Let me introduce you to my bag today. "CECCHI DE ROSSI" "Check de Rossi" Italy is one of the world's leather-producing regions and wine-producing regions. There is a bag designer named Tommaso Cecchi de Rossi. The atelier is located in Pescia, which is deep in the mountains of Italy and has abundant water resources. The designer family's old family business is a "winery", which is unique to Italy. It seems that I was setting up. CECCHI DE ROSSI's designer, Tommaso Cecchi de Rossi, has been visiting Pescia's workshop in Guidi for a long time. That's why I was just helping out, or rather, I was working as an assistant. Well, if you were doing it at Guidi in the world, you would be able to learn how to use the texture of leather and how to bring out the characteristics of the material. This CECCHI DE ROSSI is made by combining the leather technology I got there and the wine I have at home. CECCHI DE ROSSI ARMOR DOCTOR material_HORSE color_WHITE size_ONE *Sold out CECCHI DE ROSSI ARMOR DOCTOR material_CALF color_GLASS BLACK size_ONE *Sold out I will introduce these two today. A "DOCTOR BAG" with a "non-sewn" bag body. Doctor must see. smile We have been dealing with CECCHI DE ROSSI leather bags for many years, but this time it is the series named "ARMOR" that most symbolizes the brand. I don't know how many of these have arrived in Japan. It's quite a piece that blows away even in the brand. When looking at CECCHI DE ROSSI leather items, it is absolutely essential that ・No sewing ・Perevino Treatment These two. I think that anyone can understand the non-sewing. Because of the characteristics of a bag, it is necessary to be able to put things inside and carry them around, so it is a condition that things can be put inside and wrapped, and that they are still inside even if they move. For that reason, I don't know if it's round or square, but it needs to be that kind of shape. There is a bottom, a wall, and depending on the thing, a ceiling. Wet the leather to be placed on each of them with "water" to soften it, then press it into a wooden mold and mold it. This technique is called a mold, but the only country in the world where this can be done is Italy, followed by Thailand? Indonesia? It is said that about Then sew the molded leather together. Instead of sewing, we connect them without sewing. This creates an impressive shape. This is it. rounded corners. Ignore the stitches used to attach the zipper. There are 4 points on the top and 4 points on the bottom for a total of 8 points that are seamlessly connected three-dimensionally. But you say water is not good for leather, right? Anyone know. A leather specialist takes the trouble to soak it in water. However, the leather quality is not bad at all. Just like human skin, leather is okay when it gets wet, but it's important when it dries. After taking a bath, everyone also applies lotion or milky lotion to the skin, right? Otherwise it will dry out and hurt. Leather is the same. When it dries, the nutrients fly away with it. So if you just wet it, it means that water is not good for leather. Well, when it comes to my level, I haven't used lotion or anything like that for years, and I'm trying to compensate with what comes out of my pores, so I'm blowing powder in winter, but I don't care about my face. It's because you're wearing enough good material for places other than your face. Well, let's leave it at that. . CECCHI DE ROSSI leather, especially the ARMOR series, is characterized by non-sewing molding with this mold manufacturing method, so it is necessary to wet it with water. But there are some things that other brands just can't do. That is "Perevino Treatment". This is a technique that dyes the leather after it is molded, and it is a technique that has an "international patent". That includes things that other brands can't do. This is an original technique of CECCHI DE ROSSI, but two methods are used in Perevino treatment. ·wine ・Natural raw materials I use these two to process the leather. Specifically, dyeing. White wine and natural ingredients for light leather. For darker leathers, red wine and natural ingredients are used. However, this is not called "DYE" by the brand. It's called "Treatment". This is important. What do you mean by Natural raw materials are used depending on the color of the finished leather product, but the raw materials are mixed with wine according to the color, and the leather is dyed with it. And the wine used at that time. Tannin is the main component of wine. The tannin acts on the leather, which loses its nutrients as it gets wet and dries, and the leather is "treated". Isn't there a process called "tanning" that is necessary until the leather is finished? There are two types of tanning. ・Chrome tanning ・Tannin tanning yes. Perevino treatment using this wine leads to tanning leather at the same time as dyeing. It's a very reasonable method. And, far from being completely damaged by wetting the leather with water, the texture of the leather appears. The surface is uneven and uneven due to natural ingredients, but I think people who like this kind of thing will like it. And you can feel the potential of leather that will change with every use for many years from here. It seems that this black is red wine and black plants. Lining of calf leather with fluff. The quality of the leather is outstanding fineness of texture. White is white wine and alum. Alum is a salt made up of aluminum and potassium. This is horse leather. You can feel that the leather is tighter and thinner than the previous calf. There is unevenness in the color of black and white. In a good way. CECCHI DE ROSSI's bag comes with a high level of accessories. The fastener is Italy, LAMPO. The processing of the edge of the leather is also neat. There are aluminum parts here and there, but these are all parts machined from a lump of aluminum. So it's pretty solid. The contrast between the leather processed with natural materials and wine and the small but heavy aluminum parts works well. The attachment of the handle is sewn by hand. It is sewn repeatedly over and over again. A bullet button is placed on each side of the inside. This will appear later, but it is used to attach the attached shoulder belt. The shoulder belt is removable and the length can be adjusted. So this. Preeminent interior. What a three-layer structure. The motif is an old doctor's bag that holds a lot of necessary items. It is designed so that it can be separated. Moreover, the processing of the edge of the leather is also neat. I don't want to close the lampo zipper anymore. I want to show you how this interior looks. And this bag is even better. Normal time. side open. yes. There is a gusset. It changes to a large-capacity bag according to the amount of storage. It has quite a lot of storage. Well, I didn't take a picture of it, so I don't think you can tell how big it is. Quite big. It would be nice if you thought. The random markings are left as they are. Well, I think that this kind of part has a considerable sense, the quality of leather is perfect, and the form has great power. Just wearing a T-shirt, jeans and this bag has the power to take you to a completely different world. In addition, the change in the leather after using it is a masterpiece. A transcendental atmosphere that makes it hard to tell when the bag is from. Because of the three-dimensional molding, the leather of the main body is hard and you don't have to worry about it losing its shape. Shoulder belt attached to each. There are no stitches here either, and it is the texture of thick tanned leather itself. Attach this to the previous Giboshi button. To say The length of this belt is just right for me. I wish I had taken a picture of what I had. Well, imagine the size by turning your head on the length of the belt. smile I don't buy bags very often, so it may be a high hurdle, but it might be good to get something like this and keep using it anyway. It's a leather bag that will surely respond to long-term use. Take a look.
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