CHACOLI "FRAME TOTE" white and black

Today, let me introduce the CHACOLI bag. It's a very inventive tote bag. But it feels a little different. Until now, only WHITE was handled, and recently, there were only two large choices, 02 and 03. That's why we're also preparing BLACK this time. As for the shape, I only chose 04, 05, and 06, but both are available in both colors, so if you include WHITE 02 and 03, you can see a total of 8 variations. think. There are also two types of card cases. I didn't take a picture. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 04 color_BLACK CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 04 color_WHITE A bag that rises to the sky. Among them, this is the first. "04" is the only CHACOLI tote bag with a vertical shape. I've introduced it on this blog in the past, and I've introduced it in stores, so I think some of you already know, but CHACOLI's bags are "A bag designed with the user in mind." The 8 different shapes from 01 to 08 are not just a size expansion, but a bag that has been created by asking people in many professions to use samples before making it, and facing the user. I think this CHACOLI bag is an inventive bag. I wrote it at the beginning. This is because there is no bag in the world with such high quality made of canvas. And this model "04" was used by the "editor" and was designed based on it. As mentioned above, vertical type. The interior is divided into two layers. This is because the "editor" wants to write while traveling by train, etc., so he can sit down and use it as a desk, so that it does not protrude beyond the width of his knees. It's becoming For that reason, it has a vertically long shape, and its size is suitable for daily use. It goes without saying that CHACOLI's major premise of being able to properly separate and store things inside is clear, and A4 size can be easily accommodated, and depending on the person, I think it has enough capacity for work and combined use. From 01 to 05, the bottom material of recycled leather made by Salamander in Germany is included. Recycled leather is made by crushing leather and hardening it with resin. With CHACOLI logo. With this, you can rest assured that even if you put a computer or documents in it, it will function as a core material at the bottom. And on the handle Full vegetable tanned leather from Conceria 800 (Conceria Ottocento) in Italy. and Similarly, Italian FIOCCHI (Fiocchi) company snap. This combination is perfect. So, in the invisible, there is a built-in spring core. Full vegetable tannin leather with a core material is tough and full of security the moment you hold it. I don't feel the slightest bit of unreliability. And Fiocchi's snap is also outstanding in the world for its high durability and smartness. Speaking of CHACOLI, it also has an overwhelming feeling that will continue to be independent forever. Normally, if you say a canvas tote bag, it will naturally collapse due to the weight when placed. But CHACOLI doesn't have that even if I keep using it. If you look at the actual bag, you'll understand, but the canvas tape that covers the handle, the edges of the inner partition, and the entire circumference of the bag is built in. Furthermore, the canvas body is impregnated with melamine resin in an original canvas that pursues lightness. With this, you can create a hard body that surprises everyone. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 05 color_BLACK CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 05 color_WHITE This is "05". 04 is an editor, and 05 is a model of a "muffin shop". The only "three-layer structure" introduced this time. And the width is compact, and the height is also compact. Due to the three-layer structure, it has a wide depth and a rare sense of stability when placed. This 05 size is designed for muffin shops, so you can store ingredients, recipe books, and your own luggage separately, and it is designed to fit easily in a shopping basket or bicycle basket. Three-layer structure, body sewn with straight super-thick thread. Canvas tape that is built into the seam allowance as well as the main body. Sew this all at once. The seam allowance is shockingly hard, but this is absolutely impossible in a factory that sews not only clothes but also ordinary bags. Super special sewing. CHACOLI bag. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 06 color_BLACK CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 06 color_WHITE Finally "06". Compared to the previous 05, this one is a little more compact and has a two-layer structure. For daily use, this may be the most convenient model for both men and women. I myself use 01 on a daily basis, including at work, but I also use 06 from time to time. It's small enough to be easily carried around, and has ample capacity especially when you don't carry documents or a computer. I feel that coexistence. Especially for those who don't have a lot of things, it may be good. It has a two-layer structure and is compact in size. 04-06 differ in capacity and the presence or absence of bottom material, but the details and basic design are the same. Comparison of 3 sizes. WHITE, I think you can really understand the CHACOLI peculiar sense of construction. I think the advantage of BLACK is that it gives a tight impression and you don't have to worry about getting it dirty. Well, I use WHITE, but it's impregnated with melamine resin, so I don't mind the dirt on the surface. It's partly because I don't care. Also, if you take care of the leather on the steering wheel, it's okay to take a shower and scrub it with something like a scrubbing brush and wash it. That way there is also a positive change in the canvas of the main body, so it's best to let them use it anyway. Please select according to your application. Check it out if you like it.
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