Recently, we have been introducing the "great items" for this autumn/winter season, and today we will also introduce CASANOVA&Co.'s "talented talent" for the autumn/winter season.

This fall/winter season will be the third handling. It is not a so-called "fashion brand" created as a collection.

However, it is very suitable for the autumn-winter season.



material_WOOL 100%



price_¥12,000-(+ tax)

COLDBREAKER born in Poland for medical purposes.

I think it was about four years ago.

I found it from a certain importer and asked him to produce it, so I don't think there are many that are the same. this.

Hooded boa vest.

I think you'll understand when you see it.

However, in general, polyester bores should be the main ones.

I wonder if it's a so-called recycled material.

Polyester is a material that is extremely bulky, so it's suitable for making boa-like items with a warm feel, but you can't help but feel the frivolity that's unique to synthetic fibers.

Then there's static electricity.

Well, such polyester fabrics should be post-processed to prevent static electricity, so static electricity can be suppressed to some extent, but there is still a "crackling" when layered with wool sweaters.

That should be true, fibers also have electrodes, and I forget which one is positive or negative, but polyester and wool have opposite electrodes. on the characteristics of the material.

Therefore, the combination of polyester boa + wool sweater or inner + wool sweater using polyester fiber is the worst combination for winter clothes.

Literally, it becomes "Batch Bachi".

Therefore, I recommend it to everyone.

100% wool boa.

Try wearing this COLDBREAKER vest over your high-quality wool sweater or animal hair (alpaca, cashmere, etc.) sweater.

Super comfortable.

Since the materials have the same electrodes, there is no need to worry about crackling, and you can feel the natural warmth that is unique to natural fibers.

And it has breathability that polyester does not have. It's not about letting the wind through.

to breathe.

It does not get stuffy and maintains the right temperature and humidity.

Furthermore, it is light. Light weight feeling that is contrary to the voluminous feeling when worn.

It's unique to 100% wool boa.

In the first place, as a brand, it is an original boa that aims to gently warm and care for the weakened body before and after surgery.

Experience the potential of natural fibers.

It has a solid volume.

There is thick piping on the pockets and edges of the fabric, but there is no lining.

L.GRAY is a light gray base blended with slightly darker gray wool.

Do you feel a little more transparent?

VIOLET looks like a combination of navy and red wool.

It's the first coloring that I've developed, but I'm making it with an image that shines in dark tones.

A feeling of size to be worried about is normal.

I'm 167cm and S size.

A vest that promises warmth, lightness, and comfort in winter, but the styling is very loose.

Please try to match it with high-quality clothes as much as possible.

I wear it over a 3-year-old MOTHER HAND artisan sweater, but it might be good to hide it under an outerwear such as a coat made of good quality material.

As for the care method, you don't have to worry about it, as you can see in the handling picture.

If you are not nervous, you can throw it in the washing machine.

It's safe to put it on the internet.

Feel free to wear it when it's cold and enjoy the range of styling.

Today, we will be lined up in the store from the 5th.

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