Super heavyweight cashmere knit BODHI

I was notified, LIMITED STORE.

Please let the store be temporarily closed tomorrow, the 16th (Fri) due to construction.

For that reason, I would appreciate it if you could look forward to the 17th.

Today, let me introduce BODHI, which will be held at the LIMITED STORE at the same time as Graphpaper.

The brand debuted in the 2019AW season.

It was unveiled at our store for the first time at the Graphpaper event last year, but it will be again this time.

100% cashmere, the "King of Textiles".

It also uses only white cashmere from Inner Mongolia, which boasts the highest quality cashmere quality in Mongolia.

BODHI only chooses white cashmere, as it is called white cashmere.

That's why you can make a cashmere knit with a transcendent vivid color, as you can see in the photo above.

It's a super protruding maniac knit. BODHI.





An over-spec hoodie made entirely of cashmere with a motif of a used sweatshirt.

As the name suggests, its thickness is astonishing, and it is completely over-spec.

This one uses the equivalent of 7 or 8 regular sweaters.

But this kindergarten yellow doesn't make you feel that luxury at first glance.

It's a very strange brand that makes this seriously.

The hood is double thick cashmere.

Already here, we use as much animal hair as any other cashmere sweater.





And pink in different colors.

I'm no longer an idiot.

in a very positive way.

I think BODHI is the only one who makes pink that is so perverted.

From a distance, it looks like a sweatshirt, but when you get closer, you'll be overwhelmed by the power of cashmere fiber.

No matter how good quality cotton is used for cotton sweatshirts, it is impossible to deviate from it, but cashmere easily surpasses them.

This luxury material with this coloring.

ultimate play.

It takes you to another world just by wearing it. this.

Because it is cashmere, you don't have to worry about negative things about the skin.

Also, if you can see how the wrinkles are when you wear it, you can guess it, but it is very thick.

As mentioned above.

But just because it's thick doesn't mean it's too hot to wear.

wonder or wonder.

Potential of cashmere fiber.

As Mr. Mizutani from BODHI said, the cashmere that BODHI uses keeps you feeling like you're always in lukewarm water, whether it's autumn or the middle of winter.

That's why it's a comfortable fiber that you can spend comfortably at any time.

The temperature control function is a level not found in other materials.





This is GRAY wearing athletic wear.

Because it is closer to the original appearance of these sweatshirts, it is one point for enthusiasts among enthusiasts.

Go around.

That real melange feeling is beautifully reproduced with cashmere.

At first glance, it looks completely old.

However, the fineness of the texture and the quality of the coat, which can only exist in thin fibers, are unparalleled.

A hoodie with an uncut edge.

The material is white cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

And BODHI is made in China.

Originally, the production of animal hair products such as cashmere as a local industry is by far the most prosperous in the world. China.

That's why we don't make our products made in Japan to make it look weird, but rather to bring the quality of the real thing to a high level.

pullover hoodie.

It looks like an old-fashioned sweatshirt, and at first glance it looks simple, but it's extremely difficult to make this kind of animal hair at this price.

Well, because it's based on a shape that everyone knows, it's possible to draw a firm "BODHI-only difference" there.


Fisherman's Sweater



The OVERSPEC SWEAT HOODIE mentioned earlier will go on sale from the 17th, but we will be able to order it for a limited time in conjunction with this LIMITED STORE.

Normally, we don't accept orders, but this time, with the intention of Mr. Mizutani from BODHI, we have made it possible for customers who wish to order.

The same BODHI white cashmere as before is dyed and spun into thick yarn.

and hand-knitted.

Cashmere hand knit.

I would like to recommend this item to those who have worn a lot of good material knits and are wondering if there is anything else to buy knit sweaters.

The pattern is classical.


Alan's knitting pattern is nostalgic.

I haven't seen Aran sweaters lately, so come here and strike.

The core of BODHI is not innovative and design-oriented knitwear, but the idea of ​​incorporating cashmere into authentic items that have existed until now.

So you can rest easy on that point. Also, Mr. Mizutani will provide after-sales service for those who purchase it, so I think you can trust him enough to keep wearing it in the best condition for many years.

The attitude of making BODHI honestly and faithfully and continuing to convey it is deeply poured into each piece of knitwear.





This is high spec for over spec.

In other words, the thickness is medium meat.

It's thick enough, though.

Over specs are extremely thick.

High spec is thick.

That's what it is.

It's a loose sizing, but it's an authentic cardigan style as the name suggests.

We also have samples of crew neck type knitwear.

What you can buy immediately, what you can take home and what you can order.

I hope you can choose according to your style.

Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the store all day on the 17th (Sat), so please take a look.

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