The time has finally come to introduce this brand. I've been waiting for this moment for about 3 years. In other words, it took about three years until we were able to handle it. CHACOLI. Maybe there are people who know. bag brand. Japanese. It is a bag that cannot be seen anywhere else, and I thought that this CHACOLI bag would like to handle it, so I contacted them, and before I knew it, it was about 3 years ago. Well, actually earlier than that, I think. As far as I know now, I think it's the most difficult brand to handle in Japan. I think it would be difficult to meet Mr. Shiraishi, who runs CHACOLI, at your shop. something like that. I don't know if I can say this, but when I contacted you for the first time, I was able to meet you as a result. Mr. Komori from COMOLI recommended me, so I was able to meet him. The first time we met was about three years ago. But, it felt like a long time from there. I was still inexperienced, and I couldn't convince Mr. Shiraishi. I don't think so. smile A struggle in a super struggle. smile But that's because there's something "put" in the CHACOLI bag. I think it's a matter of course. On the brand side, the lifeline of the brand depends on the stores that carry it. Since the brand is "trusted" by dealing with shops, it is not like everything will go smoothly when it comes to this kind of thing. After meeting him several times, after a while, I called Mr. Shiraishi again for the first time in a year. And we were able to meet again. I've met him many times and talked to him many times, but this time I hit Mr. Shiraishi with my spirit that I think I've grown a few centimeters more than before. I didn't hit it. I told you. politely. So it's sunny, and I've been lined up in the store since yesterday. CHACOLI bag. This bag. All CHACOLI bags are thoroughly designed and manufactured for the people who use them. There are eight sizes in total, but all of them differ in internal structure, size, and handle design. It is not like a general bag maker making proposals to the user from the manufacturer's side, but the most important thing is that the "user" is the first and that the bag will be a proper "tool" for the user. A bag created by looking at it. For example, it is not the size development of "large, medium, and small" that most bag makers and brands have. "It is a bag that thoroughly pursues whether it is possible to create a bag. It may look like a simple bag for a moment, but it's completely different. Totally. The bag, which pursues the ultimate goal of being a "real tool for storing and carrying things", is overwhelming. Even if you search all over the world, I think that only CHACOLI can do this. A superhuman miracle design that makes you think you can do this with a bag. This is the result of the research and development that Mr. Shiraishi and the other members of the CHACOLI team spent a lot of time on. So there are 8 options. This is because, as mentioned earlier, it is "thoughtfully thought out" according to the lifestyle and purpose of the user. You don't usually have such a wide range of options. However, there is one that is the best match among the 8 types for those who will surely get it. This brand changes the concept of bags. Everyone should have one. Everyone. Or rather, I think you'll want to have one. That is CHACOLI. First, let me give you a general introduction. From the structure, it is too complicated to explain in detail, so I would like to talk about my three years' worth at the store first. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 02 This 02 is the beginning of all eight types of bags that the brand has researched and developed. Bag = a tool for carrying things inside Considering this, the necessary conditions are that the contents inside can be neatly organized and not mixed up, and that they must be highly durable so that they can be used continuously as tools. Under the condition that Mr. Shiraishi of CHACOLI started manufacturing in 2011. The first form was the 02. It has a solid capacity and is roughly divided into three layers. Strictly speaking, there are more partitions. A bag that aims to be ultra-heavy and can be used continuously, from large to small to heavy items. Mr. Shiraishi put in something heavy, continued to use it for two years, and repeated verification, research, and corrections. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 01 This is 01. We made the 02 I mentioned earlier, asked Mr. Morioka, the owner of Morioka Shoten, to use it, and the result was the development of the 01. Mr. Morioka from Morioka Shoten often carries around a lot of old foreign books, and if he had a 02 or an existing bag, the large-sized old books would protrude a little from the opening of the bag. And when you put a lot of old books in it, it's heavy and burdensome, and it seems that you needed a bag that you can put your arm in the handle and support it with your hand. That's why the 01 is designed to be a few centimeters taller than the 02, and the handle is shorter, so you can carry it with your hand through the handle and stretch it to the bottom of the bag. Furthermore, this CHACOLI bag does not have any zippers. Zippers are usually attached to bags, aren't they? Still not present in CHACOLI. It seems that this reason also got a hint from Mr. Morioka of Morioka Shoten. Isn't it convenient to close the mouth with a zipper? However, when you put things inside, I think that the metal of the zipper may damage things or rub your hands. I have also experienced scratches from bags several times. Mr. Morioka of Morioka Shoten was concerned that the old book would be damaged by the zipper, so the prototype that originally had a zipper does not have a zipper at all. