Special T-shirt

Today, I'd like to introduce you to something special.

In the summer so far, we thought there would be demand, so we have prepared a variety of "T-shirts" from various brands that we normally carry.

Well, there are T-shirts everywhere, not only in select shops, but also in second-hand clothing stores, clothing stores, and I thought it would be nice to have something for all kinds of people.

But this season, we've gotten rid of that mentality.

I thought about various things, but I decided to sell T-shirts that are unique to CASANOVA&CO and show them to everyone.

So this Spring/Summer season, T-shirts may have a much more limited lineup than ever before.

However, no matter where we look, we are preparing items that are full of "the originality of the brand" that other brands cannot make.

In the first place, the existence of "T-shirts" can be made regardless of whether the level of the clothing brand is high or low. Things that are just printed using the body also exist like a "proper product" as a matter of course.

It's at a level where everyone in the class can make it at the school festival.

That's why, this season, we only carry items that reflect the originality of the brands that we carry.

Because of that, I think it would be meaningful for us to introduce the existence of "T-shirts" to our customers for the first time.

So that's the line-up for this season. than ever before.

And what I'm going to introduce today is one of the best.

Until now, I thought that "Yamauchi" T-shirts were the best in the world.

However, a T-shirt has appeared that has both a side that is not defeated by it and a side that is greatly superior.

It was an exhibition of the brand that was held around last summer.

To be honest, the brand has a strong tendency to specialize, so the "spring/summer" season was extremely weak.

However, even after the brand debuted, I have been studying it diligently.

About three years? For a long time, it seems that I was trying to figure out how to create something that was in the mind of the brand.

Inevitably, it is difficult to develop the ideal material in Japan.

That's how he persevered across countries and took the time to challenge development.

Well, it was last summer.

Originally, I didn't want to display them as a collection, but as "samples" because I wanted people who visited the exhibition to see them.

But when I saw it, I was more moved by this than the brand's collection lineup.

So, I asked "Let me handle this" on the spot.

After that, I thought about it a bit, but after discussing various things, I was finally able to place an order.

Moreover, this season, I was most attracted to it, so just that. smile

It's a special T-shirt from CASANOVA&CO this season. this.


Cashmere T-shirt.





material_CASHMERE 100%



Cashmere, as mentioned above.

Moreover, it is not cotton or blended.

A 100% cashmere T-shirt that has nothing but cashmere.

It's obvious, but please don't think, "Isn't this hot?"

If it's a T-shirt that's hot to wear in the coming season, I won't even introduce it here, and my heart won't be moved.

A bit comfortable for the upcoming summer.

By the way, there is also a long-sleeve version, but that might be good all year round. If you wear it as an innerwear, you can wear it all year round.

Well, either way, everyone will definitely be promised a t-shirt and a long tee from the unexperienced zone.

Be stunned.


Well, let me explain briefly.

Cashmere fiber has many properties.

It is "warm" that is widely recognized by many people.

The reason is that when you look at the cross section of the fiber, the inside is hollow.

It's called "hollow fiber".

Well, there are other hollow fibers like that, but isn't cashmere fiber the hair of a "cashmere goat"?

Cashmere goats live in various places around the world, but the "cashmere fiber" that is basically used for clothes is the body hair of those who live in environments where the temperature difference is extreme and where a living human being cannot sustain life. It's used.

As a result, the body hair has undergone a radical evolution, and the fibers themselves have various characteristics.

In addition to the "hollow state" mentioned above, it is now recognized as a "warm fiber" by combining it with other characteristics.

Well then, Mr. Mizutani from BODHI.

Mr. Mizutani himself says that cashmere changed his life.

while in the sauna.

It seems that he has a professional sauna qualification.

Therefore, the brand came up with another major feature of cashmere fiber in addition to "warmth", which is "thermoregulation function".

If you can make use of this, you may be able to stay cool and comfortable even in the summer.

But, well, it seems that the hurdle was so high that it took years.

As a result, we crushed the "hollow" cashmere fiber, which was originally "hollow", so that it would not retain heat.

I set it to "thermoregulation function" only.

The result is a t-shirt that is super comfortable, smooth, cool, and amazing.


Well, that's how the fibers are made, so the cashmere yarn for this T-shirt is said to be "BODHI original" cashmere yarn.

From the very beginning, he had wanted to make a T-shirt out of this, so he created a yarn that BODHI thought was the best, called "80-count two-ply yarn," which he had been researching at the brand.

Inner Mongolia in China is one of the harshest environments in the world.

Cashmere "strongly combed" using 100% white cashmere there.

"strong twist"



you know.

Most of the cashmere that exists in the world is fluffy "wool" made for sweaters.

So it's completely different.

Original 80-count hard-twisted worsted white cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

Already, this alone is dangerous.



I think you can understand the feel of the fabric when you see it.

