Code#1 for CASANOVA&Co.

Sneakers I made with AFOUR, which I've been telling you about the other day. "Code#1 for CASANOVA&Co." I wrote about the concept and general specifications on this blog yesterday, so please take a look at it. We have already received multiple inquiries, but the sale will start at 12:00 on the 11th (holiday/Friday). Only the first day will be sold at the store only. However, we have received calls from people far away, and we are still worried about moving, so it will only be possible if there is stock from around 12:00 on the 12th (Sat) the next day. However, we plan to sell it on our online store as well. The size is 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, which is a total of 6 sizes, which is a very conscientious size development. At 40, 25.5 cm. At 41, 26.5 cm. At 42, 27 cm. 43 and 27.5 cm. 44 and 28.5 cm. 45 and 29 cm. That's what I'm talking about. Well, I think the coloring is relatively strange, so I'm making it for a fairly biased audience. But for those who like it, I'm sure we can provide a world that can only be experienced with this. In the new condition, AFOUR's exceptional quality is still alive, but in terms of appearance, the new product is full of growth. Materials, nubuck and sole coloring, placement, combinations, laces. All of them come closer to the ideal figure that I have been aiming for from the beginning when I wear them persistently. That's why, instead of starting at the beginning, expect "beyond it". this. I introduced a glimpse yesterday, but I've been wearing it every day for more than half a year. Wrinkles on the upper, slight sunburn from the sun, liquid leaking from the hand of alcohol disinfection that exists at any entrance. Sometimes it rains. And scratches and natural dirt. All the phenomena encountered when wearing this work positively for this sneaker. Here is a new product. In a new car, the drifting air is inevitably hard. Regarding this. It looks too good. So break it with your own feet. However, in order to create shoes aiming for this utopia, we could not realize it without a brand that boasts an overwhelming construction in the world. It's not at all okay with any brand. If it hadn't gone through a production process that AFOUR is proud of, it would have been nothing more than a sneaker with a different color. I've been writing about it since the other day, but it's the foundation of meticulous and refined handwork. Without this, this sneaker will not be what it should be in a few years. Because of the structure that only a limited number of shoes have in the world, no matter how many years pass, no matter how dirty they are, they will continue to "stand on their own" and respond to your feet. No matter what kind of appearance you aim for, it is essential to maintain the quality that cannot be hidden. There is a word that is often used, "change over time," isn't it? That's all said based on appearances alone. I don't think anything can happen in the real world. "Real change over time" is what only a limited number of things in the world experience. Moreover, in the end, I think that the spirituality that dwells in things will be very influential. Something called "originality" that I often write about on this blog. Most of the things that exist in the world are imitations that are very similar to the original ones. It's like copying something from somewhere. After all, anything that is pioneering and not original is inferior in material and everything. in the field of fashion. Nothing that isn't original doesn't really age. I think that the aging that is talked about superficially is just worn out. So, in that sense as well, it would be great if you could look forward to what AFOUR produces. The trinity of coloring, materials, construction, and these elements made it possible to see a very moving scenery. Wear this anyway. that's all. You just can't avoid it. Then, the potential of the element will be revealed in a blink of an eye, and the super evolution that only this shoe has will occur. No matter how you look at it, I think it looks like a fine line, but in order to reach this kind of world, it can't be helped to narrow the strike zone as much as possible. In general, among the requirements for shoes, the goodness of matching with clothes is emphasized, isn't it? In this regard, it would be difficult to match with the same point of view as the countless number of shoes that exist in the world. Choose pants. perhaps. In general. Therefore, it is necessary to combine high-quality materials as much as possible. However, the world is full of sneakers that can be freely combined with anything. There are plenty of other things like that out there, so for this pair of shoes, we wanted to revive the romance that sleeps at the root of fashion, where the owner "matches" the shoes. Well, if there is a possibility that you will get these shoes, will you easily overcome such a hurdle? I think. It's only been about half a year, but even if I keep wearing it every day, I don't feel like it's going to collapse. This ability is overwhelming. It is a proof that Mr. Izumi's thorough attitude is pierced. Also, regarding daily maintenance, it is best not to worry about anything in particular. It's suitable for the feeling of worrying about what you don't care about and wearing it. I only brushed it a few times when it got covered in sand in the park. So if I had to force it, it would be about brushing. After that, wear it all the time. As for size selection, AFOUR shoes come in two patterns. Size choice like leather shoes. Choice as a sneaker. The feature of the new product is that it feels a little smaller. As you wear it, the leather of the upper will stretch and the insole will sink, so the size will increase. With that in mind, the first method is to choose the perfect size as shown, even if it is a tight fit at first, just like leather shoes. The second is to choose one size up because it is a sneaker. There is also a method of squeezing the shoe laces when the leather stretches and the insole sinks. For these two, please choose whichever you prefer. Both are correct choices. Finally, regarding the price, this is the model that we have been developing at our store. Like Code MattBlack, it is \39,600- (including tax). Sneakers that are filled with the essence of our store and AFOUR. It will be on sale from February 11 (holiday, Friday).
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