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 03 This is 03. This was born from a paper shop called Papier Labo, which sells paper products. Compared to 01 and 02, which have a slightly wider gusset and have a three-layer structure, we didn't need to sort them that far. It is a bag with a layered structure. And the only model with an outside pocket so that you can quickly take out what you need. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 04 This 04 was born from the usage of the bag that was used by the editor. Compared to 01, 02, and 03, it has a shape that is vertically elongated or has a reduced width. It was designed for editors so that they can lay down their bags on their knees while on the train and write on it. In addition, the width of the handle is narrowed to make it easier for women to hold, so that it fits comfortably in the hand. These 01 to 04 are large enough to fit A4 size or larger items. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 05 05 was completed after having a muffin shop use it. It is designed with three layers so that the ingredients and recipe book can be placed just right and the items inside can be neatly separated. And although it has a gusset width due to its three-layer structure, it is large enough to fit the bag itself into a bicycle basket or shopping basket. As with the 04, the width of the handle is set narrow so that women can easily hold it. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 06 A little more compact and easier to carry than the previous 05. Whereas 05 had a three-layer structure, this one has two layers. And the vertical size has been cut, making it a better fit shape. Even if you don't have a lot of luggage, I think this is outstanding. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 07 This is a small series 07. It seems that there is no specific person, but in addition to the above people, carpenters, florists, university professors, and other people from many other professions have used it, and it was born as a result of verifying the uses of various people. is a CHACOLI bag. Among them, 07 was born from the idea of ​​a "tool store" for carrying things. It's not big, but it has a three-layer structure and a gusset, so you can sort things. CHACOLI FRAME TOTE 08 This is almost the same height as 07, but 08 has a two-layer structure instead of three. Please think about the number of partitions according to the life of the person who uses it. Well, I don't think I've experienced anything other than CHACOLI that a compact bag like this can be used without messing up the contents. surely. This is side view. 01 and 02 from the left. Both have a three-layer structure. 03, 04, 05 from the left. Also from the left, 06, 07, 08. this. 01 from the top. This is the internal structure. Broadly speaking, it's a three-layered structure, but it's not a three-layered structure where everything is evenly distributed. There are places that can be used for stabbing pens, etc., and storage areas that are suitable for storing small and thin items, even for large-capacity items. He's so attentive that he doesn't care. CHACOLI's bag is characterized by its ability to stand on its own forever, even though it is a canvas bag. I don't think there are many bags that exist in the world that can stand on their own. It stands on its own like an attaché case. The reason is the canvas tape that is also used for the handle. this. If you look closely, you can see that the tape is doubled inside and outside, sandwiching the main body. Such a thing. And that's do you understand? The canvas tape is used not only for the handle, but also for the edges where the body is sewn together, up to the bottom. And even to the edge of the internal partition. In other words, all the "vertical stitches" that go into this bag. All parts are covered with extra-thick, durable canvas tape. And that creates the "framework" of CHACOLI's bags and always supports them. Therefore, even if you continue to use it, it will continue to stand on its own forever. Super groundbreaking. No matter what scene you use it, it won't be sloppy. After all, he must have been a smart man. Women too, of course. There are no parts attached to the bottom, but there is canvas tape around the frame inside. Super safe. And the fabric of this body. To put it simply, it's canvas. You said it was about No. 8 canvas. Mr. Shiraishi. When creating the CHACOLI bag, of course, the materials that make up the bag were originally considered and researched, starting with the thread. This is what I ended up with. However, at that time, it turned out to be not the original fabric, but the one that originally existed. However, it seems that this was the most ideal thing to think about in various aspects. Currently, it seems that it is not the fabric that is normally distributed, but the fabric that is made exclusively for CHACOLI. The material is cotton. It seems that it is not made high density. This density is the best balance because it becomes too heavy if it is made high density. This "lightweight" is