"BODHI" also from 23rd (Sat)

I've been letting you know from the other day, but it's a limited time event from the 23th (Sat). Along with Graphpaper, which will be the fourth consecutive year, this will be the third consecutive year since the debut season. BODHI As we announced the other day, Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the store on the 23rd (Saturday). As I introduced in this blog a few days ago, I used "a large amount" of "white cashmere" from "Inner Mongolia", which is the highest quality of cashmere called "the king of textiles", to make it specs that can be worn every day. BODHI is characterized by being It feels great on the skin, keeps you at a temperature that feels like you're always submerged in lukewarm water, and is incredibly durable. Cashmere collection aimed at 100% of it. During this period, we have BODHI's cashmere series that you can purchase and take home immediately. In addition, we will have a period where you can order the crew neck "HEAVY WEIGHT SWEAT SHIRT" series in normal size and big size. The good thing about real cashmere is that it can be used for 10, 20, 30 years in excellent condition without deteriorating. It is best to see and choose from various variations on this occasion. I wrote a similar article about the quality of BODHI's cashmere the other day, so it would be nice if you could take a look at it, but today I'd like to introduce the lineup again. BODHI PREMIUM CASHMERE HOODIE material_CASHMERE 100% color_GRAY BODHI PREMIUM CASHMERE HOODIE material_CASHMERE 100% color_YELLOW BODHI PREMIUM CASHMERE HOODIE material_CASHMERE 100% color_PINK A cashmere sweater with unexpected colors. The material is super quality. But the colors are too vivid. Gray is the color of a fully fleece sweatshirt. Yellow is kindergarten yellow. Pink is a color that belongs to a world far from the finest. in a positive way. I had never seen cashmere clothes with this kind of color until I met BODHI, but this is one of the characteristics of BODHI. Because the raw material is white cashmere, it achieves unbelievable vivid coloring. And this. The amount of fiber in the cashmere used is staggering. Cashmere sweaters are mostly high-gauge, but compared to such sweaters, the amount of cashmere used is as much as eight clothes. Therefore, an overwhelming heavy feeling. Anyone who sees this in real life can be convinced that it can be used for ultra heavy use. And the kangaroo pocket is of course the same material. The hood is double-layered and stands on its own when worn, giving it volume. This hood alone is the equivalent of a cashmere sweater on Theory street. Even the string is the same cashmere. The clothes are filled with a lot of the same fibers. Also, when it comes to things like cashmere, there are only basic colors that can be mixed and matched, but BODHI is suitable for a different vector. It's a great game. this sweater. The ribs on the hem and cuffs, which are prone to stress, are set strong at first so that they can be worn every day. Although it is a heavy fabric, it is a major premise that even details like this can withstand heavy use, and I think you can see that we are aiming for that. Feeling long double sleeve rib. Soft and fluffy white cashmere. Threading thin cashmere fiber, twisting it, and filling it with a tremendous amount of stitches. It is a quality that gives you a sense of security and trust that you can trust BODHI immediately when you wear it. Wear it a lot and let this heavy white cashmere get used to the owner's upper body. And this too. Thermal. Cotton is the base. An original thermal developed by blending Inner Mongolia and white cashmere used by BODHI. BODHI SUMMER COTTON CASHMERE THERMAL material _ COTTON 90%, CASHMERE 10% color_WHITE BODHI SUMMER COTTON CASHMERE THERMAL material _ COTTON 90%, CASHMERE 10% color_NAVY 2 colors of white and navy. Because Mr. Mizutani also likes vintage wear. The motif is that of American vintage garments. It looks like a clean thermal that was useful in the clothing scene a long time ago or two years ago. But the materials and fabrics are completely different. The resonance of organic cotton and cashmere. Thermal is originally equipped with a thermoregulatory function in the knitted fabric itself. Therefore, it can be used as an inner layer to keep you warm, especially in the cold season. Plus, it's a blend of 10% cashmere. It feels like it's only 10%, but cashmere has the characteristic of changing the texture of the fabric significantly by mixing even just a few percent. In addition, this blend ratio is determined by the total weight, so cashmere is a lighter fiber than cotton, so the amount used is greater than the percentage. That's why it's completely different from cotton thermal. A fabric that coexists with more bulge and softness than it looks. As for construction, the standard thermal is overlocked at the hem, but this has been properly processed by changing the knitting structure at the edge of the fabric. That's why, even if it looks like an inner layer, it's not embarrassing to wear it alone. Ribbed sleeves. Recently, many of the items that are classified as such cut and sew have a flat surface and a beautiful texture. I think wearing this will bring a moderate amount of style to your style. Also, it is very comfortable to wear and has excellent heat retention when worn on bare skin, so even if you are one of the coldest people in Japan, you will definitely be able to spend the winter comfortably if you wear this as an inner layer. Also, the very reliable clothes brush that BODHI made with KENT this season will be on sale at the store. And, as mentioned earlier, the cashmere knit crew neck of the same weight as the PREMIUM CASHMERE HOODIE will be available in regular size Ver. and BIG size Ver. There is no need to be nervous at all, but with proper care, cashmere products will last for a long time. We would appreciate it if you could consider the BODHI lineup and make the best choice.
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