The real thing is amazing.

BODHI wanted to make a T-shirt, so it's shaped like a T-shirt.

It's not a T-shirt that things are emitting.

you have a great aura

I've always wanted to find something good within the limited framework of T-shirts, but so far, I've never come across a T-shirt of this quality.


The cashmere is worsted and strongly twisted, and finished with an original recipe, so the natural luster peculiar to the fiber comes out abundantly, and the touch is transcendent.

The color is black, but the reflection makes it no longer look black.

Still, the drape when worn is not ordinary.

It has the same type of drape as the Ferreira mohair made by Kuzuri Keori and Yamauchi, which we sold in December.

On top of that, it's extremely windy, so if you see it in person, I don't think you'll have to worry about sweat stains in the middle of summer.

Well, it's been a long time since I've appeared.




Well, I couldn't get it in focus, so it's blurry.

not to worry. in the atmosphere. atmosphere.

Worsted cashmere shines and is strongly twisted, but because it is a special grade white cashmere, the fibers themselves are long.

That's why you can feel the softness peculiar to the fiber even if it is strongly twisted.

This is a picture of something close to a general T-shirt at the same magnification.

It's 100% cotton.

Do you know how the cashmere thread tightens and looks different compared to cotton?

This makes a big difference when it becomes an item and when you wear it.

In the first place, at BODHI, we wanted to create something with the exact same structure as a "T-shirt," which is something that cannot be achieved with an ordinary T-shirt.

But because the fibers are not ordinary, they are able to make amazing things.


By the way, the sewing specifications are similar to those of a regular cotton T-shirt.

The neck is switched with tight cashmere, and the back neck and shoulders are treated to prevent stretching.

This is a specification that cannot normally be applied to cashmere fabric.




The processing on the back side is not a flat seamer.

A treatment applied to general cotton T-shirts that have elasticity.

This is not normally possible with cashmere.


Sewing on the back of the sleeve.

This is also the same as a proper cotton T-shirt.

The seams are stretchable.


laundry display.

Of course, laundry is OK.

Because it's something that assumes the future.

I have confirmed many times that there is no major deterioration such as fluffing or shrinkage.

However, it would be better to avoid throwing it in the washing machine with a lot of other things.

If you wash your hands, no problem.

It is OK if you put the washing machine in the net and wash it with water at room temperature with a neutral detergent.

Of course, you don't need an iron, and it's best to dry it flat, but if that's too much trouble, you can hang it on a shoulder-width hanger.

After dehydration, most of the water evaporates and it seems difficult to grow.

In any case, BODHI places particular importance on being able to wear clothes that are easy to care for.


Here are the long sleeves.


The fabric for Ron T is exactly the same.

That's why I think it's good to roll up the sleeves and wear it in the summer.

That's it, in that style.

This one has cashmere ribs not only on the neck, but also on the cuffs.


I think the surface of the fabric is very fine and beautiful.

In the first place, my assumption was that both the T-shirt and the long T-shirt would be worn in one piece.

It's not see-through, it's super comfortable, and I think you can use it with confidence.

But that's not all, when adults go out somewhere, or depending on the person at work, they wear something like a jacket or shirt that they can easily put on in the summer.

However, I think that the problem of innerwear in such scenes will come out when the hot season comes.

The more responsible you are in your work, the more it's not okay to wear what you wear in the official work scene.

However, I think there are times when it doesn't have to be hard at all.

Even in such a situation, I think that this can be used.

In that respect, it's the same as Yamauchi's T-shirt.

Even so, I think it would be very nice to take off your jacket or shirt and wear this T-shirt or long T-shirt alone.

Ah, but the sleeve length of the long T-shirt is quite long, and it is set so that the fabric will collect at the cuffs, so if you don't like it, you may not be able to use it.

It depends on the person.

Well, look at the wearing photo below.



It's a T-shirt. I think you'll understand when you see it.

He is 167cm tall, weighs 53kg and wears a size 1.

The shoulder line is designed to fall, but the rounded shoulders are designed to fit on the shoulders.

However, only the position of the shoulder line is dropped and dropped.

The width of the body has a little margin so that the wind can pass through, but unless you want to show your body line clearly, I don't think it looks oversized.

The fabric itself is about to fall down, and the drape is strong.



This is Ron T.

Size 1 like a T-shirt.

It's the smallest size.

I have short hands, so I have a lot of fabric on the cuffs, but I think it fits a little better for normal people.

Well, the price is reasonable, but when you wear it, everyone you meet will think you're wearing a high-quality T-shirt, and I think it goes well with a well-tailored jacket you wear in the summer.

This t-shirt may be aimed at a limited number of people, but if you like things, if you get it, I think it will move your heart as much as I did when I first saw it.

It's a great aura, so this.

It's a special T-shirt series, so if you like it, please keep using it.

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