also one of the major features of CHACOLI. It's light anyway. Take it and be surprised. Furthermore, there is no anxiety factor even if it is not high density. The fabric is "impregnated" with resin. It's not coating. I'm soaking The coating is only applied to the surface, but by impregnating it, each thread is properly coated with resin, giving the body a hard touch. I think that you can also feel a sense of security that you can entrust this without worry. It's a very well made fabric. The parts that make up the bag are also first-class. The handle is made of full vegetable tannin leather from Conceria800 (Conceria Ottomento) in Italy. This furutan is also important. It doesn't contain chrome, so I think it's beneficial to continue using it. When you hold a new one for the first time, you may feel that the chrome one feels better in your hand for a moment, but that's really only the beginning. Full tan leather is more suitable for CHACOLI bags in the medium to long term. It's quite thick. This is also a reliable point. And a snap to fasten the leather for bundling the handle. The 01-03 comes with 3 snaps, and the others come with 2 snaps, which are also of high quality. It is a snap of Italy, FIOCCHI (Fiocchi) company. Well, it feels different when you put it on and take it off, it looks beautiful, and above all, it's a premise that you can continue to use it tough. The parts that make up such a bag are also very important, but I have no complaints at all. The leather is full vegetable tannin, so it can be cut off, and I think you can fully feel the high quality of this CHACOLI bag from the handle alone. And this. 01 to 05 bags will contain this as the bottom core. Recycled leather (regenerated leather) made by Salamander in Germany. CHACOLI name is included. It's made by collecting scraps of leather and hardening them with resin. The main body of the bag is enough, but this is included so that the contents can be more stably supported. It's the bottom core, and it's just this solid. It's not fluent, it's independent. So, this is my bag that I started using from the moment it was delivered to our store. I've been using FRANK LEDER's German leather backpack for 8 or 9 years. smile Then graduate. It's December now, so I'm calm, but I have a lot of business trips, so I'm 01. When I go on a business trip, I sometimes need to bring back a large amount of materials on my way home, so I needed this. If it's 01, 02, or 03, I think it's a size that can be accommodated for one night. It's been about 10 days since I've used it, but I'm getting used to my body. The handle also has something called a "spring core", and it's rounded to fit the shape of the shoulder. I've tried to use it in a random way, but the hard canvas and tape are very solid, but they respond flexibly. So, I didn't put much contents on this day, but I can store it properly. Because there are so many variations. Take a look at your life and choose what works best for you. Well, I haven't taken a picture of what it looks like when I wear it, so just imagine it. in the image. Also, yes. Because it's white, you might be worried about it getting dirty, but CHACOLI bags have 3 options for washing. ・ Part 1 (slight dirt) Rub with an eraser. ・ Part 2 (moderate dirt) Dilute the detergent with water about 20 times, put it on a towel and hit it + wipe it off. ・Part 3 (Those who enjoy change even though they are not so dirty) Wrap the handle with a towel to prevent the leather from getting wet. Then take a shower. Depending on the degree of dirt, apply detergent or something similar to Utamaro and scrub with a brush such as a scrubbing brush or toothbrush. wash off. Reshape and dry. There is a method. The impregnated canvas becomes a little softer after washing, but the tape that supports it as a framework will still move, so it will always stand on its own. It may be best to wait until the main body becomes softer and the softness and toughness of the tape coexist. I thought I'd wash it right away, but I still have three years' worth of feelings, so I haven't washed it yet because I want to enjoy it in brand new condition. I'll post what I washed again. another thing, CHACOLI SL01, SL02 We also handle this. card case. You're so beautiful. A bi-color card case made of black cowhide with glass processing. Moreover, it is seamless. CHACOLI's bag is made up of perfectly straight stitchwork, but this one is non-sewn. It seems that there are too many processes for non-sewing because there are no seams, but it is connected to this appearance. It also has a two-layer structure. 5mm x 5mm SL01 and 5mm x 10mm SL02. The price is \1,000-(+tax) difference. The edges of the leather are also neatly and carefully treated with edge. 5mm x 5mm SL01. 5mm x 10mm SL02. SL01 from the left, SL02 on the right. The thickness is slightly different by 5mm inside. The CHACOLI logo is only embossed on the inside. very smart. Contrast of black and white leather. Not only the color, but also the glass leather with a strong black gloss. Soft nuanced leather with white grain. The quality is top-notch, and I've seen many designers with whom I've exchanged business cards use them. For people who carry a card case on a daily basis or who have the opportunity to exchange business cards, I think this is also very useful. Check out the CHACOLI series.
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