fully experience COMOLI's original cashmere fabric on your lower body.

I might not be able to take this off anymore.

Quite comfortable.

Unlike knit pants, they are made of woven fabric, but on top of that, the fabric is shrinked to fill the eyes, which gives them a natural warmth and I think reduces the feeling of blowing in the wind.

Also, I think the fabric will not sag even with heavy use. This feeling.

The stitching on the back of the pants is also of a very good quality.

Also, since it is a full-stripe fabric, the edge of the fabric behind the outside seam is cut off, which gives it a softer feel compared to folded stitching, and is lighter than overlock stitching.

All to make you feel comfortable wearing it.

The fabric, the specifications, the design, everything is made for that purpose.

Still, it creates a great mood when worn.

That is the level of clothing that the COMOLI brand has.

Height 167cm, weight 52kg, size 1 for both top and bottom.

Experience overwhelming luxury and comfort.

I think COMOLI will give you a great sense of why we use cashmere.

Check it out if you like.

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